Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Worst Tinder Meetup EVER

So after work last night, I texted Ryan, the Tinder guy and told him I was heading over to the bar for the Harry Potter thing, and should be there around 9. He said he was hopping in the shower, and wouldn't get there till 9:30. So I got there first, found a seat at the bar, and ordered a drink. It was a small neighborhood bar, and already seemed pretty crowded, so I figured I was lucky to find a seat at all! I texted Ryan, told him I was sitting at the bar, and to text me when he got there.
About 30 minutes later, he showed up, introduced himself, ordered a drink, and we started talking. But the place was filling up fast, and people were crowding for a spot at the bar, so he said he was just gonna step aside to make room for some girls who were waiting in line. I figured he'd just step behind me, so I turned around in my chair so we could talk, but to my surprise, he'd walked about 10 feet away and was leaning up against a pillar on his phone. I shrugged and stayed in my seat, expecting him to come back when the area cleared. But it didn't, it just got more crowded, and I lost him! I sent him a text, and he told me he was waiting in line for a drink, but I didn't see him anywhere. Eventually we found each other, and decided to go out on the back patio so we could talk and have a little breathing room. So we sat out there for about 15 minutes, mostly just talking about our dogs. He basically told me he hates goldendoodles, because his old roommate had one, and he thinks they shed too much. ((Eye roll)). Well then we went back inside, and I told him I was gonna grab another drink at the bar. He told me he had a tab open, and to order my drink on him. So I waited and waited and waited, while like 6 people who showed up after me got served ahead of me. But this place was clearly not prepared for that night. There were only 2 bartenders, and it was obvious that neither of them were used to that kind of high volume. So I waited, patiently. When the bartender finally got to me, I asked if I could buy him a shot. He said he appreciated it, but he was too busy, so I just ordered myself a drink, and he told me it was on the house. Sweet! So I tipped him generously, then went back to find Ryan, which took like another 15 minutes, and he was chatting it up with some chick! I hung back and watched for a minute, because I didn't wanna walk up on an awkward situation. Then he walked over to the bar with, hand on her lower back, and proceeded to buy her a drink. That was when I decided it was probably time for me to go. Clearly, this guy was not interested in getting to know me, and would rather troll for ass, which is NOT what I was there for. I just wanted somebody to go with me to this Harry Potter party! I didn't even finish my drink, I just set it down on a table, and left. I texted a few friends, hoping there was somebody out that I could meet up with, because it was only like 10:30, but no luck. So I ended up going to another bar, by myself. ((Sigh)) Here's hoping this doesn't become the trend of 2016. I had one drink at that bar, which I also didn't finish, before deciding to just give up and call it a night. So I went home, feeling rather discouraged, and like a huge loser for just sitting at high top table in the corner by myself. It was 12:30 when I got home. I hung out with the roommate for about 30 minutes, and then got in bed. That was when this stupid conversation happened...

Whatintheactualfuck. I mean WOW. Just...wow. I didn't think douchebags like that actually existed in real life, but apparently they do, and they always manage to find me. He also immediately unmatched me from Tinder and blocked me on Facebook. LOL. I did actually LOL after that conversation. Hysterically. Partly because I've never encountered anyone so stupid, and partly out of complete disbelief. ((Sigh)) I wasn't even romantically interested in this guy! He is NOT my type. I could tell that immediately after texting with him for the first time cuz he kept trying to get me to go to his house. I was just hoping to make some new friends. But this is what's out there, girls. This is the SHIT PILE we single people have to sift through on a daily fucking basis. THIS is why sometimes I just wanna give up, move to a deserted island and get fat. Because whythefuck not??


Anonymous said...

I am a 29 year old girl, just recently out of a 10 year relationship because it just wasn't progressing past boyfriend/girlfriend (ie marriage and babies) and I just didnt feel the love anymore. So I am on my own, living alone, not much friends and scared of the crappy guys that are out there! And this post definitely didnt ease my fears!! Hahahahahaha maybe i will be single forever?

Good luck with everything! I enjoy reading and have for years. I definitely connect with what you are going through!

Sending love from NYC

http://sweetcanadian.blogspot.com/ said...

crap like that makes me glad i am married and do not have to go through that.

What an ass, unfortunately there are many of them.

The last time i was "dating" cell phones were just becoming a thing and were still flip phones, no smart phones at all. There wasn't even an internet plan then. I miss the days where people actually paid attention to each other.

Best of luck on the next meeting, hopefully that one is not a douchebag.

Anonymous said...

UGH!! What an ASS!!! Listen, don't give up! After my boyfriend and I broke up (after dating for 8 and a half years!!!) I decided to brave the land of online dating. I was 28 and didn't know how to meet guys anymore! If I lived near you, I would meet you for coffee and talk your ear off for hours with my tales of pathetic messages, conversations, and meet ups! One guy I met at a Starbucks actually went inside for another coffee before the movie we were going to, and he never came back! He ditched me!! And that's just one of the losers I met! LOL ;) But just when I was about to throw in the towel, one of the sites I was on had a free weekend (You had to pay to view the profiles) and I ended up chatting with a very nice guy who is now my husband :) We just got married in June! There are good guys out there, you just have to weed out the jerks!

-Tarilyn :)