Monday, August 20, 2007

"Work And Play, Are Never Ok, To Mix The Way We Do"

So last night, Evan was at Sophie's graduation party. I had totally forgotten that he was gonna be there! And it was mostly family and stuff, so I could totally tell he was feeling a little out of place. I tried to hang out with him and stuff, but I kept getting sucked into conversations with aunts and uncles and various other relatives. But, I guess, overall, things weren't that awkward. Except that I knew what both of us were thinking...
Well, around 8:15, Evan said he was ready to go, and so was I since I had to be up at work by 9 to catch the party bus. So I drove him to his car, and I was halfway hoping he would, I dunno, kiss me or something! But he didn't. And then I left. ((sigh))
I was late for the bus, and Frank kept calling and asking how close I was. I was probably going like 90mph down the freeway trying to make it on time! But we ended up having to wait on some other girl too, so it was all good. The bus was awesome! I sat behind Frank, in front of Gavin, diagonally across from The Albanian, and next to this really cute guy I'd never met, who introduced himself to me as Billy. Turns out he works at the new bar that just opened around the corner. It was almost overwhelming! I didn't know which guy to flirt with! Haha.
So I flirted with all of them!
When we got to the pool hall, we were like the only people there. Granted, there was about 30 of us, so it didn't matter! We all got drinks and I mingled for a while. Alyssa and her boyfriend showed up about an hour later, and I hung out with her. I talked to Gavin a little bit, but not as much as I would have liked. We took some shots, and talked about the upcoming Incubus show. I still don't know who I am gonna go with!! I'm almost freaking out...((huff!))
Then I had a long conversation, and some shots with Billy, and he's really sweet and kinda hot too. ;) He told me to come into his bar this weekend, which I just might!
Well, at some point, I ended up sitting and chatting with Frank and The Albanian. And that's where I stayed for most of the rest of the night. Except when we briefly went to the dance floor to watch Mark bust some of his moves. SO HOT. Haha.
Then after a while, Mr. P. (one of the owners) rounded us all up to get back on the bus and start headin' back. I ended up in the seat next to Billy, who kept falling asleep, and I kept hitting him to wake him up. Haha! But even though I was sitting next to him, I was still talking to Frank and The Albanian. So when we got back to our work, we decided to go eat! Me and a former employee named John, rode to the restaurant in The Albanian's car. We ate at this really awesome Greek restaurant! Frank ordered for me and I don't even know what it was, but it was delicious! Gavin showed up at the restaurant too, along with DJ (he's our DJ on weekends so that's what I'm calling him). I went and sat next to them for a little while, but again...I'm just not gettin any vibes from Gavin, so I think it's pretty much hopeless.

When the waitress came, The Albanian told me he'd already taken care of my tab, which I scolded him for! But he's a sweetheart. Then we got back in the car to head back to work and get our cars. The Albanian asked me if I would be ok to drive back home. I told him I probably would, but I wasn't sure if I'd make it without any gas. I hadn't had time to fill up on my way, and all I had was cash! So he just pulled a U-turn in the middle of the street and announced that he was taking John and I back to his apartment. He warned us that it was a small efficiency apartment, and all he had was one bed and a futon. I laughed and called the bed!
The apartment was adorable! Small, but very cozy and neat. I jumped on the bed as John pulled out the futon. The Albanian got us some water and turned on the TV. By the time I was under the covers, John was already snoring! So The Albanian gets in bed next to me and we just started chatting away. About nothing and everything...work, jobs, school... Then I started teasing him about how drunk he was up at work a couple nights ago. I was totally joking but he was like, "What!? What did I do??"
"Ohhh, I'm not telling!" I replied coyly.
"Come on, just tell me! I don't want the people at work to think I'm an idiot! I mean I am their manager ya know..."
"Who cares?! Do you know how many times I've made an idiot out of myself at work!?" I rolled my eyes at him.
"Yea well, I didn't do anything that bad! I didn't kiss anyone!" he teased.
"Yea yea...well you did something equally embarassing! I think we're probably even!" I lied.
"Oh nooo we're not. We're definitely not even." he protested.
"How do you figure? You don't even know what you did! What is it you're thinking would make us even?" I asked innocently.
"This would make us even." he said as he pulled my face to his and planted a knee-buckling kiss on me. Well, it would have been knee-buckling if I'd been standing. And once we started kissing...omg. It was almost like he was nervous...or surprised at his own actions maybe. I could feel the charge in his lips; it was like he was shaking! And we just...made out. For a while. It was so awesome, and yet so innocent. He was a total gentleman. I mean he's definitely not prude! But when I would casually push his hand in a different direction from where he was originally headed, he wouldn't try it again. And it was definitely passionate. And no clothes came off!
I'm getting goosebumps right now, and my heart's probably beating a mile a minute just thinking about it!
At one point I told him we should stop, because I wasn't sure how much longer my self-control was gonna hold up. So we eventually fell asleep. Then this morning he took John and I back to our cars, and it was like it had never happened! I'm not sure if I want to pursue this now, or if I wanna give Evan a chance, or what. Both of them are really sweet, really good guys. Not douche bags at all. But, I also have major issues with both of them. Evan is a good friend, and The Albanian is too much like my ex. ((Sigh))
Well I kind of wanted to feel things out with The Albanian, so I sent him a text as I was driving home that said thanks for everything last night, I really appreciate it. And his responses were so...detached, it was almost irksome! He just said, "No problem."
Then I wrote, "Well we're definitely even now ;)"
His response: Yes sure.
My response: I'm not trying to freak you out or anything...
He never wrote back again.

Does he regret kissing me? Does he think of it as a drunken mistake? Does he just not wanna go there because he's technically my superior at work? Is he embarassed?? Ashamed??? AHH!!
I'm so confused...

Mitch Of The Day:
"My friend said to me, "You know what I like? Mashed potatoes." I was like, "Dude, you have to give me time to guess. If you're going to quiz me you have to insert a pause.'"


the goddess said...

woah! incubus?! i love incubus! hay...

but... don't go there with The Albanian just yet. he's probably all confused and stuff or worse, feeling guilty about having kissed you. dunno. either way, playing the field is nice, just don't get caught. hehe!

Anonymous said...

He probably was just drunk and acted without thinking things through. You put yourself in some interesting situations.

Krystin said...

Definitely play it cool w/ the Albanian. No more texts, nothing. Follow his lead and act like it never happened. If he warms up, you can decided where to go from there.

Anonymous said...

i agree with krystin..
let him make the next move. if he doesnt..then you have evan haha

interesting post =]

Anonymous said...

You were a warm and willing body so he took you home... enough said. Connections aren't made with one night stands... that's just the way it is. Chill out and mark it up to an experience... He's not looking for a girlfriend.

Dear Heart.. said...

maybe he was drunk when he made the move on you buttttt
he was hitting on u the entire night! he even paid for ur meal PLUS it was his idea for you to come over AND he made the 1st move.. hes been flirting with you constantly..
saying all that, i think the way he responded was really shitty.. u took it well though, much better than i would have.. he really has no excuse for acting so cold but at least u took it in stride..