Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Well it certainly has been a busy week! Sophie got here on Friday, but I didn't get to see her that night, since I had to work. And Friday was definitely an interesting night...
Cali had promised to stop by the bar and see me, but instead, I got bombarded with drunk texts messages from him, professing his undying love for me and telling me how much he misses me, and how wasted he is. Ugh... Not the biggest turn on. I thought dating an older guy would mean I wouldn't have to put up with that crap! I mean, "I love you love you I love you" may be exactly what a girl wants to hear, but not under those circumstances!
The next day, he texted me several apologies. And apparently, he had also sent a few of those drunk messages to his mortgage loan officer, by mistake. Her name is also Peyton, but spelled "Payton". Even he is not sure how he made that mistake. Still funny though. And well deserved, in my opinion.
So Sophie and I went out Saturday night. I had hoped that Law School would meet up with us, but he had other "commitments" that night. A work party I think. He did text me though, to say he would try to meet up afterwards, but apparently that didn't pan out. Oh well, we still had fun. And I decided to just...stop pursuing or entertaining any ideas with Law School all together. Because 1) He's not going anywhere, and I have enough stress with holidays as it is, and 2) If we have chemistry, then he knows it, and he can't deny it.
We did end up seeing Cali on Saturday night though. After his series of apologies, he had texted me saying he'd like to meet up just for one drink, to say hi and meet my sister. So I decided I'd allow it, despite my new confusing feelings about him, and he met us at the first bar. Sophie thinks he's super hot and nice and that I should go for him, despite his drunken debauchery. She also pointed out that he's successful, and thoughtful, and he listens to what I say. He actually bought me The Hangover on DVD because I'd mentioned I really wanted to get it. Melissa agrees with Sophie. ((Sigh)) So that definitely gave me some food for thought. So Sunday, Sophie and I hung around the apartment, did a little Christmas shopping and watched The Hangover.
Monday after work, my mom and Sophie came over and we went out to eat for Sophie's birthday. Then yesterday, we all went over to my aunts house to visit with family. That was really fun. I have 2 twin cousins who just turned 17, and another 18 year old cousin, with a baby! See the Peyton Family Tree if you want more details. Quite the family we have... But they're all so much fun to hang out with.
So I left my aunts around 9pm, since I was getting a little tired, and I knew I had about a 30 minute drive ahead of me. And as I was driving home, guess who calls??
Law School.
I answered with some trepidation, but I figured, he must be calling for some particular reason. And after a minute of small talk and "how are you"s, I figured he'd get down to it. But he didn't! Apparently, he just called to ask about my weekend. Hmmm...
So we talked for about 20 minutes. He's leaving tomorrow at 6:30am to go back East for Christmas and he won't be back till January 3rd. So there goes all my pipe dreams about kissing him at midnight. Oh well. Actually, I'm kind of relieved, because that's just one less thing for me to stress out about this New Years Eve. And now that I know what he's doing, I was finally able to decide on my plans for NYE! I got a text from Summer late last night, begging me to take off NYE so I could hang out with her, so that's exactly what I'm going to do. Ben and Michael had told me Saturday night that they bought 20 tickets, and reserved a table at our bar on Washington for NYE. So I'm gonna go. And I think I'm gonna invite Cali. He mentioned that he didn't have any definite plans yet for New Year's, and I don't wanna be a 3rd wheel, so what the hell! And even though this pretty much guarantees a kiss, I think it will be fun. And a little alcohol can't hurt the situation, right? And when I say a little, I mean a little. Not copious amounts. NOT doing that again. And hopefully, neither is Cali!
Tonight is the party I'm throwing for Sophie's party. It's gonna be mostly her friends, but hopefully a few of mine will show up, since I promised games, alcohol, and white elephant. I'm gonna be super busy cleaning and setting up as soon as I get home, but I'm looking forward to it!
So I've made all my decisions, and made all my plans, and I feel pretty good about them. In fact, I feel pretty good about everything right now. My life, in general, seems to be at peace. I'm content. Maybe not blissful, but content. And that's good enough for me right now.

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