Friday, December 4, 2009


As soon as I left work Saturday night, I headed over to Ben's house to meet up with Bethany, Summer and Tara. Ben wasn't home, we were meeting him, Michael, and Mark at our destination. So we hung out, watched half a movie, and got all our stuff together. Around 5:30, Summer's mom came to pick us up.

The airport was insane, since it was the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and for some reason, this had never occurred to us! But we still got there in plenty of time. Unfortunately, I can't tell you guys exactly where we went, because Todd is legitimately famous now, and you guys could figure out his identity if you really tried. And I'm not sure exactly how he'd feel about that. Plus, none of my friends know about this blog, and I'd like to keep it that way! So I'll just say, we arrived at our destination before noon, all of us completely exhausted. Ben and Michael picked us up. We could all tell they were totally hungover. Lol.

We stayed in an apartment that Ben's father's company owns. They use it for clients, and business trips and stuff like that. But it was really nice! Two bedrooms, two baths, and right in the heart of the city! So we all got settled in and laid down for a nap.

When we got up, our whole group headed out to grab some grub. And that's when the drinking began! That whole day/night was such a blur! Lol. But it was insanely fun. We met up with Todd around 7 at his hotel bar. He couldn't go out with us that night, because the team has a curfew. Todd's parents were there too, and I spent some time chatting with his mom. She's like the nicest, coolest lady! In high school, she was that super cool mom, who would let Todd show up unannounced at their house with like 6 friends, and she would whip up something delicious for everyone, and practically wait on us hand and foot! She's a really sweet lady. And very fashionable too! Hehe. So anyways, some of the other football players were in the bar too, and we got a couple pictures with some reallllllllly well known guys! Let's just say, they're hot, and have celebrity girlfriends... Hehe.

After we left the hotel, we headed back out on the town for more craziness! We even ended up at a strip club, which was totally not my idea, but whatever. There was like 10 of us! Me and the girls, Ben, Mark and Michael, and a few other guys that they were friends with, who I'd never met, but they were really cool.

Well, of course, it wouldn't have been a night out without a little drama. Summer and Ben got in a fight, Ben stormed out of the strip club. I followed him all the way back to the apartment. I was easily the most sober person in the group, and Ben was pretty drunk. He was going on and on about how he's breaking up with Summer, and driving back to his parents house, 2 hours away, and leaving us all, right then and there! And I'm like, "WHAT!? You can NOT leave, Ben! You're driving us girls back, remember?? Stop being impulsive!"
But there was no reasoning with him. I took his keys when he wasn't looking, and went back to my room. He headed out to the parking garage to "leave", but obviously he didn't get very far. Not long after, Tara and Bethany showed up. They were in a frenzy, running around packing up all their shit.

"What are you doing?" I asked Bethany.

"Packing Summer's stuff! We're going to a hotel."

I rolled my eyes. "WHY."

"Because, Summer is my best friend, and if she wants to leave, then I'm going with her!" She said all dramatic and drunkenly.

UGH. And since when are they best friends?! I wanted to ask.

"Whatever." I said, "That's dumb. And I'm not going anywhere. You guys are just making it worse by freaking out and frantically packing all your shit. They're both wasted. Once they calm down and sober up, they'll work it out. Just chill."

But of course, they didn't listen to me. People were running in and out of the apartment constantly, Ben and Summer wouldn't talk to each other. Then once they did start talking, they were outside for hours.
Drama drama drama...
I ended up passing out on top of the covers in all my clothes. When I woke up the next morning, MARK was in the bed with me! Lol. I kinda freaked out a little at first, but apparently, everyone had passed out in random places. And of course, Summer and Ben had worked everything out, and all was well in the morning.

Other than the drama, Sunday had been ridiculous, and crazy, and just...TOO much fun! I mean something was bound to happen! Because nobody has that much fun in one day. Lol.
I was the first one up, followed shortly thereafter by Tara. She and I showered and got ready to head out. We had to go meet Todd and get our tickets and sideline passes before 2:30, because he needed to get to the stadium early. Then of course, Tara and I spent like an hour trying to get everyone out of bed, and another hour waiting for Bethany and Summer to get ready.

First we met up with Todd at his hotel. Everyone was looking pretty grim, and apparently I was the only person who wasn't hungover. Lol. He gave us our tickets and our passes and told us to be at the stadium by 6, cuz that was when they'd be on the field practicing. Our passes were only good for before and after the game. And there's nobody on the field after the game, cuz the players all hit the locker rooms. So we knew we had a lot of stuff to get done in the meantime. I was really glad I'd already showered and put makeup on! After we got our tickets, we went and ate, hit the mall to get some team shirts, and then the drug store so I could get some posterboard to make a sign for Todd.

When we got back to the apartment, the girls started getting ready. Only Tara and I had showered, so she just started putting on makeup while the other 2 showered, and I got to work on my poster. I was completely ready by 5:00. Bethany wasn't dressed, and her hair was still wet, and Summer was putting on fake eyelashes.

Oh GOD. I thought. We're never gonna get out of here.

"Hey guys, we need to leave in like...30 minutes if we're gonna get there by 6." I said.

"The game's not even till 7:30!" Bethany said.

"I know, but if we wanna use our sideline passes, we need to get there early!"

"Well I have to curl my hair." She said flatly.

"Why? It's humid as hell outside!" I pointed out.

"Yea, but if I don't curl it, I'll look like a wet dog." She persisted.

I sighed, "Well how much longer?" I asked.

"Fifteen minutes." She said.

At 6 o'clock on the dot, we still hadn't left. I was fuming by this point. I rushed everyone out the door, and we finally started heading to the stadium. And of course there was traffic on the way, and throngs of people trying to get in, once we got there. We left the guys at the entrance, since we had different seats, and headed into the stadium. We walked straight out onto the field, and it was BREATHTAKING! I mean seriously, I just stood there and gawked. There were soooooooooooooooo many people! I mean literally, like every seat was taken in the stadium! And everyone was screaming, and the atmosphere in there was so charged! It was very contagious.

We walked along the sideline, in search of Todd, and I spotted him pretty quickly, practicing with some of his teammates in the middle of the field. I brought my nice camera and my telephoto lens, and I just started snapping away! I got tons of awesome photos!
When Todd finally turned in our direction, I held up my sign so he'd see us! He immediately came over and gave me a hug.

"Nice sign!" He said.

"Thanks! This is SOOO awesome, I can't even believe it! And you look so..." I couldn't finish my sentence. There he was in his pro-football uniform, with his pads and his helmet... It was surreal. Little Todd from church. Haha. My, how he's grown!

The girls took a picture of us together, and I took one of all of them with Todd too. And before we knew it, we were all being shooed off the field. I knew we should have gotten there earlier! But I was too excited at the time to let anything bother me. Tara had bought a football with the team logo on it, that she wanted to get signed. Her boyfriend's dad is really sick, and all he talks about it Todd's football team. Apparently he's been a fan since their early years. And she was really disappointed that she didn't even get a chance to give it to Todd. But I promised her we'd get it signed, no matter what!

So we headed up to our seats, which were in the end zone. They weren't the best seats in the world, but we could see everything, and hey! They were free! And this was sold out game! Everyone in our section liked my sign, haha! It had Todd's name on it, so they all started to assume I was his girlfriend. And I just let them. Heehee. We drank plenty of beer, took lots of pictures, and cheered and screamed till we lost our voices! And just FYI, Todd plays in every game! I know a lot of people assume that rookies never play, but he plays! And their team won by a landslide!! And the team they were playing is really good! So not everyone was sure they would win. But I was! :) It was so totally amazing!

We met up with guys outside the stadium and started our trek back to the apartment. All the fans pouring out of the stadium were cheering, and high-fiving; it was like everyone was your best friend! Haha. And I marched down the street holding my sign high.
When we got back to the apartment, I put my camera away, grabbed a few things, and then we headed back out. We went to a piano bar and got a table, and I texted Todd, letting him know where we were.

He ended up texting me, and telling me to come meet him at some exclusive player's party. And of course we were all totally down for that! So we went to meet him, and almost the whole team was there! They had this whole bar reserved for just them. Todd came outside to meet us and let us in. It was actually a pretty low key party, kinda quiet, nothing crazy. And the guys were starting to get a little bored, I could tell. They were craving the loud, crazy raucous of the city bars we'd spend the last night in. So I told them to go ahead and go. I really wanted to spend some time with Todd, and catch up, and we promised we'd meet them in a bit. So they all left, except me and Tara. I could tell she was getting a little sick of the drama too. Tara is a lot like me in that respect. We don't like drama, and we're both really laid back and chill. So she and I hung out with Todd, and his personal NFL trainer, Rick. He's an ex player as well. And he was really funny. Very sarcastic with a dry sense of humor. I had a field day with him! He and I bantered the entire cab ride over to meet the group, and Todd was getting a huge kick out of it. Lol.

So we met up with everybody, but Todd, Rick, and I still kind of kept to ourselves. And once again, I was the most sober out of the group, by the end of the night. Well, not counting Todd. He's so huge, it's practically impossible for him to get drunk. Believe me, I've tried. Lol. So Todd came back to the apartment with us, and we both crashed on the floor. His apartment is outside the city, and it would have been kind of a long cab ride, so I told him just to crash with us, and we'd drive him to his parents' hotel in the morning. He and I would have slept in my bed, but he was worried that his (gold-digging) girlfriend would get mad, because he wouldn't lie to her about it, if she asked. Which, I understand. But it's not like I was going to put the moves on him or anything! He's way too virtuous for that! So we slept on the floor, and Ben and Summer took my bed.

We had to get up real early the next morning to start driving. I hugged Todd and thanked him a million times! I still feel like I haven't thanked him enough! I'm definitely gonna do something nice for him, I just haven't figured out what yet. Any ideas, readers?? Tara left ahead of us with Mark, (I have no idea why) and they dropped Todd off on their way out. So it was just me, Bethany and Summer riding with Ben. We slept most of the way. The weather was crap. And by the time we got back, it was late, and I was exhausted.

And since I've been back, I still haven't been able to catch up on my sleep, because my sleep schedule is all fucked up again from staying out every night till 5am for 5 days in a row! Plus, I've been uploading and editing pictures, and I always lose track of time when I'm doing that.

But, despite the drama, I have to say that was one of the best trips EVER! It was so much fun! Next time I go to one of Todd's games though, I'm only taking single people! And probably not 3 girls. I'll probably just take Sophie! Lol. Then I know we won't have any problems.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention! Two things:
1) TB bought a ticket to Houston, despite my warnings. He'll be here next weekend. Is this good or bad? I haven't decided yet. He knows not to expect anything, but...??
2) Cali texted me the very next day after I gave him my number! Annnnd we had our first date last night! But I'm going to have to save that for another post, because this one is already too long!

Have a good weekend everybody!!


Adriana said...

i am so incredibly jealous that you got to go to an NFL game and meet the players!!

i LOVE love LOVE football and one of my friends is in the NFL too, but his team doesnt play in the city i live in now :(

sounds like a fantastic last week! :)

details on Cali man please!!

Anonymous said...

So Todd isn't his real name? You've been lying to us? :( Aw, Peyton.

K said...

You are SOOO lucky that you got to go to that game and meet the players. I figured out what team Todd plays for (but wont say it). That was a great game! SO COOL!!!! HOT players on that team! LOL! It sounds like an incredible trip. I'm happy for you! And yes... more details on Cali!

Jen said...

Hey Peyton! Glad you had such a great vacation! See, aren't things finally looking up now that you've (pretty much) gotten over Brandon? Way to go! Of all the guys you've been meeting, they all seem like a MUCH better catch than he ever was. Glad to see you back in the game and happy again! :)

Oh and glad to hear nothing bad came up in your bloodwork :)