Saturday, December 12, 2009

Turn of Events

After picking up TB from the airport, I didn't really see much of him until last night. I was working, and trying to rest up for Friday night.
So last night I met up with Bethany, Tugg, Ben and Summer for sushi. TB and JC showed up a bit later. I had a couple glasses of wine, and some saki at dinner, so I was feelin' pretty good by the time we got to the shot bar. Once there, I ran into none other, than Law School! He was meeting up with some friends of his. So it ended up being me, and 4 boys! Haha. Bethany and April had to go to work.
So we all took some shots, and then grabbed a cab and headed out to the country bar, to visit Bethany and Summer. Law School stayed at the shot bar, but said he might meet up with us later.
As soon as we got to the bar, Ben bought us all a round of shots. Then I grabbed TB and dragged him out to the dance floor. I had promised him I would teach him the Texas 2-Step, and I had every intention of keeping that promise.
"This is it??" He said, "It's so easy!"
"Well yea, it's a 2-step! But you have to guide me! And don't run me into people." I said with a chuckle, just as he steered me into another couple.
Then he grabbed me tighter and started steering me around, running into people left and right!
"Sorry! It's his first time!" I called out to the disgruntled dancers as we passed.
"Ok, that's enough." I said to TB.
But he wouldn't stop! I mean, it was kind of fun at first, but I was getting tired of being used as a human shield as he bowled people over on the dance floor. I shook him off me and began walking back towards the bar.
"Ok, I am definitely not dancing with you anymore!" I laughed, trying to make light of the situation.
"Terrie! Come back, I was just kidding." He said.
I whirled. Terrie??
He was looking right at me. I raised an eyebrow and kept walking.
"Terrie!" He called again, "Terrie wait!"
By this time, I was really pissed. I ignored him and went to the bar to talk to Bethany. JC came over and tried to convince me that he hadn't really been calling me Terrie.
"You know full well that he did! Like five times! I knew this was a bad idea." I said.
"Yea, but you can't be mad at him!" JC said, "And what do you mean it's a bad idea?"
"I'm not mad, I'm annoyed! And it's a bad idea because nothing can come of this!"
That was about the time that Law School showed up. I ranted to him about it for a while, then the whole group left to go to the bar next door. We met Taryn and Sheila there and got a table and some champagne. In retrospect, the champagne was probably a bad idea. I didn't talk to TB anymore that night, and he didn't try to talk to me either. Instead, I hung out with Law School and Taryn. Everything starts to get fuzzy at this point, with moments of clarity. Apparently, around 1:30am I decided I wanted to leave, and I dragged Law School out of the bar with me. We walked next door, where one of my friends bartends so I could say hello to her. Law School and I were bullshitting and bantering like usual. And I remember we were just standing there, looking at each other and I...kissed him! I didn't even think twice about it, I just did it!
And he kissed me back! Lol.
We left shortly after that, because it was closing time. We took a cab back to his place, made out some more, and then crashed. That is, until I woke up and puked my guts out in his bathroom. Ugh... Not my finest moment.
When we woke up, we talked and bantered some more. He teased me about TB, who was apparently blowing up my phone all night. Then he drove me to my car and I went home. And it was like... I dunno! I mean, I don't wanna say it was like the kiss never happened, but it wasn't awkward, ya know??
So I texted him when I got home.
Me: Umm...there are a lot of things I don't remember about last night. But kissing you is not one of them.
LS: Haha...in the bar or when we got back?
Me: Shut the front door! Don't take advantage of my hazy memory! I know I didn't kiss you when we got back, cuz I was too busy puking!
LS: No, the puking came a little while after we got back.
Me: Yea but still...I didn't kiss you when we got back!
Me: ...did I?
LS: Yes we did.
Me: Lol... Seriously?? Way to take advantage of the drunk girl! Well...I'm sorry, I'm not sorry! I'm a cocksman!
Me: So what else did we do?
LS: Haha. Nothing else that I remember.
Me: Well I don't remember anything! That hardly seems fair. We really kissed when we got back???
LS: Not fair? And yes we did.
Me: Well then why don't I remember it?! Cuz I remember kissing you at the bar, and I somehow ended up with one of their business cards in my purse.
LS: Business card? I have no idea. I don't know why you don't remember but you were drunk.
Me: Damn...I can't believe I kissed you, and you didn't even do anything to deserve it!
*He promised to take me out to dinner like...months ago to celebrate his getting a new job.
LS: Did TB take you to dinner?? Haha ;)
Me: FUCK YOU! And no. Lol.
LS: Hahahahaha....that was mean. Sorry. I take it back.
Me: Well I would apologize to you, for my cheap, drunken advances, but I'm not sorry. Lol. I've wondered about kissing you for a while now. Curiosity I suppose.
LS: Haha. 1) you still "won" bc he came down here and called you forever last night. 2) I'm not exactly sure how to respond to the former. Say it's mutual, or make a joke.
Me: Lol, ok well 1) I wasn't even aware it was a competition, and I don't really care anyways. 2) you could just set aside your petty defenses and be honest.
LS: Haha...I'm shy, so it takes me a while to not have defenses. But, what wouldn't be curious about a good looking girl.
Me: You're SHY? Bullshit! It's not like I'm a complete stranger, you can't use that excuse! And we're effing texting, which is the most impersonal form of communication.
LS: I know it doesn't seem like it, but I am really shy. But yes...of course I thought about it, and it crossed my mind.
LS: I mean, of course I thought about kissing you before, but I don't know what your mindset was and wasn't going to be weird.
Me: Well it's not fair that I can't remember half of what happened, and you can! And I'm not the type to beat around the bush, so I think we should do it again. Lol.
LS: Haha...I can probably handle that.

Summer and Ben are hosting a White Elephant Sex Toy Christmas Cocktail Party on Monday. Lol. What a mouthful! So I invited Law School to go with me. And he's gonna come! So I'll be sure to let you all know how that goes.
Today, I am extremely hungover and I have to go to work in 4 hours. Ugh... I'm still feeling very...incredulous about last night. I mean, what a strange turn of events. TB texted me this morning, guilt tripping me, saying he had "no fun at all" last night. Sure didn't seem like that to me! I just said I was sorry for the way things turned out last night, but I didn't appreciate being called by another girl's name, or being used a battering ram on the dance floor, and that we were both drunk, and I was sorry for lashing out at him. Then he asked me if I wanted to come over! G's, I try to let him down gently and he just can't take a hint! ((Sigh)) I told him I was sick and would be staying in bed all day. Which is very true.
Well, I'm gonna eat and take a nap before I have to get ready for work!

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bahaha, you kinda have to laugh at the Terrie thing. What an idiot.