Tuesday, December 15, 2009


White Elephant Sex Toy Christmas Cocktail Party!
Last night was an absolute success! I met Law School at his place, and he drove us to the party. I wore a strapless black cocktail dress, very classic, and simple, with red pumps, to be festive. We were a bit late to the party, but we got there at just the right time. I introduced Law School around to the people he hadn't met before, and we helped ourselves to drinks. Mark and some of the other guys were watching the football game in the living room, so Law School kind of drifted in that direction shortly after we got there. He made a really great party date, because he mingles and makes friends easily, so I didn't have to babysit him. There were lots of people there, Bethany, Tugg, Summer and Ben, of course, Tara and Hot Dereck, Mark, JC, and Ali and Taryn, and their dates, and some of Ben's friends from work, that I didn't know. But everyone was really nice. We waited till everyone was a little bit sauced before we began the White Elephant game. I, myself, brought nipple tassels, anal beads, and a Santa Clause banana hammock. Lol. Tara ended up picking my gift, and she immediately put the nipple tassels on, on the outside of her shirt! Dereck put the thong on too. They looked so funny!
The game was hilarious! Someone brought a powerdrill, with a giant dildo on the end of it. Ben picked that as his gift, and he got a huge kick out of it! There was also a "life-like" vagina, several vibrators, a lovers game, and a pool float with a life sized naked woman on it. Haha. I ended up leaving with some fuzzy, purple handcuffs, flavored lube and some Naughty Christmas Coupons. So...not bad, I don't think. Poor Law School got a pocket rocket! I have no idea what he's gonna do with that! Haha.
There were definitely lots of laughs during the game. And then of course, we all took some celebratory shots afterwards. There were 8 bartenders in attendance, so naturally we had a great liquor selection. Around 11:45, I figured it was time to get going. Both Law School and I had work in the morning. So we said our thank yous and goodbyes and headed out. He opened the door to the car for me and I got in. We chatted on the way back to his place. And then he walked me to my car. We were still deep in conversation about Wedding Crashers vs. The Hangover. Lol. Then I got in my car, and thanked him for coming.
"Well, I don't wanna get you sick..." He said, and kissed me on the cheek.
Poor guy was sneezing all night. Lol.
Then we said goodnight, and I left! All in all, it was a good night. I mean, it wasn't awkward, and we both had fun. And I know the kiss on the cheek had to mean something, because he's never done that before when we've hung out just as friends. When I got home I sent him a text message.
Me: Sorry if I kept you out too late.
LS: Don't apologize when you didn't do anything wrong!!! :)
Me: Ok then I'm not sorry!!
LS: That's better.
Me: Lol ok. Well thanks for coming.
LS: Sure, anytime...thanks for inviting me... I would have been a lot more fun if I wasn't fighting the sneezes and sniffles.
LS: I'll talk to you soon.
Me: Ok goodnight.
LS: Later skater ;) ---------- He is a huge dork. Lol.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about him all day! It's the weirdest thing. Because I mean...we're friends! Lol, and even though I've always thought of him as a possibility, I just never really entertained that possibility, until now! So it's kind of strange. I'm definitely in foreign territory here. I've never tried to date one of my friends. At least, not successfully. I mean...I sort of tried with Todd, just by telling him my feelings, but he has a girlfriend, so that obviously didn't work out. And then there was that incident with Evan. But I never wanted to date him! So this is different. Because I actually like Law School. And I actually think this could work. We have a pretty solid friendship. I mean, we've known each other, what? 6 months? And our relationship has been completely platonic. And we've had serious conversations about our past relationships, and our families, and values, and opinions, etc. So I feel like I do know enough about him to make an informed decision, for once. But there's just so much grey area. And I can tell that this is the kind of situation that will require lots of communication, in order to keep things from getting confusing. But for now, I'm just gonna let him come to me. He still owes me dinner! And he said, "Talk to you soon." so...that means he's gonna call, right?

Sophie will be here this Friday! I can't wait! She and I have a lot of things planned. Unfortunately, Brent couldn't make it down, because he just got a promotion at his job, and he couldn't get enough days off to make the trip. But I'm off on Saturday night, so Sophie and I are definitely gonna do a night out on the town. I'm really hoping Law School will join us. Sophie wants to meet him. And there will probably be a group of us. Then on the 23rd, I'm hosting a small Christmas/Late Birthday Party for Sophie at my place. We invited some of her friends, and some of mine. As of right now, it's looking like more of her friends are gonna be there, cuz all of mine are going out of town. :/ Oh well. It will still be fun! We're gonna watch Elf and play games. Maybe I should include a White Elephant, since that was so much fun last night! Except, I don't think we'll do a sex toy version. Lol. It's looking like I'm gonna have a busy week!


Anonymous said...

How about just being his friend and not ruining it by trying to date him?

Jen said...

It's so great to see such happy posts from you lately. I'm glad you are enjoying yourself so much more. Not that I wanna say I told you so.. but many of us did when we said you should just get back out there and find the 'old' you, the REAL you. Sounds like you have! Good job! I look forward to hearing what happeens with you and LS, he does seem like a really nice guy. :)