Friday, August 29, 2008

Phase II: Disappointment

Todd is having a tailgate party today at 3 o'clock for his first game. A couple days ago, I asked Rusty if he'd go with me.
"So you're saying you want me to go with you?" He said.
"I'm asking if you wanna come with me." I said.
"Well, yea, sure. That sounds like fun." He agreed.
I spent both Tuesday and Wednesday night at his place, Oliver in tow. We had a lot of fun, as usual, and there was a lot of making out. :)
Yesterday morning when we were laying in bed I told him it was his turn to stay with me. I had spent the last 2 nights over there, and plus we had that party to go to, which is right by my apartment. So he said ok.
So last night both Alyssa and I got off at 9, and we had plans to hang out afterward. Rusty, of course, wanted me to go watch his show, which was about 30 minutes south of Houston. And of course, me wanting to see him, decided to go. But I played it cool when he asked, and I told him maybe.
But by yesterday afternoon, he was asking if I'd be there and I said yes.
So Alyssa and I drove down there, and Russ and his brother and fiance met us there too. The place he was playing at is definitely not my favorite place to hang out, and I've definitely been there too many times in the last week. But the only reason I was there was to see him play.
He gave me a kiss as soon as I got there, and we took some shots together. While he was playing, I played darts with Alyssa and everybody, and we had a good time. Then around 12:30 Alyssa & company decided to leave, but I stayed to wait for Rusty. Rusty's roommate and girlfriend had just showed up. It was her birthday and they were both pretty drunk. So I hung out with them during his last set.
When they were finally done playing, and he came over to our table, I told him we couldn't hang around very long afterward because I needed to go pick up Oliver from a friend's house, who was babysitting. Then he acted kinda iffy about staying over at my place.
"Why can't you just stay over here?" He pleaded.
"Because! I can't just leave Oliver! I told her I'd get him by like 3:30."
"Well then just go get him and come back."
"What!? No way. Drive all the way back there, get him, and then drive all the way back down here, just so I can get up and drive all the way back to Houston again?? That doesn't make any sense. I have to go home tonight."
He sighed.
"Well, we'll figure it out after we finish putting everything away." He said.
"What is there to figure out? Whether or not you're with me, I have to go home tonight." I said firmly, "I mean if I woulda known you were just gonna stay here, I would have left with Alyssa." Now I was starting to get upset. What about the party? What about everything we had agreed on??
"Ok well we'll talk about when I'm done." He said dismissively.
I sighed and sat back down to wait. After about 15 minutes, I told him I was just going to wait in my car because it was freezing in there. So I went outside to wait.
...and wait....and wait.
Finally he came out, and put his guitar, a mic stand, and something else in a big case that I dunno what it was, in my back seat. Then I waited some more, and then he got in the car. By this time, I was on the phone with Bethany. She had called me while I was waiting for him. So when I got off the phone, we were almost to his house.
"So, why can't you just get your stuff and come back with me?" I asked.
"Well...I just really kinda wanna stay here tonight." He said.
"Okay..." I said, in an obviously put-out voice.
"You can't be mad though."
"Why not?? I mean I drove all the way out here for like the past 4 days, I mean I know you can't drive, but is it too much to ask for you to at least try to meet me halfway??"
"Well, it's just that it's [Roommate's Girlfriend's] birthday, and everybody's coming over..."
"Ok then."
"Don't be mad..."
I didn't say anything. We were pulling into his parking lot. I was seething. I felt so used. So taken for granted. So much like I felt when I was with Daniel.
He took all his stuff out of my back seat and set it on the ground.
"You're not even gonna come in for a little bit?" He asked.
"I can't. I have to go get my dog."
"Well are you gonna at least give me a kiss?"
"Why not?"
"Because I'm pissed off, and I don't kiss people that I'm pissed off at." I retorted.
I stared straight ahead.
"Well I'm gonna kiss you then."
He leaned in to kiss me. I turned away. He sighed and stood up.
"Call me later?" He said, hopefully.
I just looked at him. Then he shut the door and I drove off.

I was just so...hurt. And frustrated, and angry and sad, and disappointed...
I mean why is it that I'm always doing all these things, and going way out of my way for guys and they never seem to appreciate it???
I cried a little, then got mad again, then cried some more on my drive home. I tried calling Melissa, but of course she didn't answer. It was 3:20am.
After I got home from picking up Oliver, I got a text.
"That was mean." He said.
I hadn't been planning to call him, text him, or anything. I was gonna let him make the first move. I just wasn't expecting it to be so soon, and I was pissed that he was calling me mean.
"I'm not being mean. I'm fucking tired of feeling used. And I'm tired of always going out of my way and being taken for granted and this is what it always fucking comes to. For once it would be nice to meet a guy who actually puts me before himself. Usually when I get mad, it's cuz I've been hurt. This is no exception." I replied.
He immediately wrote back.
"Well I guess you don't like me then."
"Yea. That's exactly it. Take the easy way out." I said.
"I wasn't trying to get out."
"Then what ARE you trying to do?? Have you even thought about what you're saying? Or about how *I* might feel??" I demanded.
"I think you're making a big deal out of nothing."
OHHHHH no he did not. The ultimate dismissal. I couldn't stop myself.
I was so mad, at first all I said was, "Ok then."
But then the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to say, so I wrote:
I came all the way down to the south side tonight, and yesterday, and the day before, just to see you. Because you can't drive. I could have stayed in Houston tonight. In fact, I WANTED to stay in Houston tonight! But I wanted to see you more, so I went. And I just wanted you to come to this thing with me tomorrow, but it's obviously not important to you. And you made me wait for you tonight, just so I could give you a ride home, and then you left me high and dry. Not only do I feel used, but I feel hurt, and passed over, and insignificant. You're right. No big deal. For someone with my past, it's easy to get unsettled in this shitty, and all too familiar situation."
He didn't write back. Ten minutes went by, then 15, then 20...still nothing. By this time I was laying in bed, second guessing everything, and over analyzing everything, like I always do.
Maybe he's just not that into me, I thought, I'm gonna call him and ask him! I'm not gonna continue to waste time and feelings on a guy if he's not even into me! I decided. Bad move. It's scary the things that alcohol and PMS can do to you. Of course, he didn't answer. And now I looked pathetic and desperate. I lie awake thinking about it for at least an hour before drifting into an uneasy sleep. I woke up 2 and a half hours later and called Melissa.
By this time, I was thinking clearly. Oh my god. I fucked it up. I'm such an idiot, was all I kept thinking. I did overreact. I was drunk. And upset. He struck a bad note, you know? Putting me in that situation again, and I went a little overboard. And I was majorly regretting it.
I told Melissa the whole story on the phone.
"You were probably mean to him in the car last night, weren't you?" She said, honestly, but teasingly.
"Yea...I was. I'm such a bitch! He tried to kiss me and I turned away."
Melissa laughed.
"Oh Peyton! I know you; you can be so mean to guys sometimes! Look. He's going to call you, don't worry. He really likes you. Just go back to sleep, get some rest, and he'll probably call you between 2 and 3. If he doesn't, well then you'll see him tonight at his show."
(He's playing at my work tonight.)
"Well yea, but what if he doesn't!?"
"He will! I promise." She said adamantly.
I sighed.
"Well what am I supposed to say if he does call?"
"You probably made him feel stupid last night, that's why he didn't respond to you. Just tell him you were hurt, upset, disappointed... Use words he understands. And just tell him you know you went overboard a little, but you just weren't in the right state of mind, you were kind of drunk... "
"Ok, and if he doesn't call? Am I just supposed to show up tonight?? I took today off ya know, I'm not gonna already be there."
"Ok, if he doesn't call you by 5, then call me and we'll talk about it."
"Ok." I resigned.

After we got off the phone, I stayed in bed for just a few more minutes before I got up to write.
I feel so horrible. I really like this guy, and as usual, I'm blowing it. I know how I am. I know I trust too easily, and fall too quickly, and demand too much too soon... I know! And I always say the wrong thing. I always scare them away. I just...didn't think he would scare so easily. I mean I told him from the beginning that I could be mean, and that he would probably like me less the more he got to know me. But he just laughed and said he was liking me more and more. ((sigh))


I don't know what I'm going to do if he doesn't call me. I have to talk to him. I have to make this right. All while trying not to seem desperate. Ugh. If worse comes to worse I will have to go to his show and talk to him. I just really don't wanna be seen with him at my work, because of rumors, etc. Especially not if we're fighting about something. ((Sigh))

I don't even feel like going to the party anymore. I really wanted him to be there.

Way to fuck it up again, Peyton.


Anonymous said...

oh my god.. chill will ya woman? Calm down.. if he isn't scared already you chasing him down to "explain" will scare him for sure. Just leave the guy alone. You texted, you called, now it's in his court. Stop chasing so hard or you will chase him right out of the picture.

haven't you been reading those "dating rules" books? Dig back in and put your head on straight. You are not thinking this through logically.

By chasing and chasing you give him all the power. Don't do that.

Anonymous said...

peyton! wow it really amazes me how much we are alike- i alwalys do the exact same thing! ... dont beat yourself up over it... it's not worth it. it sounds like he really likes you and if it's meant to be he will call you! i am rootin for you though! i hope everything works out- you deserve to be happy!!!!

Ashley said...

You didn't fuck it up! He was supposed to come to your place, and then he changed his mind. You have a reason to be mad. Maybe you did over-react a little, but he should understand why or he's not worth it. It sounds to me like you are putting in a lot of effort. Is he?

Anonymous said...

1. I think this guy sounds like a douche, he used you for a ride home, doesn't even drive, has a bad past, has screwed around girls before, and just doesn't seem all that great, you're even embarrassed to tell people you're seeing him!! Cut him loose.

2. Very bold that you admit to driving while drunk. Actually it's quite pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl-- I think that you had a right to be upset. He made plans with you, but wanted you to jump through all the hoops to make them come together. He wants you to make it easy for him. He needs to give some and meet you half-way. If he had something planned with his roommate he should have told you. I think he thought once you got there you would do what he wanted. The only thing I might have done differently is to have left without all the drama. That way it looked like you could take him or leave him. You deserve better and I don't think you were asking to much of him to honor his commitment. Think about it-- you have a college degree and he can't even drive. Hang in there -- don't let him bring you down.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, you have a RIGHT to be upset! You were used just for a ride home and then when you tried to explain how you felt.. he dismissed it like it wasnt a big deal. This guy seems sort of like a jerk.. but we all werent there so we cant really judge.

I just say stick up for how you feel and dont back down just because he's blowing you off. If hes really interested in you, he'll respect how you felt and make it right.

If not, hes a DOUCHE! =)