Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Early Worm Gets The Worm

Omg. I woke up at 6:30 this morning to the sound of very loud hammering in the apartment directly above me. The maintenance guys are replacing the carpet. Ugh.
At first, I was so groggy with sleep that I just assumed it was my neighbor. So I got out of bed and grabbed one of my wooden wedges and started banging on the ceiling. Oliver was looking at me like I was crazy. Lol. Then I giggled and laid back down, but the hammering didn't stop, and could not sleep. I'm so pissed. I went to bed at 3am!! That's only 3.5 hours of sleep!!
So I got up and took Oliver out for a peepee walk. But for some reason, as soon as I get him out on the leash, all he wants to do is play! And he won't go to the bathroom!! I'm having trouble getting him to go on the pee pad too. He keeps having little accidents all over the place. It's like I'm perpetually following him around with a roll of paper towels and a spray bottle. Lol. Well, as soon as he's old enough to get his second round of shots, I'm gonna enroll him in a puppy training class.
He's absolutely adorable though! He follows me around everywhere, he likes to play, and chase me, and he's SOOO cute when he sleeps! He's like a ragdoll; he just falls asleep wherever I put him, however I put him. Lol.
Anyways!! So I hung out with Rusty the other night. I met him at the bar where he had his gig, but he was already done playing. So he bought me a drink, and introduced me to a couple of his friends. By the time I had gotten down there though, it was already 1:30am, so he asked if I wanted to come over and watch a movie. I hesitated before answering, and he assured me that his roommate and a couple of his friends would be over too, so no pressure. Lol.
So I went. When we first got there, it was just the 2 of us. So we sat down on the couch and he put on a movie. But we didn't really watch the movie, because I was too distracted with his half-Dalmatian puppy, and he just kept talking! I mean he talked so much I was almost shocked! He just never struck me as the chatty type. And I was starting to get really sleepy so my attention kinda kept wandering while he was talking. Rude, I know, but you know how when you're on the phone, and the TV is on, and you're sort of just staring at the TV and not listening to your phone conversation, but you're not actually watching the TV, you're just...spaced out?? Well, that kept happening to me, and then I was suddenly aware that he was silent.
"What?" I asked quickly, trying to cover my faux-pas.
"Would it be ok if I kissed you?" He asked again.
I was so caught off-guard, I probably stared at him with my mouth hanging open for a good 5 seconds. Then I started giggling.
"I can't believe you're actually asking me that!"
"Why not?" I could tell he was trying to gauge whether or not he should be embarrassed.
"I dunno...just...because people don't usually ask that kind of thing. Especially not on the first date. I mean, what if I say no??"
"Are you saying no?"
"I haven't said anything."
Then he leaned in, and kissed me! Tentatively, and gently, just his lips on mine for a few seconds. I was having so many mixed feelings. I mean, for one, I hardly know this guy! And I'm not sure yet if I wanna get involved with him. I mean...my conscience is telling me it's probably a bad idea. He's in a band, he has a track record of being a player, he didn't even finish high school! But another part of me is very intrigued. And he seems so different than what I thought. He's really...unguarded. And sweet. And it was so obvious how much he was genuinely into me, and he wasn't afraid to let that show. ((sigh)) So I kissed him back, but I was careful not to give anything away.
Then I was kind of distracted with my thoughts for the rest of the night. We kissed some more, then his roommate came home, and we smoked. It was pouring down rain by this time, and now I was not only sleepy, but high. Rusty told me I was welcome to stay the night, but I said no, I really needed to get home, I had a lot of stuff to do tomorrow...etc.
But I ended up staying anyway. It was a little awkward, I mean I was fully clothed, freezing, and not very comfortable, and he kept wanting to cuddle! And it was just kind of...weird. Because like I said, I hardly know him, and it's not like we're boyfriend-girlfriend, so I felt weird laying in his bed with his arm around me. I've never been good with PDA unless I've been with the guy for a while, or unless I'm madly in love with him. So it felt a little awkward. But I was so tired, that I didn't even care. I fell asleep almost immediately.
The next morning, my alarm went off and I got up to leave. He got up and kissed me again, with more abandon this time. Then he walked me to my car, and asked me when I was coming back. I said I didn't know, and I don't.
He's been texting me frequently ever since. He wanted me to hang out with him again last night, but I stayed home with Oliver.
So now he is actively pursuing me. Bethany thinks I should stay away from him because he used to date one of our old coworkers, and he cheated on her. But in his defense, that was a couple years ago, and he's not the only person that's cheated. ((sigh))
So I don't know what I'm gonna do. I just need to get to know him better. But I do know in the back of my head, that there is no real future for Rusty and I. So why wasted my time?? Because I have nothing else going on? Because I think he's hot, and I'm strangely drawn to him? While neither of those reasons would stand in court, I still might not be able to help myself.


*Amber* said...

You're puppy is adorable! What's funny is that he looks like my irish wolfhound mix when he was little... but let's hope your guy doesn't turn out 110 lbs. ;)

Anonymous said...

na na nanana na, where are you blogs?