Saturday, March 22, 2008

Chemistry of a Car Crash

Well, my trip to Huntsville was bittersweet. BJ's phone is still shut off, because for some reason, the military has been slow getting his paycheck to him this pay period. So the second day I was there, he left for class in the morning, and I stayed in bed. He finally came home around 2, and I was already up and showered, etc, just waiting for him to get back. But then he announced that he was going to the gym with one of his fraternity brothers, so I decided to head to the nearest bookstore. We agreed to meet back at his apartment in 2 hours. So I packed up my iPod, and my laptop, and headed out.

So I'm driving along on the only main road that goes through campus, and past all three of Huntsville's bars, and the speed limit is 35. I always go the speed limit there too, because the cops are ridiculous. Well, suddenly the guy right in front of me swerves into the right lane, because the car in front of him, was apparently slowing down to turn. Well, since there's no turn lane, the guy in front of me didn't wanna slow down to wait for this guy to turn, so instead, he gets over, leaving me with exactly 2 seconds to stop! I slammed on my brakes, but it wasn't soon enough, and my poor, beloved car, goes smashing head on into the now stopped, Focus hatchback in front of me. I was in such shock that I literally sat there and just stared at what used to be the front of my car, for about 5 minutes. Then some guy from the patio of the bar across the street came running over and opened my door.
"Hey, are you ok??" he asked.
I could only stare at him, nod my head and mumble something unintelligible. My hands were shaking uncontrollably, and I could feel a red, seatbelt burn forming on my chest. I was afraid to get out and actually look at my car. I already knew it was bad. I loved that car! I mean I've only been driving it for a month! I clumsily got out, to a throng of staring people. I thought this must be the most excitement anyone had had all month.

Things were kind of a blur after that. The guys in the car I hit were ok. There was barely even a dent in his bumper. My car was destroyed. A police officer showed up. He was really nice, but still wrote me a ticket. Then the tow truck came. I called my parents. My mom freaked out on me. She started going on and on about how irresponsible I am, and how I'm always just "running off" to different cities. My dad just kept saying how much time and money he spent fixing that car up for me. I couldn't even really defend myself to either of them. I was just so upset! And disappointed, and still in shock. I had no one to call. BJ's phone was still off and I didn't have any of his friends' numbers. So I called the only other person I know in Huntsville: Emma.
Emma and I used to be best friends. I mean we were like sisters. And I had called her the day before to tell her I was coming into town and see if she wanted to catch up, but of course she didn't answer. So I wasn't surprised when she didn't answer my call again. So I sent her a text, begging her to call, and telling her it was kind of an emergency. The first thing she wrote to me was "I can't. I'm in class." So I told her I'd been in a wreck, and then she offered to pick me up. I waited inside the Wendy's for at least an hour.
When she finally came to pick me up, she offered no condolences, no small talk, no...nothing! She pretty much acted like I was a complete stranger! I mean, no matter how much we may have drifted apart in the last couple years, I still consider her a good friend! If she had been in my situation, I would have dropped everything! I mean I will always be there for her, if she ever needs me. But she just made me feel like I was totally inconveniencing her! ((Sigh))
Well, I had her drive me back to BJ's apartment. I got in his bed and just cried. I hadn't cried yet because first I had to talk to the cops, then my parents, then the tow truck guy, then Emma... So finally I just couldn't hold it in anymore. And then BJ came home.
"You're never gonna believe what just happened to me." I said.
"What??" he asked.
I told him the whole story, and he immediately hugged me, and asked if I was alright, and told me everything would be fine. He even offered to drive me home. He was just so sweet, and made me feel so much better. I couldn't have asked for anything more.

That night, we went to his fraternity's St. Patty's Day party. And we had so much fun! It was such a relief to forget about all my troubles and just...drink and have a good time. I met everyone, and I took tons of pictures! Afterwards, we laid in his bed and talked. I told him about how I'm scared to give up my freedom, and how I've just gotten used to being on my own, but I that I really like him. And he said it was ok and to take my time. Eventually we fell asleep, but I can't remember when.

The next day, I wanted to tell him "Yes! Ok! I wanna be your girlfriend!" but I just couldn't bring myself to do it! It just never seemed like the right time, and I just felt...stupid. Lol. I dunno why. But he drove me home, and helped me carry all my stuff inside. I was incredibly sore from the accident. My back and neck still hurt like hell actually. And I had to go to work that night! It was awful. So when I got home from work, I sent him this message on myspace:

"Hey, I just got home like 10 minutes ago. I had a really horrible night at work. ((Sigh)) I felt like shit all night, not to mention i was exhausted. but...at least it's over. anyways um...i don't really know how to say this, it seems so weird, but here goes. I think you're really beautiful and I feel really warm when I'm around you and my tongue swells up... Lol, jk...that was a quote from Elf, in case you didn't know. Basically, what i'm saying is, i like you. lol. and i've decided not to let the labels bother me so much. so i guess, you can refer to me as whatever you like, but consider this your written notice of commitment. lol. and if you're not doing anything tomorrow, perhaps we can hang out, cuz i don't work till 10. although, i don't have anything to drive. lol. i'll just call you when i get up.
i'm going to bed now.
Goodnight, Boyfriend ;)"

So when I woke up the next morning, I was really anxious to call him! But I checked my myspace first, to see if he'd written back, only to find that he hadn't even read my message yet! So I didn't wanna call him yet. Lol. Finally, at like 4pm, he wrote back.

"Lol well thats good. I am definitely better at knowing the boundaries in a committed relationship. Plus thats what I wanted anyway. Well I am in Spring so if youre up go ahead and give me a call."

I did call him, but it was too late for us to hang out since Spring is still a good 40 minutes away from my house. But we have plans to hang out tomorrow, and I'm feeling a lot better now that I've slept, and I'm getting over the soreness from the accident.

I told Cecilia about us. She said she "saw it coming". But she definitely wasn't thrilled. Although, I really can't blame her, what with the horrible triangle that we were in a few years back when she and BJ dated. But this is different because BJ is actually my boyfriend. But I don't have to worry, because Cecilia and I will always be best friends no matter what, and we have no problems being open and honest with each other.

Well, it is now 6 in the morning and I have yet to go to sleep! Lol. I went and ate with Bethany and Tugg after work. So I'm gonna go to sleep, but I'll keep you all updated!
Oh, and I wish everyone a Happy Easter!!

Demetri Of The Day:
“People and squirrels are very different. Most people will not argue that. But I find that there is one situation in which they’re very similar. And that is: when I am driving towards them in my car. Then they’re kind of hard to tell apart… Especially if the human is kind of hairy.”


Anonymous said...

im glad you are ok!!
car accidents are horriblw, ive been in one before...
so exciting about bj, i wish you two well.
as for Emma, whether you were best friends or not, she should have shown a lot more respect for you!! im sorry that she wasnt as compassionate asa she could have been.
anyways, glad you are ok again!
happy easter too!

Anonymous said...

don't let your parents get you upset an accident is an accident. it really doesnt sound like you could do anything about it. I am just glad you are alright. I am so happy about you and bj. good luck with him.
Happy Easter

jehara said...

i don't understand why the cop wrote you a ticket if the guy just swerved into your lane. what else were you supposed to do? grrrr.

Kate said...

Man... sorry to hear about the car crash, but accidents happen, your parents need to chill. I'm so glad you and BJ are officially bf/gf. I hope things work out, he seems great.

jacynthe said...

im so happy for you and bj!!!!! congrats!!! and dont worry for the accident it might sound weird but i actually just got an accident on thursday and feel like crap about it but an accident is an accident dont worrry about it your family will eventually get over it!
hope you get better soon!