Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blast From The Past

Ok let me start with Thursday. I went up to work an hour early to meet Vette Guy. I know, I know, bad move. But in a way, it was a good thing. And you're about to find out why. He was a little tipsy when I got there, and his team was losing, and he was dipping! Yea...effing sick. Well the first thing he starts talking to me about is his new promotion and how he's the youngest senior engineer and the usual me me me gab. Then he starts telling me about his next photoshoot and how he hasn't eaten for 3 days because it's a "shirts-off" shoot. Um...ok Lindsay Lohan! Oh, and he told me he's getting a new Corvette, as soon as the new ones are released, now that he's such a big shot at work and all.
Basically, if you could have seen the look on my face while I listened to him drone on about himself for 30 minutes, it wouldn't take you long to figure out what I was thinking.
Work was uneventful, and I didn't see Vette Guy again for the rest of the night.

Friday evening, while I was getting ready for our GNO, my phone rings. It was The Psycho. You know, my most recent ex. The crazy, controlling asshole one. ((Sigh)) So I answer the phone. Here is the gist of our conversation.
Me: Hello?
TP: What uuuup.
Me: Ummm, not a lot. What's going on?
TP: Uh, thanks for ignoring my call earlier.
Me: I wasn't. I was in the shower.
TP: Yea whatever...
Me: Omg I am so over arguing with you, TP.
TP: Haha, yea right, you could argue with a wall.
Me: Ok.
((awkward silence))
TP: Well I was just callin' to see how you were doin'. Haven't talked to you in a while.
Me: I'm doing great actually. You?
TP: Same old shit...workin my ass off all the time.
Me: At least you're making some money right?
TP: Yea I guess. I'm about to move though. I can't wait to get out of here. Alaska sucks and I don't wanna spend another winter freezin' my ass off.
Me: What about your girlfriend? How does she feel about you jumpin' ship?
TP: I don't give a shit. She's stupid.
Me: ...Ok...
TP: I'm only with her out of convenience pretty much.
Me: Um, ok well I guess I can sort of understand that in your situation...sorta...
TP: You should be able to. You break up with people out of convenience.
Me: ((sigh)) Dude...you don't even wanna go opening that can of worms. Trust me.
TP: Oooook cowgirl!
Me: Don't patronize me. I'm serious. I have had a lot, a lot, a lot of time to reflect upon what happened between us, and I've reached a point in my life where I've accepted it, moved on, and...it just doesn't bother me anymore.
TP: Oh really? Well why don't you tell me about these reflections.
Me: No, it doesn't even matter. It really doesn't.
TP: Alright then. Well...I figured out that when I get out of the army I'm gonna go to school for three years, get a degree.
Me: That's awesome. Good luck.
TP: Yea...
Me: You know, you might think I'm just saying this, but really, we've been through a lot of shit together, and at this point, I think I can honestly say that I wish you the best in life. And if our paths ever cross again, so be it. But I'm not bitter towards you anymore, TP. I really just wish you the best.
TP: Whatever. I do think you're just sayin that.
Me: Well I'm not. But hey, I'm headed out for the night, so I gotta let ya go.
TP: Alright then. Do what you do.
Me: Have a good night.
TP: Yea...
Me: Bye.
There was a little more meaningless chit chat in there, but it's insignificant.
After we got off the phone, he sent me a text that said, "U know i do think u made a good decision by not comming up here. sometimes i just wish i didnt have 2 lost u over it..."
(He's a horrible speller!)
My response, "It was a good decision for both of us. Not just me."
He replied, "Cool. I can roll w that"

Sooooo, that's it I suppose! So random though... I really never thought I could speak so calmly to him again after all that he put me through. But in a way, it feels better to be the bigger person and make him realize what he's lost, than it does to be mean and let him hate me. It's always easier to hate someone. Ya know?? And I felt really good after that conversation because...he hasn't changed one bit! And I feel like I've really grown since then. And after that conversation, it's evident.

We had a blast Friday night! Hardly spent a dime. Cecilia and Jenna ended up not coming. Boo! But we started off at my bar. The Albanian and Frank bought us some shots. Then we all headed next door. Billy was working. His birthday was Saturday, and it was about midnight on Friday when we got there. So we all wished him happy birthday and he bought us a round of shots. It musta been some sort of red flag for all the guys in that bar that there were 6 beautiful girls standing around, because after that, the shots just kept coming! It was awesome!
But just when I was starting to think that everything between Billy and I was cool, and that we understood each other, he walks up and kisses me. AHHHH!!! And I was a little tipsy, and it was his birthday, so I wasn't about to make a fool of him in front of everybody. So what else could I do but kiss back?? SUCH a bad idea...
You know in the movie Wedding Crashers, when Owen Wilsons character writes a note on a napkin and gives it to a girl? And it says, "Do you wanna dance with me? Yes, No, Maybe."
Well, Billy wrote me one of those that said, "Do you wanna snuggle tonight? Yes, No"
Well I inserted my own "Maybe" box and put a check by it. Then I consulted with Melissa and Alyssa about what I should do. Alyssa said, if I just wanna make out and have fun with him, then go for it. Melissa said, "Omg he is obviously in love with you! He is so crazy about you Peyton! If you don't like him like that, you need to tell him."
Well, I took Alyssa's advice. Although I actually agreed more with Melissa. I ended up staying with Billy while he closed the bar, and then a group of us went to eat at a 24 hour cafe. By the time we got back to Billy's, it was 6 am. We just completely crashed and that was it.
How can he not notice that I don't innitiate any physical contact!? I thought that would be a huge hint! But I guess not... He asked me what I was doing Saturday night, and I told him I'd be at work late cuz we do inventory, so he said to call him when I got done and "maybe we could hang out". Oh g's...
Well last night was a complete disaster zone!! Our computer system crashed around 1 am and we couldnt open or close any tabs, or run any credit cards...it was horrible. We had to do cash only for the last hour and so many people were getting attitudes with me, it was ridiculous! Needless to say, we were there extra late, and we didn't even get to take home our tips because we couldn't enter in credit card tips.
Oh, and guess who showed up??
His cousin was in town from Louisiana and he was showing her around midtown. And he looked super smokin' too... But after what happened Thursday? I dunno...he's just a total player.
So after work, me, Bethany (another bartender), Gavin, and Jeremy (new door guy) were sitting around talking and drinking beer while they were trying to figure out what was wrong with the computers. I mentioned a local show that's going on this Thursday that I really wanna go to. Gavin was like, "Oh! The Tool cover band! I love Tool!"
And so do I, obviously.
So asked him if he was going, and he said to call him and let him know when we'd be going cuz he gets out of school at 9pm. Then we all decided we were gonna go eat at Katz's Deli. It was like 5 am and we were all starving. So Bethany and I drove over together, and Jeremy and Gavin followed. Well Gavin ended up not showing up, so I sent him a text that said, "You're a f*cking sellout!" Haha.
Well he immediately calls me! He explained away how he has to get up early and bla bla, and told me to talk to him till he gets home. So I did! Then when we got off the phone, he sent me a text.
Gavin: u working tomorrow?
Me: Yea, at 7. You?
Gavin: hell no...but i might come up there to drink around 9...will c.
Me: You suck. Well yea, I'll be there...being miserable like I am every Sunday!
Gavin: ha can't be that bad
Me: You have no idea... Sundays are the worst. It's like, hey, if you're a dumbass, come to (our bar) on Sunday!!!
Gavin: nice... well im crashing...enjoy ur 12 dollar hot dogs hehe maybe c u tomorrow night
Me: Oh I will! 12 dollars hot dogs are the best! Good night!

Was he flirting??? YES?? NO??? MAYBE???

Guess I'll find out at work tonight...

Mitch Of The Day:
"I want to get a vending machine, with fun sized candy bars, and the glass in front is a magnifying glass. You'll be mad, but it will be too late."

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