Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Lovin' Every Minute Of It!

Austin was a great success!!
We had such a blast just on the drive up! I freakin' love Jenna. I swear, when she and I get together, there's just no hope for us. We just totally get each other, our humor and everything. Plus, you know it helps that we're cousins! Anyways, we checked into a cheap hotel, and got ready as fast as we could. By 11:30 we were heading out to 6th Street! There weren't too many people out, since it was Monday night and Labor Day. But we weren't gonna let that stop us from having our fun!
We were coaxed into a couple places by door guys offering free drinks, but the fun didn't really begin until about 1. Another door guy was offering us drinks as we were passing, and I teasingly said we'd had enough well vodka for the night. So he upped the anti to shots, and we were in! So he took us up to the bar and that's when I noticed the super cute bartender.
His name is Josh, and he was the sweetest thing ever! He was doing a little flair behind the bar too, which is totally hot! After a couple rounds of drinks, and flirting, I asked him what I owed him. He said, "Hmm...I'll settle your tab for a kiss."
I said ok, and leaned over the bar to kiss his cheek, but at the last minute, I surprised him and planted a peck on his lips! Haha, he was totally blushing too! When the bar closed, we exchanged numbers and headed out. We ended up doing a little after hours drinking at a bar that was closed. Jenna had met some people who worked there, and apparently they had keys... After about an hour of that, Josh called!
He said he wanted to meet up since we were still out. So I told him where we were staying, and he met us there. I was under the impression he'd be bringing friends, but he showed up alone. And that was totally cool with me! The three of us hung out for a while, until Jenna passed out on her bed. After a little kissing, Josh and I passed out on the other bed in our evening-wear and all!
The next morning it was raining when we got up. So our plans to float the river inevitably fell through, but we weren't gonna let that stop us! I invited Josh to come, but he had to pick up his brother from school and run some errands. So, Jenna, her friend Ben, and I headed out to the Green Belt. For those of you who don't know, the Green Belt is a river for swimming, not floating. There are waterfalls and hiking trails, etc. By the time we made it out there, it had stopped raining so we got in a good 3 hours of swimming, shooting straight vodka and generally goofing off before the rain started up again.
Jenna and I were planning on shopping after that, but we were so exhausted from our day in the sun, that we only made it to one store. But it was enough time for me to pick out the perfect top to wear out that night!
Josh was supposed to come out with us, but he got suckered into working the door! I felt so bad for him; he didn't even get to bartend! Once again, we got off to a late start. First we headed to Pure, which has a really awesome atmosphere. Everything is white and blue, with fluorescent lighting. It was pretty badass. But unfortunately, a couple of really annoying guys latched onto us while we were sitting there, sippin' on vodka tonics and looking cute and available. Lol.
They seemed ok at first, but after the introductions had been made, and the shots had been taken, it was pretty clear we had nothing in common with these guys. And I was eager to see Josh! So we ditched them as soon as we could without being rude.
But on our way to go see him, Jenna ran into some of her old guy friends. So we stopped and had a couple drinks with them... By this time I was starting to get impatient because it was already like 1:30. So I convinced all the guys to come with us to go meet "my friend". As soon as we walked up to Josh's bar, he gave me a big hug and pulled me in for a peck on the lips under my umbrella (it was still raining). It was so sweet! Then he took us all inside and hooked us up with more free drinks! Jenna and her friends went to the upstairs patio to smoke, and I stayed downstairs to chill with Josh. The one good thing about him working the door that night was that he didn't have to stay super late to clean!
So again, he met up with us and Jenna's friends at our hotel and we all headed over to one of the guys' house for some more drinking. Josh and I sat in the backseat and kissed some more on the way there. :)
He spent the night again, we kissed some more. The End. Haha, and we lived happily ever after!!
Oh, I wish...
Before he left, he kissed me goodbye and told me to call him. He also mentioned something about coming to Houston sometime...
The thing I like about Josh is he's sweet, tall, attractive, and appreciative!
I mean, we generally just had an awesome time. And we cuddled! Even in the morning. Guys just don't do that stuff anymore. What's up with that?!
Well, Jenna and I are already planning our next trip to Austin the week after next. And I can't wait. Josh and I have been texting all day.
But here's my dilemma. I see some possible potential with Josh, other than the fact that he lives in Austin. But I mean, he's the type of guy I could really, actually see myself being in a relationship with. But the pretenses under which we met are...shaky at best. You know, girl in town for a couple days type of thing. Today on the drive home I texted him to ask if he was working Saturday.
He said, "Yes, bartending. Why?"
Me: Well...I was gonna see if you wanted to go somewhere with me, buuuut...I guess you can't.
Josh: Where? Are you gonna be here?
Me: A wedding. In Houston. Random, I know...
Josh: Awe, I wish I could! That woulda been fun, but I gotta work.
Me: ((sigh)) yea... Oh well.
Damn. Foiled again. He would have been a perfect wedding date! Ugh...
So back to my dilema! I wanna ask him if he's on the market for a girlfriend, or if he's just looking for a good time, but I don't wanna seem desperate. I need an inconspicuous way to bring it up; you know, totally casual-like. And I don't know how!
Any advice??

Mitch Of The Day:
"I haven't slept for ten days, because that would be too long."


DDgirl said...

Stay cool Peyton, let him chase you a bit!!
And good luck!

Anonymous said...

what does "float the river" mean?

Peyton said...

OMG!! I didn't realize that some people might not know what it means to float the river! We do that a lot here in Texas. Basically, you get in a giant innertube with a cooler of beer tied to you, and bunch of friends, and you float around the Guadalupe river! It's a total blast!!

Anonymous said...

Good grief girl chill already will ya!? You just met the guy at a bar and took him back to your hotel (he was a total stranger), hooked up with him again the next night.. and now you are asking him to a wedding and thinking "relationship"?? I don't want to be unkind... but do you think you are the first girl he used that line on, or the first girl he went to a hotel with, or the first girl he flirted with for the weekend? Give it a rest, chill out, stop trying so hard and just be. If something comes of it then fine.. but let things go for a while.

If I were a man you would scare me.. I sense that you are projecting a real "needy" vibe. Try to play a little harder to get.

I'm glad that you had fun though, and am excited for you that you are doing other things to not think about vette guy or the model. Just don't set yourself up for hurt again k?


Anonymous said...

nooo i dissagree... its cool that you two clicked so well together! although I must admit it would be very hard to commit right now living so far apart, and it might seem needy to plan trips to see each other after only a weekend..but... See where it takes you!! Good luck with him ,he sounds like a sweetie!

Peyton said...

don't worry, i'm not putting all my eggs in 1 basket. boys or no boys, we're going back to austin cuz it's kickass!
seeing him would just be a bonus.
i guess i sound a little...eager in my posts cuz i like to gush, but don't worry, he doesn't really see that side of me.

the goddess said...

that's good to know. but still, as they said, make him chase you a bit. if he's really that into you, he'll try to reel you in, hook, line, sinker and all (or however you phrase that thing. hehe). if not, well, at least you had fun and that you didn't project the "needy" personality of every girl out there who's desperate to have a guy in her life or any guy for that matter, for which i'm glad. hehe!

well, for one, don't text or call him everyday. that would really seem desperate. hehe! you really do seem to like the guy and it helped you get your mind off the vette guy or the model. and... that's about it. i'm still wracking my brains for any more advices to give you. haha! sorry gurl. :)

just be careful always. :)

Anonymous said...


DDgirl said...


Went out last night and this guy from Texas was so totally hitting on me, I seriously thought about this blog!!!!!

Anonymous said...

why arent you writing anymore... its been like a week!!!

cxy650 said...

Something exciting has to have happened by now!!