Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Bethany's Mom's memorial service was on Saturday. Ali and I rode together, and met up with Cameryn and a couple other girls. The service was beautiful, and of course very sad. The worst part was seeing Bethany walking down the church aisle, arm and arm with her father, both of them crying. All of us cried. How could we not? :(
I've been calling to check on Beth every day, just to see how she's doing. Actually, it's been nice to reconnect with her, even under the shitty circumstances, but I feel like it's bringing us closer together again. Bethany's boyfriend, Tony, canceled his flight back to New Orleans, so he's still here with her, and she seems like she's doing a lot better. The 3 of us met for happy hour yesterday at a sushi place. They were both trying to convince me to go to NOLA with them for New Year's Eve, but since my lease ends that day, and my dad is anxious to pack up the U-Haul and hit the road, I don't think traveling is going to be an option for me. Which really sucks, since all my friends are going out of town for NYE. Bethany and Tony are going to NOLA, Taryn, Dahmer, Carrie, Rory and George are all going to Austin, Ali is working... ((sigh)) So as of right now, it looks like I'm going to be spending NYE alone in an empty apartment. So much for my awesome dress and sparkly red shoes I bought for the occasion. I spent a whole day wallowing, crying intermittently and generally feeling sorry for myself when I realized this, but I'm pretty much over it now I guess. At least this week I am.
Maybe I'll wear my NYE outfit to our Second Annual White Elephant Sex Toy Christmas Cocktail Party instead. We're having it tomorrow, at Ben's house, just like last year. I invited Law School again, not as a date, but just in case he wants to come. But I dunno if he will. It should be fun though. Although I will be dateless.
Things with Gavin and I have been kind of weird lately too. He keeps blowing me off and I'm getting really sick of it. I guess at this point, it shouldn't really matter anyway, since I'm moving in like 2 weeks. So I've decided I'm just gonna stop talking to him all together. Sex once a month isn't worth the frustrations he's been putting me through recently. And it's not even like I'm mad at him, or feeling rejected, it's just the annoyance of being blown off by a friend, repeatedly. Ya know? It gets old after a while.
Anyway, I'm sure you guys are wondering what happened with Todd and I, so I hate to disappoint you, but the answer is nothing. He never called. ((Sigh)) I've thought about calling him, I just...haven't gotten around to it I guess. And I know he's so busy, I don't wanna call and then catch him at a bad time, and then he never calls me back. But I did hear from Laura. She wrote me back yesterday. I'll paste.


First of all I am so incredibly sorry it took me this long to respond. I promise I didn't do it intentionally!Thank you so much for writing to me, I've been meaning to write to you as well just never knew exactly what to say. Anyways I appreciate your apology and I understand (as much as one could) everything that you were going through. I would totally enjoy being friends with you again. So congrats on chicago and your scholarship and I hope to see you soon :)

And again so sorry this is so late!

Btw Todd is bartending at a bar in new orleans right now and let's just say he could really use your help! Lol He looks terrified!


I was so relieved to find out she doesn't hate me, or hold a grudge against me. I immediately wrote her back.


So good to hear from you, Laura! I'm glad you don't hate me, haha. Don't really know what to think about Todd bartending other than...why?? Lol. But thanks for the congratulations, I am really excited! MIGHT be going to nola for NYE with Bethany, so maybe I will see you! And def shoot me a text if you're gonna be out in HTown any time soon!


So now that I know how she feels, I'm not as nervous to talk to Todd. Maybe I'll give him a call tonight...

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