Friday, December 24, 2010

White Christmas

So many great things going on here in Chicago!
Sister and I went an saw an awesome improv show last night, and there was this really hot guy in the show! We also facebook stalked him and found out he's equally as crazy about Harry Potter as I am. He may just be my future husband, this guy. Haha.
I put a deposit down on an apartment, and it's great! Well, it's a condo actually, and I'll be living with 2 guys. One of them is a firefighter, and the other is a bartender. I didn't get to meet the bartender, but I did get to meet Dane, the firefighter. He's kinda shy, and quiet, but really nice. And I bet he has some hot firefighter friends....
Oh, and the place is awesome! My room is big, with it's own door to the outside, perfect for Jasper. There's also a completely fenced-in courtyard in the back for him to play in. And the condo itself is really nice. Dark wood floors, very spacious, 2 floors. Love it! I'm so excited to move here!
Tonight Sophie, Brent, Taylor and I all had lasagna and eggnog, watched a movie, played ghetto scrabble and then went out for a walk around the neighborhood... Which ended up turning into an hour long snowball fight. It was a blast. And I'm so glad I get to have a white Christmas this year, as opposed to the 80 degree weather I left back in Houston!
Well, I just wanted to give you guys a quick update. Hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday!

Happy Christmas!



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Joangel said...

So glad things are working out for you Peyton!