Friday, December 3, 2010

A Much Needed Night Out

I dunno if I mentioned this before, but Taryn has a new boyfriend, who I have playfully nicknamed Dahmer (inside joke, lol). Anyways, he's super cool, and fun, and nice, yada yada yada... He's definitely good for Taryn, and the fact that he's gotten her to settle down really says something to his character. But anyway, Thursday night we all went out. Since I haven't been working during the week, I've had a lot of spare time, but not a lot of spare cash. But Dahmer convinced me to go up to my bar Thursday and meet him and some of the gang to watch the Texans game. Taryn was working, but scheduled to get off around 11, at which time, we would head out for a night on the town. So I steeled myself, and my wallet, and agreed. Then he insisted on coming to pick me up, so we could share a cab. So I pulled out my silk, skin tight, ruched purple skirt, and my favorite black suede wedges, put on a some mascara and a smile and I was ready!
Dahmer arrived right on time, told me I looked smokin' and opened the car door for me. I couldn't help but blush. It reminded me how long it's been since a guy has picked me up, opened the car door for me, and told me I looked pretty. And even though he wasn't my date, it still felt nice.
When we got to my bar, Bethany was there with her boyfriend, and Cameryn, and the rest of our group was already there hanging out at the bar. So I settled in at the corner of the bar with the group. It was about 9:30, so Taryn was still working, and the bar was crowded with rowdy Texans fans. I guess now would be a good time to introduce a couple new characters. Since Taryn and I have been hanging out a lot more over the last couple of friends, I've kind of melded into her group of friends, which are all pretty cool. First there's Carrie. She's one of Taryn's best friends from back in the day. She was living in Spain up until recently. She's super fun and crazy, and hilarious. The 3 of us always have a blast when we hang out. There's also Rory. He's a big, lovable bear of a guy. Super sweet, and chill.
And then there's George. Ohhh George. He's sarcastic and funny, but he has this...mean streak. Well maybe that's not the best word for it. He just gets into these pouty, brooding moods, and no matter what's going on, nothing can pull him out of it. And he and I tend to butt heads a lot. We like each other, but since we're both so sarcastic, he gets touchy sometimes with me, but I'm used to it by now.
And Dahmer, of course, but I already told you about him. So anyways, all of us were there last night, hanging out, having a good time. Dahmer bought a round of shots, then George did. And Cameryn had a celebratory bottle of champagne since finals week just ended, so I had a glass of champagne. So far, no money spent, yay! And I'm starting to feel a bit of a buzz, having a grand time, when I see Mitchell walk in.

"Hey!" I said to him. He walked over and gave me a hug. As we were hugging, over his shoulder I saw a short, dark haired head do a double take and make a beeline for the opposite direction: Melissa.
I couldn't have been tickled more. Nothing is so satisfying and amusing as her avoiding me the way she does because she feels GUILTY. Lol.
Apparently her new boyfriend is a friend of Mitchell's, so she was with their group. And Mitchell was hanging out with us, not in a hurry to escape to the opposite side of the bar, like Melissa was. It was just so...perfect. Her seeing me there, with my friends, laughing it up, having a fabulous time, and acting completely oblivious to her existence.
She wouldn't even turn her head in my direction if she thought I might see her. Even though I did, a couple of times. She just looked so pathetic, sitting at this little table by herself, off to the side, because she was too afraid to come over and join the group. Hahahahaha. Seriously, I think that made my night.
Of course, we didn't stay there, we went to a couple other bars afterward, and had an awesome night. And the best part? I only spent $4 on a cab ride home. :)

Plus, I just found out today that I'm getting a $10,800 scholarship for school!! Totally wasn't expecting that! Although after looking at the tuition cost, it doesn't seem like that's making much of a dent. But I can't complain about free money! Now I just have to find a place to live, and get some loans. ((Sigh)) So much to do, so little time.

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Anonymous said...

This comment is going to be slightly off topic (sorry). I just commented in a very long time (I've read this nearly from the beginning, though), and wanted to stop by the comments section. Either way, I just want to say good luck with Chicago. Out of all the cities in the States I've been to (3), Chicago is my favourite. I'm not sure what that attests to, but it's there nonetheless. I just think it'll be a great change for you, and you'll have a chance to be even more amazing. Ha, that's it! Sorry for the sappy comment. Take care x