Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fall Into Place

Thursday afternoon, Todd finally called. And we had a great conversation. He said he was sorry for not calling last week, but he was busy, and he wanted to make sure we would have enough time to talk. He said that what I wrote to Laura made a world of difference to her, and in so doing, to him as well. He reiterated that it was really great the way I just laid everything out, clean and simple, because I guess she told him she wanted to call or write me, but just didn't know what to say. And Laura's not one to confront people. She errs on the side of just leaving things alone till they go away. Which obviously, rarely happens. But Todd said, since I put everything on the table for her, she completely understands the situation now, and is totally cool with Todd and I hanging out in the future. He also told me that she was never really comfortable with me and him hanging out one-on-one before, but he would hang out with me anyways, and then feel kinda guilty about it later, since he knew she didn't like it. But Todd said he talked to Laura about me, post email, and now she's totally fine with everything. He also apologized for the way he handled things too, and he said he had no idea about everything that was going on with my parents, and he's sorry, and he understands what I must have been going through. We both agreed that we care a lot about each other, he actually even used the word 'love', and that we don't want something like this to ruin our friendship. He said I've always been one of his best friends in the world, and he wants it to stay that way, so we're finally going to leave the past in the past, and just move on.
Then he asked me about my move, and school, and what's going on with me, etc. We obviously had a lot of catching up to do. He even told me that he may be playing a game at the Bears stadium in January, so perhaps I'll get to see him in Chicago! Of course, we're going to try to hang out at least once before I move, but since he doesn't get his schedule till the week of, it's hard for him to make plans, so he's not sure when or if he'll be coming to Houston anytime soon.
But I just feel so...relieved that this is finally laid to rest. And I have my friend back. It's been gnawing away at me for so long, that it's like a huge weight off my shoulders.
Things are actually starting to just...fall into place.
Now if only all my belongings would just fall into boxes....

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