Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thanks, But No Thanks

So I ended up typing out a note, on my computer, in really large letters, and clipping it to my door.


Thanks, but no thanks.
I am seeing someone.
Please stop leaving me notes.

P.S. My name isn't Pam.

So I'm pretty sure he got the hint. I left the note there for 2 days, and I finally took it down this morning. And, I haven't gotten any more notes! YAYY!! So hopefully, that's the end of that, and he'll stop lurking around my courtyard.

Well I hope everyone had a fun and safe St. Patrick's Day. I, myself, stayed home and went to bed early. I'm just not really into St. Pat's. I mean, in the past, I always had to bartend, and put up with all the drunken idiots. And now that I don't have to bartend, I still can't do anything, since I have to get up early in the morning. Plus, me and Mary, and my 2 new officemates, Veronica and Dana, are going out for drinks after work today. So I figured 2 days in a row might not be a good idea.
So yesterday, I stayed home, watched a movie with Jasper, and worked on my new photography website. The designing part is finished, and looks awesome, I just need to add more photos to it.
And while I was laying in bed yesterday, I got a text from Law School, asking if I was out. I told him no, I wasn't feeling great so I stayed home. Which is true, cuz I woke up with a sore throat on Tuesday morning. I think I kicked that already though, with vitamins and Emergen-C packets. Thank God! But it has been a while since I've heard from Law School. He left a message on my Facebook yesterday too. Some stupid corny joke. Lol. I still have a birthday card for him from a month ago! Maybe I'll give him a call tonight and stop by and give it to him.

So I'm not sure if I mentioned before, that I moved into a new office, with Veronica and Dana. At first I really didn't wanna move, cuz I really liked sitting by Mary, and I was in a cubicle that had PRIVACY. Mary wasn't thrilled about me leaving either. Lol. But now I'm ok with it I guess. I mean, I share this office with Dana and Veronica, but we all face away from each other, and pretty much mind our own business. But I like that I have an actual desk with drawers! So I hung up some of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes comics, along with some photos. And now I can keep my books and purse in a drawer. So even though I don't get as much privacy, and I see my boss a lot more than I used to, it's not so bad being in here.

Dave and I were supposed to go motorcycle riding this weekend. But he was going to rent one, and there are no rentals left in Houston! :( He had a bike when he first moved here, but he sold it cuz he said it was so hot that summer, and now he regrets it. We've been having a lot of nice weather lately! So he said he's gonna get another bike soon. And I do think it's really awesome that he rides. I LOOOOOOVE riding motorcycles. That's the one thing I miss about Daniel. Haha. Last I heard though, he sold his Ducati, and got something else. LAME. But whatever. Dave and I can't go regardless. Maybe next weekend.

Things with all my friends are getting better. Bethany and I are good, Melissa and I are good, and Alyssa and I are the road to being good. We still haven't really hung out or had a chance to talk, but now that she's working back at the bar again, I see her more, so we get to goof off and chit chat during our shifts. She texted me asking me if I was doing anything last night too. Maybe she and I can get together this weekend since Dave and I can't go riding. She has a bridal shower coming up too. I better go check my calendar and find out when it is. I still need to get her something!

Dave just texted me that he is renting a bike for the weekend! Yay!! I wonder where he got it from?? I guess our plans are still on then. I hope he has helmets...


Fefita said...

Wow, it seems like all is well. I'm very happy that everything is going good for you. I notice that when one thing in your life goes bad, A WHOLE BUNCH OF THINGS start going bad, adding more stress. But you handle it very well. I drown in a cup of water, lol. But again, I'm very happy that everything is going good for you!


Anonymous said...

catch us up on what happened with Melissa and Alyssa! It's good that she invited you to her shower and is including you. i don't want to be negative but it seems like she may not be a good friend and you should still talk to her. Now that she's working with you she's making an effort but before that it seemed like you were "outta sight outta mind"