Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm Being Stalked By My Neighbor

Boy, has it been an interesting weekend... But before I get into this weekend, let me tell you about Wednesday night. Cecilia had to cancel on me for our plans to go to the rodeo. Her deadbeat ex husband told her he couldn't watch their daughter, and she wasn't able to find a sitter. So I invited her friend, Alex, to come. Alex and I were both bridesmaids in Cecilia's wedding, and since we're both 2 of Cecilia's closest friends, we know and like each other. She's tons of fun, actually. So anyways, I still had 2 extra tickets, and I'd posted something on Facebook about them, hoping someone would want them. So the day of the show, Boston texts me, asking if I still had an extra ticket. And without thinking, I told him he could come with us. That is, without thinking about the fact that Dave was gonna be there, and we were planning on meeting up at the Carnival. And Boston was so gung-ho about it, that I couldn't bear to tell him no.

Oh well, I thought, how bad could it possibly be?

So Alex met me at my place after work, and then we drove my car to the bar and parked. Boston picked us up at the bar, and drove us to the lightrail. One we got to the carnival, I met up with Dave. I was expecting to see him fully decked out in cowboy uniform, but strangely, he was wearing the same Nike tennis shoes that he always wears, every time I see him. Alex immediately started referring to him as, Tennis Shoes. Lol. I could tell Boston felt a little weird, cuz it was obvious that me meeting up with Dave was...more than just a casual friendship type thing. But what can ya do? So I left Boston in Alex's very capable hands, while Dave and I went to go ride the Tilt-A-Whirl, which turned out to be tons of fun! In retrospect, it's a good thing that I went with Alex instead of Cecilia, because she's so outgoing and fun, and she'll talk to anyone. She acted as if she'd known the guys her whole life, even though she'd just met them that night. So it was great, and we had a blast.

When it was time for us to head inside and take our seats for the show, we all walked in together. Dave came up with us to our seats, even though he was sitting a level above us, with his sister. We walked around for a bit, and then parted ways. Dave mentioned that he might come back down for a song or 2 later. So we grabbed some snacks and sat down. Boston actually left for a while to go say hi to some friends, but he came back towards the end of the show. Dave never ended up coming back down.
When the show ended, Boston asked if we wanted to go to the Rodeo bar for a bit, but I had to say no, since I needed to get up early the next day. And there's no such thing as going for "just one drink" when it comes to the rodeo. Better safe than sorry!
Boston looked really disappointed, so Alex and I told him to go ahead. It was about 10:45; we could just walk or get a cab back to the bar from the lightrail. He hesitated, but in the end, he went to the bar, and we headed to the lightrail.
Well the line to actually get on the lightrail was ridiculous!! We stood there for like 45 minutes in a huge, hot, crowd of people, and we were both dying of thirst, and aching feet. So by the time we got off the lightrail, it was already midnight. We didn't see any cabs around, and it was foggy as hell outside. So we started walking. Alex kept saying she was afraid of getting mugged, because of the recent spike in crime in the area. That was when we realized we had walked 4 blocks in the wrong direction. Ugh... I usually have a good sense of direction, but the lightrail completely threw me off. So we turned around and started walking back.

"I can't believe Boston just left us to fend for ourselves at midnight in the middle of midtown!" Alex said.

"I know! I'm texting him right now, 'I hate you. We are no longer friends'." I laughed.

A car full of shifty looking individuals stopped and offered us a ride, which obviously, we declined. Then, a strange man on a bicycle kept riding past us, back and forth, back and forth... By this time, Alex and I were both a little more than nervous. Finally, when we were about a block away from the car, we saw a cab, which we grabbed anyway, since our feet were hurting so bad. When we got to my bar, we went inside to get a couple bottles of watter for our parched lips, and there was Boston!! Already there, sitting at the bar, drinking a beer! Both of us were irate.

"Well LOOK who's here!" Alex said, drawing my attention to him.

"What the hell!?" I yelled at him.

"I got a ride, I thought you guys would have been back already!" He said defensively, with 'GUILTY' written all over his face.

"I texted you!" I said, "Do you realize how far we had to walk!? It's midnight, and it's foggy, and we were being followed by creepers in cars and on bicycles! You could have at least called to make sure we made it back!"

"I'm sorry! Don't be mad!" He said.

"Oh, I'm mad!" I said, and Alex and I stormed out.

And instantly, my Dave vs. Boston situation was solved. Not that there ever really was a situation. But it gets better...

The next morning, Boston texted me again, "You can't be mad at me."

"Yes I can. And I am." I wrote.

Boston: Why??

Me: You KNOW why! You left us at the rodeo, cuz you said you wanted to go to Happy Trails, or whatever the hell that bar is, but really you just wanted to hook up with those slores, and Alex and I ended up walking like 10 blocks through midtown in the middle of the night, in the fog!

Boston: I guess that wasn't very gentlemanly of me, but A) They weren't slores, they were friends, and they offered me a ride, and B) you went to the rodeo to meet up with another guy and C) it's called The Hideout, and you can't go to the rodeo without going to The Hideout!

Me: A) I didn't go to the rodeo "to meet up with another guy", I didn't even know he was going to be there until earlier that day, and B) WTF does that have to do with anything!!???

Boston: A) I guess it doesn't have to do with anything...

Me: Bottom line, you shouldn't have left us, but whatever. Now that I got that off my chest, I'm over it.

Boston: Ok.

So clearly, Boston was jealous. ((Sigh)) And apparently it's no secret around the bar that he likes me, either.

That night, Melissa and I went to see Avatar 3D. She had never seen it, and I really wanted to watch it again. Btw, I can't remember if I wrote about how Melissa and I talked and worked out everything about our argument. Did I?? If not, I'll fill you guys in. But anyways, she was 30 minutes late to the movie cuz she got lost! Ugh... And THEN I left my stupid phone in the movie theater and someone stole it! So I've been all weekend without a phone. Which has realllly sucked, but I should be getting my replacement in the mail today.

So now, let me get to this weekend...

On Friday when I got home from job #1, I had a Facebook message from Dave. He wanted to get together that afternoon, cuz he was going to San Antonio for the weekend. But obviously, I couldn't hang out since I had yet to go to job #2. So when I walked out my door to head to the door, I noticed I had a note clipped to my door.



I have wanted to get to know you since the first day I met you. I know this may seem weird, writing you a note instead of talking to you in person, but I didn't know how else to do it. I live in apartment __ and I would really like to take you out to dinner Sweety. I think that your beautiful and I would love to get to know you. My number is ____, please call me anytime.


First of all...who the f*ck is Pam!? It took me a minute to figure out WHO it was that had written this note, and initially I thought, This guy must have the wrong apartment! But then I realized who it was...
This guy that used to live in my courtyard, but he moved to a different apartment in the complex. I've said hi to him a few times while walking Jasper, cuz he used to always stand outside his apt and smoke. But this guy is like....30-35, and he lives with his father in a 2 bedroom apartment! Not to mention he thinks my name is PAM, he has absolutely NO GAME, he clearly can't spell for shit, he's obviously a chain smoker, and he isn't even remotely attractive! Ugh... I shoved the note in my purse and left for work.
I showed it to some of my coworkers while we were counting money at the end of the night, and we all had a good laugh about it. Unfortunately, I left that note sitting on the table.

The next day, I woke up around 1pm, and went to let the dog out. I had already put his leash on, and I opened the door and was still inside the door, grabbing my keys, when I noticed Nick standing out there, in his old spot, in front of his old apt, smoking.


I yanked Jasper back inside and quickly shut the door. Jasper wasn't happy about that, but I crouched down on the floor and peaked through the blinds. It was apparent that Nick had seen me open and close the door, as he was staring up in my direction. Dammit! I sat there in front of the window for a while, waiting for him to leave, but he wouldn't budge. So finally I just went back to my room. Thirty minutes later, I finally let the dog out.
I had 2 more photoshoots on Saturday, which went well! I did the shoot near some railroad tracks over by Ben's house. He and Summer actually drove by while we were out there, and I chatted with them for a bit. They were getting ready for a ski trip. Lucky...

Anyway, Saturday night as I was leaving for work, I found another note on my door. I didn't even open this one, I angrily shoved it into my purse again, and hurried out to my car, hoping Nick wasn't watching me from a window somewhere. When I got in the car, I opened it.


I know this is not a great way to ask someone out, but I just feel this is the way to ask you, for some reason. Feel free to text me about any thing. I would love to get to know you better, Sweety. [555-555-5555 Nick] Anytime. If u want me to leave u alone, let me know, either way please. I've wanted to get to know you since the first time I saw you. You are so beautiful and you seem to have a great personaility. Text me.



P.S. I'm not stopping until you talk to me"



And yes, he spelled personality wrong.
I'm definitely going to inform him how completely UNINTERESTED I am the next time I see him! I don't wanna call or text him, cuz I don't want him to have my number, and I haven't had a phone anyways. But omg...I have to look out the blinds before I leave my apartment now! ((Sigh))

I mean, I'm pretty sure he's harmless really. I don't want to get the apartment office involved or anything like that. I just want him to leave me alone! Jenna says I can go stay with her, now that she's all moved in. Lol. I also thought about convincing one of my guy friends to come over and act boyfriendly. But there's no way to guarantee Nick will see.

Anybody have any suggestions? Cuz I'm open to ALLLLL suggestions!


Court said...

As awkward as it is.. it is probably best to just tell him you aren't interested. Tell him you have a boyfriend even.
That's super creepy that he said he wouldn't stop until you talked to him! Apparently he'd rather be rejected in person than have you ignore him.. embarrassing!
So, good luck with that!

~J said...

HAHAHAAH!! OMG! That is too funny! (the stalker part, I mean)
Well.. my adivce would be, next time you go to walk Jasper and creepo neighbor is out, obviously waiting to talk to you, I would act normal and wait to see if he says anything. (which he prob will) When he does, and then mentions the notes, I would say something along the lines of "OH! I didn't realize it was for me, since my name isn't Pam." (don't correct him and give him your real name) Then tell him thanks for the offer, but you're simply not interested and that you are currently seeing someone. Since you kinda are, so it isn't lying! :) Really, honesty is the best.
Good Luck :)

Fefita said...

tell him ur not interested. if he doesnt get it, then u should involve the office. if that doesn't help, go to the police. that is definitely creepy. be careful with him.


Anonymous said...

Lollll. :) don't worry. Just don't text him a no, because then he'll have your number too. If you see him, just say 'i saw your notes, thanks, I'm flattered, but no thanks.' doesn't even need an explanation. Oooooor if you're feeling brave, put a rejection note on HIS door. Sign it 'P'. Then he'll really never know that it's Peyton, not Pam. Good luck, keep us in the loop!

Autumn said...

omg. i had a neighbor stalk me too. it was soo creepy! he even came into the bar i was working at a few times and called me incessantly! (plus, he had a gf that was living with, but he broke up with her just to stalk me. ugh.) whatever you do, don't let your neighbor find out what bar you work at or have your number! i agree with anon. maybe write him a note saying you are seeing someone and avoid him like the black plague! also. do you still have a puppy?

Anonymous said...

If he says he won't give up till he hears for you, by all means keep a log of his notes etc and if it gets ugly call the police. Not that hard. Good luck!!!!!


Peyton said...


YES I still have a puppy, even though he's not really puppy-sized anymore. Lol. I referred to him in my last post! His name is Jasper (aka Jaspy) heh.