Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ike's Aftermath

I dropped Rusty off at a friend's house and then headed back to my apartment.
Still no power.
I called Bethany and she said I could crash with her. So I went straight there with all my things and Oliver. I've been here ever since. Rusty sent me a couple text messages, but we haven't spoken at all. In fact, my phone gets terrible reception in Bethany's house, so I haven't really been getting any phone calls.
The first couple days here were fun. I actually like living with Bethany and Tugg! But our bar still had no power, so none of us were able to work, and I was pretty low on cash. The lines for gas have been so long, they wrap around corners, grocery stores have no power, and therefore nothing cold. All the street lights are out so traffic is always bad. ((sigh)) Everything around here just sucks.
My parents told me today that they might not even get power back for a month! I was getting pretty depressed too before midtown finally got power back last night! I was actually able to work. I mean, think about it. You have no money, no place to live, and no job. And I hate mooching off people. And I know I'm welcome here for as long as I need to stay, but I still feel bad. Like, I'm taking advantage, ya know? It's not a good feeling. But I made 250 bucks last night, so things are already looking up.
We really do need all your prayers though! Things down here are absolutely horrible. Schools are shut down, people can't go to work, a lot of people don't even have water! And there's no telling how long this will all last, but it seems like a while.
Oliver has his first doctor's appointment tomorrow. Well, first appointment since I've had him. So that should be interesting. ((sigh)) Anyways, I gotta go get ready for work! We have this new girl, and she's absolutely awful. Not to mention she's a smartass bitch, and nobody likes her. Lol. I almost hope she's working tonight, just so that I'll have someone to take my frustration out on. Hahaha!

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K said...

I can't believe how horrible things are there right now! I'm glad you are able to work, tho. You and all of the victims of Ike are in our prayers!