Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Feeling Accomplished

Today was nice. I got all my shopping done, and got a pedicure. No massage though. I forgot I had to sign Oliver up for puppy school, so I figured I'd try and save some cash. I also nipped into the groomer's so I could get his ears trimmed and his toenails filed. So we had a big day! Oh, and I just bought a new toy on bootyparlor.com! ;)
Now I'm just sitting on my couch in my underwear watching shows on my DVR.


So the guy I was telling you guys about, The Good Guy, he didn't call me today! Wth?? I mean, he's a good guy. Aren't they always supposed to call?? Well, regardless, I've decided I'm just not that into him. I was just trying to play it safe ya know? Because chances are, with him, I wouldn't get hurt, since I'm not that into him. But that isn't fair. So I'm just...not gonna call him. ((sigh))
When did it become so hard to find someone that you can relate to, connect with and...actually be attracted to! WHERE ARE ALL THESE GUYS?!! Grrr...
Well, I guess I don't really have that much to write about today. My mom has a doctor's appointment on Thursday at MD Anderson and I'm gonna go with her. She really needs my support, and as worried as I am about her, I just can't let it show. I have to be strong for her. It's hard though. Harder than you could ever imagine!
Well, anyway, it's back to Seinfeld now.

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Anonymous said...

having a two hour season premiere with Heroes was awesome. they definitely packed A LOT into that two hours to. I loved it and I can't wait to see what happens next!