Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Getting Back To Normal

Well I finally got my power back on Friday! So it's been really nice to have some space all to myself again. I can walk around in my underwear, sleep in, come and go as I please...all things that I'd apparently been taking for granted!
So I sort of started seeing this guy... He's actually a guy I met on that dating website a while back. And as it turns out, he went to school with Bethany! Lol. But we're not really dating; we just starting hanging out. And I wanna take things reallllly slow, and actually get to know him before I start to invest any feelings or anything so... Maybe it'll actually work. And ya know, he's a good guy. He has a job, and a car, and a phone, and all the things that most normal people have (unlike the last 2 guys I dated!). And he's nice, and really funny, and tall. I don't exactly find him sexy or anything, but he's cute, and I like him. So, that's that.

Today Bethany and I did something fun and different! Remember Nick? My old coworker who quit to start training at the police academy? Well he signed us up to take field sobriety tests with the cadets! Hahaha. So an officer came and picked us up, drove us out to the academy, gave us a bunch of free liquor and then we took tests. It was awesome! We had so much fun! And I fooled them every time!! I took four field sobriety tests with four different groups, and none of them would have arrested me. Hahahahaha! And I was definitely drunk! Not that that's a good thing or anything, just funny. Especially since I was giggling through most of it. Nick was so cute in his cadet uniform! Lol. Anyways... Today was a pretty good day. And tomorrow Bethany and I are going to Linens N' Things so I can get some stuff for my kitchen. Apparently they're going out of business, so everything's on sale. Then I might go get a massage and a pedicure. My back has been killing me...
Well I should probably go to bed since I have all this stuff to do tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Ha, that actually sounds quite fun. How much did you drink to be able to drive relatively fine? Hope you have a nice, and relaxing day. You deserve it after the hell weeks you've been having. Take care. :)

Peyton said...

They drove us home too!! So no worries!

Anonymous said...

Linens'N Things, bad, lol. course I'm a bit biased I work at Bed Bath and Beyond, hehe.

But a good guy. yay