Monday, November 19, 2007

Save The Drama For Your Mama!

Hey guys! Thank you all so much for all your wonderful comments!! It's so great to know that I still have readers! The advice was great too; it really made me feel better!

So today, I'm leaving for Florida!! I'm so excited! Sophie and I are gonna have a blast, I know it. We're gonna go get my tattoo, go hit the town at night, shop (I'm sure), and on Friday we're going to Disney World!! Then I'll be back in Texas for 4 days before NEW YORK!!!!!! So that's what's goin' on with me right now. I'm bringing my laptop with me, but don't be surprised if I have no time to write.

So here's the latest dish... Izzie is in town this week for Thanksgiving, obv. And we went out on Friday, and had a really good time. Well, on our drive home she said, "So...what do you think of Megan as a bartender?"
"Why do you ask?" I raised one eyebrow suspiciously. Megan and Izzie are really good friends.
"I'm just curious!" Izzie insisted.
"Well...I mean, I don't really ever work the same shifts as her. She opens and I close. We usually only see each other as I'm getting there and she's leaving." I said.
"So, you haven't worked with her at all??" Izzie sounded skeptical.
"Well, yea I have a couple of times..." I answered hesitantly.
"Ok, well...what do you think of her as a bartender?"
"Uhhh...well she's very thorough. You know, when she opens, she always makes sure everything gets done, and she never hesitates to ask people questions when she doesn't know something."
"Oh. Well...Megan thinks you don't like her very much because of something you told Rikki on the phone." Izzie finally said.
"Well Rikki told Megan that you said she wasn't as good of a bartender, and that's why she gets the opening shifts."
"Noooooo, I said she gets the opening shifts because number one, no one else wants to work those, and she does. Number two, that was exactly the reason they hired her, was to work those shifts. And number three, she doesn't have any full volume experience. I mean they weren't just gonna throw her to the dogs on a busy Saturday night! They always put people where they're gonna feel most comfortable." I explained.
"Well, I mean, you don't think she could work those shifts if she wanted to?? I've worked with Megan, and I know she could handle it! She only works the opening shifts because she WANTS to, not because that's what they're making her work." Izzie protested very defensively.
"I know! I'm not saying she sucks or anything, and it has nothing to do with how I feel about Megan, or my opinions, it's just...WORK!"
"Well, do you not think she's as good of a bartender as everyone else that works there??"
"I just know that she doesn't have as much experience! So it would be more of a struggle for her to work on a really busy night."
By this time, I was getting irritated. I mean it wasn't fair that I was being attacked for being truly honest and diplomatic about something. I love Megan! But Izzie continued to argue...
"Dude, she could totally work just as well on a busy night as she does during the day! I worked with her at Salt Grass, and I've seen her work under pressure!"
"Izzie...I hate to sound cliche, but restaurant bartending and BAR bartending are 2 totally different ball games! Different pace, different atmosphere, different clientele, different drinks! You can hardly compare the two! Like I said, I love Megan, and I do not, by any means think she sucks. She just doesn't have the same level of experience as the rest of us! She's still new. And I'm sure if she worked a few busy night shifts, she would start to get the hang of it, and be fine. They just don't need any more people for those shifts right now!"
I stood my ground because I don't think I did anything wrong! Rikki and I were having a private telephone conversation, which I honestly didn't believe she would go blabbing to Megan about. And Rikki specifically asked me why Megan and I never work together, and I told her. End of story. G's...

"Well, the thing is, Megan is really sensitive, and she doesn't like to admit it. And she came to me and told me she doesn't think you like her very much because of what you told Rikki. So I just think you should clear that up with her." Izzie replied.
"Well...what the hell am I supposed to say to her!? "Hey Megan, I don't think you suck."!?!?"
"I don't know...just ask her opinion on your bartending or something! That way she thinks you value her opinion as a bartender."

((sigh)) Do we ever leave the drama behind??

And you know what's funny!? When I got to work yesterday at 4, Alyssa ran up to me and said, "Thank GOD! We (the waitresses) can finally start getting our drinks on time!"
And when I asked what she was talking about she said, "Well...I love Megan and all, but she's just really slow."


I have this incredible urge to run to Izzie and say, "I told you so!" but I'm sure she would just relay that back to Megan and then I'd be back at square one again so...I'm just glad to know that I was right!

On a lighter note, Bethany and I went and saw Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium last night after work. I was very....odd. But we had fun, just us girls! :)

Well, that's all folks! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Keep giving me your advice and messages! I love you all!!

Mitch Of The Day:
"I hate turkeys. If you go to the grocery store, you start to get mad at turkeys. You see turkey ham, turkey bologna, turkey pastrami. Somebody just needs to tell the turkeys, "Man, just be yourselves!" I already like you, little fella. I used to draw you. If you had a couple of fingers missing, you would draw a really messed-up turkey. That turkey was in an accident!"


alyssa said...

I love this blog!! i just started reading last week and i read everything to catch up:) and it's so weird because
a) I used to live in Houston, tx
b) i live in Manhattan now!!

how random:) but i adore your blog and please keep posting! and if you need any hook-ups when you come here then you know who to email!:) xoxo

Anonymous said...

Wow, Izzie was really bitchy to ask you about what you thought about Megan first instead of just coming out with what she new. Was she hoping you would badmouth Megan or something?

And who cares what her opinion is of Megan's bartending skills? It's not like you're assigning shifts.

DDgirl said...

Girl, u got a situation there!!!
Enjoy Florida!


Anonymous said...

If Izzy does that to you again shut her down by saying "If Megan has concerns about what I think of her bartending skill please have her talk to me directly... I don't want you to be the middle man" it's crap that Izzy did that.. I don't get it.

Jadeny said...

Hey does anyone know Shar's email....she made her blog private :-(

the goddess said...

eeep! that sucks. they're right. izzie should never try to be the middle man because that's only going to spell more trouble. sighs. and to think she's supposed to be a good friend. that's just annoying. if i were you, i'd probably tell izzie to shove it up her ass. it's not like you went around badmouthing your friend, megan. somebody asked you an opinion, and you gave the truth. it sucks when people try to make you look like a bad guy when you're just telling the truth. grr! i've been there. ah to hell with them.

anyway, i hope you have fun while you're in florida. btw, what kinda tattoo are you getting? hehe!