Saturday, November 24, 2007

Going Home

Get this...
I sorta forgot to arrange for an airport pickup for my flight back, so I posted a bulletin on myspace. You know, just to see if anyone would be able to come get me. GUESS WHO RESPONDED?!??

...JOHN! How weird is that??? I mean, things between him and I have definitely cooled off since our sleepovers. Absolutely nothing ever came of it. So I dunno...but he did offer to pick me up! Now I just don't know what to think. Hmm... Why can't guys just come out and tell you when they're interested?!

Anyways, I've been having so much fun here! Today, the family went to Universal Studios. It was fun, but exhausting! All that walking around...sheesh! But Sophie and I rode every single roller coaster and I got some pretty great pics! It was awesome. Now I can barely keep my eyes open.

In other news...remember Andrew?? My friend from high school that I ran into at the club a while back, and he's friends with Hot Dereck??
Well...he's expressed interest in me several times, and in the past I've always just blown him off because he's younger than me. Buuuut...now I'm starting to have second thoughts. I mean, we message a lot on myspace, and he always says the sweetest things to me! Like, when he was warning me about Hot Dereck, he told me that I was better than that and that I deserved someone who would appreciate me because I am a "prize". Lol. I can't help but giggle at that. Anywho...he's definitely a hottie, I'm just really apprehensive about the age thing. I mean it's only 2 years but...still. It's a pretty monumental 2 years if you ask me! And I know for certain that if I was to go there, it wouldn't be for keeps, ya know? Cuz I really want a guy who's older and who's got it together and stuff. Andrew's just....fun! So what's wrong with having a little fun? ((Sigh)) I'm starting to lose it maybe. I dunno... Maybe it's all the lack of sleep.

New York is in just FIVE more days!!! I can't believe it!
I haven't talked to Shane a whole lot since the Austin incident but...hopefully that won't happen again.
Oh, and as for Izzie, don't be too hard on her guys. I mean I know it wasn't her place to call me out like that, but we'd both been drinking, and I know she was just looking out for her friend. Izzie is seriously one of the most loyal people I know! We just lose sight of what's important sometimes.

Oh well! I really need to get to bed!
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Mitch Of The Day:
"I use the word totally too much. I need to change it up and use a word that is different but has the same meaning. "Mitch, do you like submarine sandwiches?" "All-encompassingly!'"


Anonymous said...

sweet. fun blog!

heather said...

helloooo... are you still alive... should we send out the police because john kidnapped and killed you? hope everything is okay... please blog soon