Saturday, November 17, 2007

My 50th Post!!

Is anyone even still reading my blog?? If you are, I'd love to hear from you!

Anyways, it seems like a lot has happened since my last post, but not anything really worth writing about. Except that Shane and I got into a little tiff when I was in Austin. I'll start from the beginning.
Setting: 2 hot girls getting ready for a night out on the town in Austin.
Plot: Shane and Peyton head downtown hoping to meet some hot guys, and have a good time. Before long, they run into Tommy: your classic All-American, Ambercrombie lookin' guy. He's tall, blond, blue-eyed, and has a great smile. He's also funny, and goofy and outgoing. Naturally, Shane and Peyton both notice his charm. However, Tommy is very careful not to appear any more interested in one girl, than in the other. Well played. This conjures up feelings of jealousy, insecurity, and overall territorialness amongst the girls. As the night goes on, both Shane and Peyton vie for Tommy's attention.
But before long, Peyton begins to see past Tommy's pearly white smile, and hot body. She also begins to see past Shane's flirtatious gestures, and "sarcastic" (slightly demeaning) comments.
Break down: Tommy is yet another self-centered, self-gratifying, narcissistic douche bag, with too much money, and too many notches on his bed post. And Shane, although she is a great girl, has a tendency to surround herself with attractive girls, with the intentions of getting noticed by attractive boys. However, she turns into quite the green monster when any of that attention is directed at anyone other than herself.
So, as all the horrible memories of past douche bags are flashing through Peyton's mind, she begins to inwardly hyperventilate, and start looking for ways out of the situation, and away from Tommy!
Shane of course, continues to put up a fight. She "just wants to hang out with Tommy, not date him!" "He's just a really fun guy!" "He doesn't even compare to Dr. New York!"
But the excuses just keep on coming, and Peyton is becoming increasingly wary.
Finally, when the bar closes, Peyton manages to escape, with Tommy and Shane in tow of course. But now, Shane hopes Tommy will drive them to their car. Tommy, of course, obliges, and they all pile into his Porsche SUV. (Trust Fund Baby) Shane and Tommy exchange numbers, as Peyton stares out the window, seething.
As the girls are driving home, Shane continues to defend herself against her actions, even though she claims she did nothing wrong. And although Peyton wasn't opposed to throwing back one hot guy, she still felt slightly betrayed. After all, Shane has a "great doctor guy" in New York, in addition to the 4 other guys she is already dating. And it seemed to Peyton that Shane just wanted every eligible attractive male all to herself! Shane was very selfish indeed!
This really bothered Peyton, considering she's about to embark on a trip across the country with this girl! But maybe it was mostly the sting of losing. Losing a guy to a friend. Does that mean she's prettier? Maybe it's because she's skinnier...or because she's blonde? All these things were flying across Peyton's brain and she couldn't stop them. She just couldn't help feeling insecure...inferior. How does Shane play The Game so well??

Mitch Of The Day:
"I wear a necklace now because I like to know when I'm upside down."


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel having the friend who seems to always want the guys to be hanging all over her and tries her hardest to make sure that you know he's in to her and not you. you have to just realize that she just likes the attention and brush it off as a quirky thing that a good friend does. I always look at it with the perspective that I know I have some things about me that bug her but she still loves me just the same.

p.s. love the blog so don't stop writing!

Anonymous said...

Some people are just attention whores. They'll do anything and everything to have all eyes on them. If you were into girls, she'd be flirting with them too.

I'm still reading, checking in often.


Anonymous said...

I reead, I read! I pop in all the time just to look for updates!

Mom of 3 who started way to early so I kinda feel I am reliving my 20's through you!

I hate broads like that - but no worries, any good guy wouldn't be iterested in her over you anyways...

So um... when you do find this man - and have the big wedding - are you gonna sent us (your loyal readers!) a picture? lol j/k

And just a weird fact - I am in Winnipeg, as well as another reader who commented. I think thats bizarre, I am so surprised you don't have wayyy more comments. Are you able to tell how many hits you get?

Hugz and keep writting!

jehara said...

i have never had a friend like that so i can't quite relate. sounds like you handled it well though. i live in tx too. and i check in often hoping for more posts. as long as you continue to write then i will continue to read. :)

the goddess said...

hey... i do check in for updates when i can... which is almost everyday. hehe!

anyway, we all have those moments when we feel insecure about a friend who seems to grab every guy's attention (whether intentional or not)... just try not to think too much of it. i know. easier said than done. but for one thing, it's just going to give you a headache... two, it's giving you premature wrinkles. three, you're going to look like a prima donna (which i'm sure you don't want). letting the little green monster ran your life is going to ruin your friendship faster than foot-in-the-mouth syndrome.

i don't know any advices that may work for you because though we have some similarities, what may work for me, may not work for you at all. all i can tell you is be confident about yourself. don't compare yourself with shane or any of your girlfriends because you'll only end up looking at yourself lower than others. even though you know your limitations, you're good at some things too. get better at what you can do and work on those limitations. and don't forget to have fun always.

don't worry gurl... we're cheering you on. :)

keep on posting! :)

Anonymous said...

I just started reading, don't stop now!

And don't be too mad at Shane, maybe she's just in a different place emotionally than you right now. Let her be herself.

Jade said...

Hi! I am still reading. As for Shane and this guy, if he really was a jerk, who cares if she "wins". Not much of a prize if you ask me. You're better than that just for realizing you don't want another jerk in your life. Sounds like you are really getting a handle on what you want. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

i'm a reader! and loyal one at that.

and the way i see the situation with these two, if he's going to go for the sluttier, probably dumber and let's be honest, less AWESOME friend...then they deserve each other for a shallow, meaningless relationship.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog. I'm 24, from a midwestern state, and can really relate to some of the stuff you talk about.

I have a friend like that and I look at it like she's weeding out the bad ones for me. Really, let her have the douche bag.