Sunday, November 11, 2007

Feed My Skeptic Side

Sometimes I am just filled with hope.
Hope for today, hope for tomorrow...

But, hope continues to let me down it seems.
Sometimes, all a person really needs is for someone to care.

I'm tired of waking up and feeling like maybe my life is a vacuous existence.
I need something, or someone to live for.
I don't mean "live" in the literal sense of the word.
I mean live, like really live.
To feel alive.

What do you do when your best just isn't good enough?

Why are people so selfish, and so afraid of taking chances?
It seems like every time I truly open up to someone, they hesitate- afraid.
Or they take advantage - selfish.

Is this what the world comes down to?
The Selfish and The Afraid.
Are you always going to look out for you, or just do what feels right?

I want to accomplish something meaningful.
Something I can be proud of.

And I want a kiss that is so real, I completely lose track of time and place.

I want change.
I need change.

Here ends my late night rant...


Brigitte Plouffe said...

oh girl, don't worry. and don't give up hope because you will find what you're looking for soon! everyone does. :)

Anonymous said...

relax! sometime you will meet someone or do something that will make all of this now seem unimportant. you will love it so much, that you would go through all of this again for one minute of this something good... :)

Anonymous said...

It will happen, I promise.

Just enjoy every moment in the meanwhile :)