Thursday, February 6, 2014

I'm Back! For Real This Time...

I just decided that I am going to recommit to this blog. I'm going to try to post AT LEAST once a week, even if nothing is going on, so that I can get my readership back up. I like knowing that there are people out there listening to what I have to say, even if I can't really communicate with them directly. It's also really nice to have subjective opinions on things. And I think I might actually have some things to talk about. So I'm just gonna dive in!

Well, I graduated from art school. Yay!! I'm seriously so glad it's over. My last semester was terribly stressful. Ugh. And I've even booked a couple weddings this summer! One in Florida, and one in Mexico - how cool is that?? Anyway, I'm now in, what I believe to be, my last few months living in Chicago. I'm just working, and I'm taking piano lessons again. And I'm trying to get back into the dating game. You guys, it's been over a year since I've slept with anyone. I've practically been revirginized. Lol. But that's not really what I'm after, I just wanna have somebody to do things with! Sex would be a perk, obviously, but I've gone so long without it at this point I may as well just continue being celibate for the sake of my dating sanity.

So, you've all heard of Tinder by now, I'm assuming? Well even though I am very anti online dating, I saw my coworker, Ananda, using the app at work the other day, and I was looking over her shoulder, and we were both just kinda, "Oh, he's cute!" and "NOPE!" and it was funny and entertaining, so I decided to give it a shot. Well after about a month, and several matches, I never attempted to talk to anyone. That would just make it too...online datingish. And I'm against that. So I was like no, I'm just looking. But then this guy that I "liked" messaged me out of the blue, and I can't remember what he said exactly, but it was something that sparked my attention, and we got to talking. His name is Richard. And it turns out that Richard and I have a lot in common. He loves photography, he reads, he's even read Harry Potter! And, speaking of Harry Potter, he's from the UK, which means he has a sexy accent. Lol. And he's smart, and funny, and has a steady job. He's a biology teacher. All the things I'm looking for in a guy. But I'm not gonna lie, the whole I'mBritishandI'veReadHarryPotter thing really sealed the deal for me as far as he is concerned. Lol.
So for about a week we chatted on the app, and I was starting to get impatient, wondering if he was ever just going to ask me out! THAT is exactly the reason I don't like online dating. Because you invest all this time messaging each other back and forth, and you talk, and it's like you're getting to know each other, but your'e really not. And you're using up all the good first date conversations. And then when you finally do meet the person, if you don't like them, it's harder to cut ties, because you've already spent all this time chatting with them online! What it all boils down to, for me, is chemistry. I know right off the bat if I have chemistry with someone, but I can only determine that if I actually meet the guy in person! So I hate spending a lot of time chatting on the internet. It just feels like a waste to me. But then finally, on Superbowl Sunday, Richard asked for my phone number. I was out watching the game at a bar with Abbie and her girlfriend, Helen, when he finally asked what my week was looking like. So I told him I was free on Monday and Wednesday, but that Wednesday worked best for me. And he said something like, "Great, that works for me."
Monday we didn't talk all day, Tuesday I didn't hear from him either, and I was starting to wonder if I was going to, when I just said fuck it, and texted him. All I said was, "Hi!" And he said, "Hey! How was your day?" and we small talked for a minute and then I asked him if we were still on for tomorrow. He said, "Yea, I'm looking forward to it."
I suggested 8 o'clock because I had a piano lesson, but he said that was kinda late for him because he has work to do when he gets home from work. (Grading papers??) And he said maybe we could do it another day. But I told him I could manage 7 if that wasn't too late, and he said that should work. So we picked a place and that was that.
Well I had to get up extra early today to get ready, because I had errands to run, and then my 2 hour piano lesson (I have a performance Sunday) and then straight on to the date! So I had to plan ahead cuz I knew I wasn't going to have time to get ready after all that. So I painted my nails, curled my hair, picked out a nice, but casual, outfit and I was almost out the door when he texted me. He can't make it. He has a work meeting, and then still more work to do, so he doesn't have time, but can we reschedule?
I was so pissed right off the bat that I didn't text him back right away. I mean, I went to all that trouble for nothing! WTF?! Ugh. So I didn't text him back for like a half hour, then I just said, "Awe man, that sucks!"
Well after my piano lesson, I saw that he had responded saying he's sorry and he'd rather meet on a day when he's not so busy and he can relax. Whatever that means... So I asked him what days work best for him. Well, like FIVE HOURS later he finally replies with his schedule or whatever, and I texted him back shortly with mine. And then I think he went to sleep or something cuz I never heard back from him. Everything about it just makes me so frustrated and discouraged. Now I remember why I hate dating. Online dating specifically. But I'm not ready to give up on Richard yet, because...I like him. I think. We'll see. I hope he doesn't smoke or something.

Well, that's my Tinder story. So does anybody remember John? He's this guy I used to work with at the bar in Houston, and we've made out a few times. We never hooked up, but we've always had this incredible chemistry. So now he works for this huge international company doing like...geological engineering or some shit like that. He gets to travel all over the world, so I pretty much never know where he is. But we've kept in touch since I moved. He's one of the few people from the old bar that I kept in touch with actually. With the exception of my best friends, of course. It's weird though, we have these really long text message conversations while he's all over the world, doing science. Lol. That's what I call his work, because when he tried to explain it to me, it just sounded like a bunch of weird mumbo jumbo engineering jargon. Anyway, recently he featured in two of my dreams. Like two in one week, it was crazy. So I texted him to tell him about it. I was lost in some jungle and he basically saved me. Haha. He was in the marines in real life, so that's a believable story. But he said the dream made him really happy. :) He's so sweet. So I've been talking to him all night, since getting bailed on by my date, and it has definitely put me in better spirits. I wish we could have these awesome conversations in person instead of via text messaging. I often wonder if we'd even be having these conversations at all if I had slept with him way back when. Maybe there is something to this whole sexual abstinence thing... Ha!

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~J said...

So glad you're back! :)
But, for some reason, your pics on the left side of your blog were so huge this time, that I couldn't read the last few paragraphs. Could only see the right 1/2 of it..?

The last part I was able to read was that he text, saying he couldn't make it and you were (rightfully so) pissed.

Anyway.. welcome back!! :)