Thursday, February 20, 2014


I took my dog baby to get his teeth cleaned today. Poor thing. He's been out of it ever since I picked him up from the vet! (The anesthesia) But he's been super cuddly since I brought him home. Poor baby.
Not a lot going on this week really. Just the usual work, piano lessons, work, sleep, run errands... No upcoming Tinder dates on the horizon right now either. And John has been playing it cool with me. Come to think of it, maybe I wasn't reading too much into things before when I thought he was weirded out because I told him about my disaster date. He's hardly spoken to me since! Granted, he's a busy guy, and he just got back to the states from his business trip, and he had to drive from Houston to Louisiana after that. But still...you go from being totally hot and heavy on the phone one day, to just nothing the next. Something must be up. Right?
I was just leafing through a magazine and I stopped to smell this cologne sample inside and I immediately thought about how I miss being with a guy, and loving the way he smells. And just...inhaling his scent, drinking it in. And the way it makes me feel when I catch a whiff of it when he's not around. Scents are so powerful, it's weird. Even now I still associate certain scents with Brazil, and even the Ex Fiance. Ugh, sometimes I wish I could stop making those connections and just forget all the memories those smells bring up.
Wow, I'm rambling. Well, I just wanted to check in. Sorry I've nothing exciting to report. Here are some fun Frozen gifs. Lol. I LOVE this movie.

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