Friday, February 28, 2014

Twitter Confusion

Hello All!

Sorry for the Twitter spam. Yes, that is me! I'm Sherri. Lol. I actually have no idea how I did that, and I did not mean to do it. I wasn't PLANNING to out myself, but there ya have it folks. Lol. I freaked out for a second, and considered trying to pretend it wasn't me, but you guys have been reading my blog for years now, and I don't think I actually know any of you personally, so what's the harm?? I've considered posting more personally before, so I guess this just made up my mind for me. I would still appreciate a certain level of anonymity, so I probs will keep my Twitter account for personal use only. Anyway, I don't actually "tweet", I mostly just use Twitter to follow TV shows/Celebs.
As far as this blog goes, I was glad to be getting back into it, but now I'm feeling a little freaked out! I just spill so much stuff on here, about so many people, and up until now, I didn't have to worry that any of those people would find out what I say/think/write about them. And now I kind of do have to worry a little about that. So I might have to rethink the blogging thing now, but...we'll see. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated in this matter, but I just ask that you all respect my privacy, and the privacy of my friends/family, since you probably know some of their deepest darkest secrets!! But hey, at least now I can start posting pics? Maybe?? Lol.


I said it!! MY REAL NAME!


Anonymous said...

Evaluating the purpose of the blog would be my first step - what do I get from it? how does it help me. You *are* brutally honest in it about yourself, your life etc.. which is what makes it so compelling. It's very rare to have that kind of insight into someone else's life.

Having said that, I personally would have a difficult time trusting the larger audience. If you are not ready for everyone you have ever posted about to read this, I would strongly recommend taking the blog down and making your twitter private.

Nothing on the internet is ever truly private.

Good luck and I just wanted you to know I've really enjoyed your journeys even when I silently screamed "What the hell is she doing???"


http://sweetcanadian.blogspot.com/ said...

I did not click on it or add you because i know you want to be private and i figured it was a mistake but i like that i finally got to see who you are. You have talked about being very attractive before (which you are) and it is just nice to have a face, i don't care about the name lol.

I am brutally honest in my blog as well and one of your followers with whom i am good friends with and met in real life is brutally honest and she has been much more descriptive than you and it works out.

I wouldn't worry about it too much, i LOVE blogs that are not all puppies & rainbows and real life is real life. I like real life situations and when i am stressing hardcore it is nice to see that others are going through things too. It is hard to find in the blog world or fb land these days. Everyone likes to pretend their life is so great when it isn't.

I have a rare thought process though about many things. One of them being an open book. Sure there are some things that should be private but it is nice to get opinions that you may not otherwise think about.

To be honest the only problem i have ever had with your blog is you can get real defensive if someone doesn't agree with you, even if they did it respectfully. I have never thought you were a tramp or anything else you may be thinking your past stuff makes you sound. Yours was intriguing and i could not put it down when i found you. I LIKE hearing about different lifestyles. I may not always agree, you have pissed me off at times and i have pissed you off too but you are still genuine and that is not something most are these days.

If you decide to go private i would love if you gave us the chance to give our email addy so you can add us. Nothing worse than going to check a blog and being shut out since there is no way to contact the blogger to ask if you qualify to be added. I wouldn't worry about your personal life people either unless a lot of them follow the blog. The chance of someone finding out where you live etc is very slim.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn't think you were actually the 'Sherri' person! I thought that was anther ad... I know a few months ago or whenever, there were some strange spam things on the blog that wasn't you... anyways, I think as a reader, I feel pretty honoured that you are sharing that part of you with us! I actually have been a follower of your blog ever since your first few postings... I enjoy reading and can't wait to see what's next!