Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Remember Richard?

Well he blew me off. Again. Said he "completely forgot!!" and he's just getting home from work, and he's coming off like a total flake but really he's not! Ugh. Why do I even bother with these things? It's a bunch of shite. I tried to be calm, and unemotional in my response. All I said was, "I understand, and that's fine, but I have to tell you it's kind of an inconvenience for me when we make plans and they get canceled that day." He, of course, never responded. So I guess that's the end of that.
I've been pissed off about it for the last 5 hours. I don't understand what I did wrong! But I guess it's better this way. He obviously is a flake, and a douche on top of that. So it's better I find out now, than after I've gone on a few dates with him. I just thought...Ugh, it doesn't matter what I thought. I definitely won't be talking to him again.
As for John, he's been unusually radio silent as well. I didn't hear from him today at all. I dunno, maybe it really isn't unusual. We used to go for months at a time without talking to each other. It's only recently we've been starting having conversations that span over days. I wonder if he's changed his mind about coming to visit. Meh. I'm sure I'll hear from him sooner rather than later. He's never been the type to play games. Like seriously. He's very direct, almost to the point of awkwardness at times.
Anyway, I had a piano recital on Sunday. I just played some old stuff since none of my new pieces are ready yet. But I played Claire de Lune, and this girl started crying! It was such a strange feeling. I mean she had an emotional connection to the song that had nothing to do with me; it was her late mom's favorite piece. But still, I've never made anyone cry before with my playing. It was very rewarding and also kind of awkward. I didn't know if I should comfort her or something? Lol. Overall, I feel good about the performance though, despite the fact that I wasn't as prepared as I normally like to be.

Well I guess I'm out of dish. I'll be back later this week.


Autumn said...

I am glad to see you posting again. I have been reading your blog since the very beginning. Can I make a suggestion? Next time a guy flakes on you by text, consider texting him back with a simple "No problem" and leave it at that. No letting on that it annoys you, just play it cool. Less is more. You seem like a very direct person, and typically I am a fan of not playing games when it come to dating. However,when it comes to men and especially in the beginning, I think it is incredibly important to play it cool with guys. From what you write in your blog it seems like something you might benefit from playing it cool more when it comes to guys. I don't mean to be rude or anything like that, so I hope you don't take this the wrong way. Anyway, good to see your writing again! x

Peyton said...


I totally agree with you. I am very direct, and a little hotheaded, and sometimes it doesn't serve me well. But I texted 3 of my girlfriends asking for advice on how to respond to Richard, and the general consensus is that he's an ass and I should cut my losses. Lol. But Izzie typed my response for me, and I just copy/pasted it. I played it pretty cool the first time he canceled, and no one likes being jerked around. So, oh well. You win some, ya lose some. Also, my date tonight just texted to ask if I would like him to pick me up! :)