Thursday, September 27, 2012

Float On

First off, thanks everyone for the comforting words. Lol. I did have a little bit of a freak out the other day, but you are all right. It was premature. And now that BJ and I have gotten past that initial hump of "Ohmygodwe'retalkingagain!" things are sort of...calming down a bit between us. Which is nice, because I don't feel as much pressure anymore. I'm just gonna try to relax and when he gets here, I'll take it from there.
Anyway, my friend, Katie, from school, has a friend coming in town in a couple weeks that she wants me to take out for drinks one night. He's her best friends older brother and they live in Cali. Alex (the guy - duh) will be here for one weekend, mid-October. She said she's not trying to set me up with him, it's just that she's underage, so she can't really take him anywhere, and he's not a big party animal, so he most likely wouldn't mesh well with most of her partying pals. She goes, "He's old like you, and he doesn't like going to clubs, he likes to go to bars and just chill." My response? "Gee thanks for reminded me that I'm so 'old'". Lol. She's so funny. But anyway, I agreed to take this guy out for drinks the Friday that he's here. Hopefully I can get the night off work. Katie said she would bring him into my bar Thursday night so we could actually meet first, that way it wouldn't be like we were meeting for the first time Friday night. And she showed me pictures of him, and he looks attractive. Also, he's tall, and she said she heard from a friend that slept with him that he has the biggest penis in the world. No, I am not joking. Lol. The timing is almost poetic. Hahaha. So again, we'll just see what happens...
OMG I just got a random text from my OTHER ex, Nate like JUST NOW. Wtf is going on in the cosmos right now!? This is so weird.... He wants to know 'how I'm doing'. Lol. Well at least I know there is absolutely NO chance of me ever getting back with him. He's too weird and awkward. Lol. G's...
I'm so tired and it's only 9:30. I'm already ready for bed. I normally would be at work, but they're doing construction downstairs so the basement bar was closed tonight. I bartend down there on Thursdays now. It's been ok so far, but kinda slow since no one really knows to come in yet. Katie has come to visit me every week so far. Haha. So that's been cool. At least I'm not fucking waiting tables on Thursdays anymore! That's a definite improvement. Well, I'm gonna try to read a little and go to sleep. I don't think I can keep my eyes open much longer.

Flame on muthafuckaz!

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K said...

When it rains, it pours. Just a little while ago you were saying you felt like you would never meet a great guy. Now you have guys coming out of the woodwork! Enjoy it!