Tuesday, September 25, 2012


OH god....I'm having a miniature panic attack right now, because I just went back and read all my posts about BJ. And in one post in particular, I talked about him having a really small penis. THAT is something that I don't think I could get over.
So now what have I gotten myself into!? We've been texting since Friday! I can't just stop talking to him out of the blue! I mean what would I say, "Sorry I just remembered you have a small penis." ?????????
Plus, he's going to be here in a month! What do I doooooooooo??
I am such an idiot. I definitely need to scale it back or....or something! HELP!


Anonymous said...

hahaha that's pretty funny when you stop to think about it.

Seriously though, is it that big of a deal right now? Don't let that be your determining factor at this time. Focus on if you actually like him and if something more than friends could come from this! Relationship first, then worry about the sex!

How long ago was that post anyways? You've changed, he's changed since then. Im not saying he grew additional inches since then, but who knows what you were remembering then? He could have been having an off day back then, and next time... maybe he'll be so turned on it'll be a bit longer/thicker than usual.
Also, you sound outgoing so Im sure that experimenting with positions is no big deal. Really, some positions make things feel bigger than others. And if he knows how to make you feel good in other ways with other body parts too (and toys!)...and if you've figured out he can make you feel good emotionally too... then you've hit jackpot! And if there's something he can't do that doesnt feel good enough, work with him! Teach him! Experiment! Be an adult about it!

I'm sorry for the rant. I'm going to scold you over the internet here. You're trying to break out, be mature, find yourself, be yourself. Don't get me wrong, you are growing. Honestly, I have been reading your blog since the 2nd post way back when. I've always posted replies under anon. You sound so much more mature lately in the last while than you did at the beginning.
BUT are you kidding me? Don't let your old self screw you out of something that could be good for you now.
Maybe it'll work out. Maybe it won't. For any reason. Who knows? But don't sell him short on this now before you've even seen him clothed. That was then. This is now. Take what you knew about him then with a grain of salt because you are both different now, different attitudes, different styles, different and additional experiences now.
SO. Good luck. Please dish on the dirt later, because I do love to hear about it! BUT don't freak out about that now, before anything even happens. Chillax. Cross that bridge when it comes. Not right now.

Ashley said...

Seriously had to laugh out loud at this post! Oh, small penises! They aren't the best, are they? But I agree with the other commentor. Don't let it be a deal breaker righ at the moment. You are still just friends, and if sex happens, and you're still not feeling the motion in the ocean, then perhaps you'll know for sure. Sex is so important to a relationship, but so are many other things. Have fun with it right now and don't worry about the SMALL things.

K said...

Peyton I'm with Anon... You've been posting about feeling like you're never going to find a good guy, fall in love, etc. Then along comes a guy who has ALWAYS wanted you and probably even loved you and you're contemplating not even giving him a chance because you remembered his penis was small? I KNOW that matters, but you need to give him a chance. If he treats you well and you have a connection with him and things are going good, the sex can be improved. Like Anon said, different positions help make the penis feel fuller/bigger.

To be honest, I hooked up with my hubby before we started dating. The sex was so-so and he seemed kind of on the smaller side. Then when we hooked up months later after we'd started dating, it was a completely different experience! It was GREAT! And he's average size and that works for me just fine. Oh and I'm 5'8 and he's about 5'5 1/2. I NEVER went for shorter guys until him.

Don't ruin a good thing before it starts. Relax, breathe, and just enjoy spending some time with him. See where it goes from there.

Anonymous said...

HAHA! That's really funny (sorry). But I wouldn't worry about it right now.. you haven't even seen him yet. Who knows what will happen.
I definitely know what you mean about that being an issue.. but maybe it won't matter this time. Or maybe you won't even get to that point.. so no reason to get worked up about it.