Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Hottie Next Door

So a couple of weeks ago like a troop of youngish people moved in next door. They're basically all living in a commune and I have no idea what their exact numbers are, but they all seem pretty cool. Tonight when I got home from work, one guy and one girl were sitting outside drinking a beer. When I took Jasper out to walk him, the guy was petting him and fawning all over him. So I stopped to chat with them for a while. Their names are Tara and Roan (sp?) - pronounced R0-en, two syllables. He said he goes by Ro for short. And he's Irish. And SOOOO FINE.... Lol. For one, he's got that sexy Irish accent, two he has a sexy Irish name, and three, he has a sexy, very masculine aura about him. Lol. And he's tall! I have no idea how old he is though. But they told me that they're here for the summer on a work visa, and he's still looking for a job. Lucky for me, I actually know someone who is looking for a guy bartender, so I asked him if he had any experience and if he would be interested. And he said yes, and he would be very interested and that would be great! So I'm trying to hook him up with a job. He also said that if I ever wanted someone to walk Jasper, he loves dogs, and will play with him/walk him anytime. So I definitely might take him up on that, if only for an excuse to talk to him.
Damn he's hot... Lol.

In other news, Bethany tried calling me again yesterday, and I didn't answer. I'm still not over everything that happened and I just don't feel like I really have anything to say to her. In fact, I've already taken most of the pictures I had of us around my apartment down, and replaced them with pics of me and Abbie. Not because I feel like I'm replacing Bethany with Abbie, but mostly because I couldn't stand looking at Bethany's face, and I didn't really have any pictures of me and Abbie up.

A couple weekends ago I hooked up with Matt again. I hadn't seen him since...well since the first time we hooked up in early January, and he just kinda texted me out of the blue. And I was overdue for some birthday sex, so I figured what the hell. And god it was awesome... Just SEX. No drama, no strings attached! And he's lost weight since I last saw him. Not that he was fat or anything before, but now he's like really cut. HOTT. Also, he said we're definitely gonna have to do that again. Haha. I'm down.

Anyway, my dad is coming to visit this weekend for Father's Day. Hopefully there won't be any girlfriend shenanigans. Ugh... I am looking forward to seeing him though. I haven't seen my mom since Christmas and I miss her too! It's weird going for so long without seeing my parents. It's also weird living in a new place that they've never been in or seen. Like...being here and not having memories of them being here, ya know?? Well that's all for now. Hopefully I will have some more exciting news about Ro soon... ;)

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Ashley said...

Irish boys...yes, please! I love the accent too.

Sounds like life is pretty chill but good lately. Good for you.