Monday, June 25, 2012

Is Anyone There??

So who's been to check out the new blogger on Cosmo.com?? I'm not sure I'm digging this new chick as much as K, but I'm gonna keep reading before I judge... Either way, it's totally fiction. No one is 24, fresh out of college, and has that good of a job these days. ((Sigh)) But hey, it's nice to fantasize.

Matt and I have plans to hook up again this weekend. So that should be fun. So far today has been one of the most boring days of my life. I actually don't have anything to do for the next 2 days. No family or friends coming in town, no work, no doctor/dentist appointments. I guess this will give me no excuses to not practice piano. I'm starting lessons back up next Tuesday.
Sophie and I had a nice relaxing day together yesterday. We went to the beach, lunch/cocktails, and then to the movies to see Brave. Which was great btw! I highly recommend it. And we rode our bikes everywhere, so my legs and ass are really feeling it today. Lol.
Last night when I got home, I was talking to my mom on the phone and I realized that I don't think I'm ever going to get married. And I'm not all that worried about it. And it worries me that I'm not worried about it. Lol, wtf?? It's just that I've been single for so long, and I'm not meeting anyone, and I don't really know how to meet anyone. And it's not for lack of trying! It's just...I gave the whole online dating thing a shot, and that was a bust, I'm not trying to pick up guys in bars, I usually look like crap when I go to the grocery store so...where does that leave me? I've pretty much just given up on looking. I mean if casual sex with Matt is all that's in the cards for me right now, I'll take it. At least it's drama free, right?
I'm in a place where I've accepted my life the way it is, and while I may never be completely satisfied, at least I'm happy. And who knows if I'll stay in Chicago forever. I might only be here for another year or two. If I move though, it's definitely gonna be New Orleans. That oughta be fun, right? Hahaha. We'll see...

Anyway, sorry the blog has been so bland lately, but my life isn't always exciting. I just hope you all are still reading!


Anonymous said...

While being 24 and fresh out of college with a career is rare, I wouldn't say "no one". I was super fortunate to land my dream job right after I graduated (at 23). Whether the blog is real or not, I have no idea. I'll have to check it out! Maybe you should consider joining a gym? Cute, fit guys... :)


Anonymous said...

I read the Cosmo blog and I agree with you. The writer seems to be trying to post pretty regularly and trying to make it a bit more believable lately, though.

As for meeting guys, it'll happen when you aren't trying and it'll probably somewhere and someone you least expect. I'm glad you aren't stressing over it, but don't give up, either. Have you thought about volunteering some of your free time at a hospital (or any organization that interests you)? Check out theatre groups in your area. They are always looking for people to help build/paint sets. The key is to have fun and expose yourself to new experiences outside of your normal routine. The volunteer work looks great on a resume, and could turn into a paying job.

Ashley said...

I always read, even if I don't comment. I love the fact you keep writing and I'm always entertained by your life, even if you think it's bland. So, keep on writing. Please!

I'm going to have to check out the new blog on Cosmo. I liked K a lot, and was bummed it ended the way it did. I'm already a little put off by the fact she's 24 and sounds like her life is perfect. That sounds a little too fictional.

Sometimes I feel like I know you even when obviously I know "Peyton" and not you personally. But, I do always think she seems like someone I'd be friends with in real life.

I'm sure I could figure this out by back-blogging, but how old are you right now? I think you're 28 or 27, but can't remember.

Krystin said...

Still reading!! And checking daily to see if you posted anything new. :-) Re: this post, you're what.. 26? 27? You are WAY too young to start thinking that you'll never get married. You have A LOT of time to find Mr. Right For You. A lot of women are waiting until they are older to get married. Speaking from experience, my 30's were an amazing time to be single. I finally came into my own, became more confident, knew what I wanted, and I had guys coming out of the woodwork... most of them younger, which I loved. LOL! I say "30's were" because I'm now 41. But I FEEL like I'm 30 and I'm told I look it too. It took me longer to find my perfect guy than I would have preferred, but I believe it happened the way it was meant to. Fell in love with him right after I turned 40 and we got married just after my 41st bday.

Sorry to make this about me... just trying to make you see that you shouldn't give up. You ARE in the right mindset tho... be happy with yourself, your life and your friends. Just keep enjoying life, and I believe you'll meet your Mr. Right when the time is right.

Anonymous said...

i am!

Anonymous said...

still here!

Peyton said...

YAY! I'm glad you guys are still with me. It's just nice to get confirmation every once in a while that people are actually reading.
And I just turned 28, for those of you that are curious.

Ashley said...

Thanks for the info about your age. I thought we were right around the same age; I just turned 29, so not that far off.

I think that's why I feel a connection to what you are going through. We are at an age where expectations from society worm into our brain and affect our sense of worth, or at the very least affect our sense of accomplishment. I think that society's expectations can suck it. I'm 29, not married, no kids...but I do have a job I love and boyfriend I care about a lot. However, we are taking things slow and are in no rush to get married, let alone even live together. And why should there be something wrong with that?

On the other side of the convo, the Cosmo blog seems unrealistic to me in the romance department moreso than the job department. I get that it's NYC, and it's a bedroom blog, and that it is in fact fake, but still...all these guys fawning over her is a little much. It's a little too Carrie Bradshaw for the 20 something set. I'll read it though, because it's entertaining. Cosmo can't have a Bedroom Blog without any action.

Courtney said...

I'm still reading (I don't comment that often). I can relate to a lot of the things you are going through though. I'm about to turn 26, don't have the job I want, awesome guys seem to no longer exist and I live in a city with no family around.
But I know I'm headed in the right direction and that is the important part.
Keep writing!

CherSched said...

Where is the new blog? link, please?

I'm still following you, but you have me curious about it.

Thanks, and keep posting!

Anonymous said...

I still reading and enjoying :)

Anonymous said...

What's going on with Peyton?