Thursday, January 20, 2011


Ever since last Friday when Wes and I hung out, he's been texting me several times a day. In fact, it's gotten the point where I feel like I'm avoiding him at times. He can be a little...overwhelming. He's one of those people I feel like I can only handle in small doses. And I think it's kind of strange that he calls and texts me so much because I mean, doesn't he have any other friends? He just met me! So you would think he must have other friends here, but it doesn't really seem like it. So anyway, the other night he was badgering me to meet him out at some bar, but I was already home for the night, and didn't wanna go out and blow any money. So here's part of our text message conversation...

Wes: Quit being a fucking bitch to me before I start a facebook war with you. It will be a digital hiroshima like you could never imagine.

Me: Yea whatever

Wes: You are so cool. The bad thing is that you really are that cool but you want me to think otherwise.

Me: Do you ever shut up?

Wes: I can't wait to open mouth kiss you
Wes: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (etc.)
Wes: That's 43 "ha's" not just 1 long one.

Me: I think you really do wanna open mouth kiss me. No matter how many ha's you put afterwards.

Wes: There is no doubt about it

Me: You disgust me.

Wes: Of course I do

Me: You are quite juvenile.

Wes: That so?

Me: Apparently

Wes: Can I get an explanation?

Me: Explanation of what?

Wes: Why I disgust you/you think I'm so juvenile

Me: I'm salty*, remember?

Wes: So you have no interest in ever kissing me?
Wes: Then I apologize

Me: Why are you asking?
Me: And what are you apologizing for?

Wes: Dumb question obviously. I retract my jackass comment. Guess I was off in my social

Me: Lol, WHICH jackass comment?

Wes: All that apply I guess

Me: Why? I wasn't offended by anything.

Wes: So when we hung out last week and we were staring deeply at one another you didn't want me to even think about kissing you?

Me: We were both under the influence of alcohol and I don't recall us "staring deeply at one another".

Wes: Haha. Fair assessment. You win, I lose. Your still welcome to join me for any future social functions in the near future. On a friend type level of course.

Me: It seems like it's a little too soon for us to have had that conversation. Considering I've only been in the same room with you once.

Wes: I disagree. I obviously took your general kindness and friendly nature at a little more than face value. Guess my lack of social intelligence is a bit more than I had anticipated.
Wes: No malice intended I assure you.

Me: I am generally a friendly and accepting person. Didn't mean to mislead you in any way...

Wes: You did not. I was attracted to you. I apologize for my poor judgement. You're just different than what I'm used to around here and I ran with it. I assure you this had no bearing on my offer to hang out tonight. I just didn't want to miss out on an opportunity to get to know you before someone else did.

Me: Well you pretty much have a monopoly on my company right now, considering I hardly know anyone else.

Wes: I'm not stupid. I know enough about you to know you will be in high demand sooner vs. later.

Me: You flatter me.

Wes: Pshhh
Wes: Doubt that.

Me: Well I disagree.

Wes: :)

(*Salty is a word Wes uses to describe me, which basically means disgruntled, or angsty. How nice of him, hm? Also, any misspellings were his, not mine. Lol.)

So anyway, I went to bed shortly after that, but was woken up the next morning by him sending me the following text message NINE times!

"Shouldn't have said all that stuff last night. I think ur pretty damn cool, so def not trying to weird you out. Lots of drinks equalled poor texting choices last night. So I'm sorry."

After he sent the ninth copy of that message, I finally got irritated and responded...

"OMG. You have sent me the same text like 9 times!! STOP! I get it. You're trying to save face. Nice try. Now leave me alone, I'm trying to sleep."

Then of course, he wrote back.

"Sorry it wasn't going through. Apologizing for stupidity isn't the easy way. Nevermind."

"No, but blaming it on alcohol is. Look, I really would like to go back to sleep, so we'll have to debate this later."

"I def meant some of the things I said but that's not the proper setting to say them. But ok, I gotcha."

I finally drifted off into a bitter and resentful slumber. And when I woke up, I realized that I actually have a serious problem on my hands. I can't believe I ever wanted to kiss this guy! The things alcohol can do to the human brain... He's a Grade A pompous idiot! It's one thing to be cocky and sarcastic, but it's another to just assume everyone wants you. Ugh. That is just like the hugest turnoff for me. I mean, don't get me wrong, I had a good time hanging out with him last week, and I think he means well but, he's just too...too much! I can't deal with him anymore! I need a break!


~J said...

Wow. Just.. Idk.. wow. No wonder the guys doesn't have many friends if he stalks all of them like he did you. If it had been someone you knew for awhile, I would have just laughed it off but you barely know this guy.
Have you asked your friend (the 1 who said you 2 should meet) if he's always like that?
Good luck with that.....

Ashley said...

This guys sounds a little over the top. When guys come on strong like this, I always wonder why?

Sounds like everything else is going great though.