Friday, January 14, 2011

Secrets Don't Make Friends

Two major things about today. I'll start with the one that makes me happy...

I finally met Ben! The guy in the improv group. Sophie and I went to their show again tonight, and he actually approached us afterwards and introduced himself! It definitely didn't hurt that Sophie friended him on Facebook, but he actually talked to us! To me! And I finally got to ask him if he's read the Harry Potter books and he said yes! Lol. I'm such a dork. But it's something! It's progress. I would be totally kicking myself right now if I'd left his show for the third time without at least saying hi to him. He even offered to pay our tab, but we'd already closed it. But this is going to be our new Thursday tradition now. Me and Sophie going to see Ben's improv group. I'm so giddy right now, it's ridiculous! :D

The other big thing...
I found out today, from Sophie, who found out on Facebook that Evan is married. Evan! Remember Evan?? Used to be one of my best friends till he starting dating some chick and fell off the face of the planet?? We went to NYC together a couple years ago? I've known him since seventh grade?? Ring any bells??
I mean don't most people just elope because they don't want to deal with the pressures of planning a wedding etc, and then they get back from Vegas and immediately tell everyone?? Who just keeps something like a marriage a secret for almost a year! I just think that is sooo weird. And it hurts too because it's pretty much a slap in the face that says, Hey I've completely cut you out of my life. ((Sigh)) And it just makes me so sad when I think about all the fun time Evan and I have had, and how we were such great friends, and how funny he was, and now we don't even talk at all and he just gets married and doesn't tell me. I feel pretty down in the dumps about that. I mean I tried reaching out to him, a few months back, to possibly salvage what was left of our friendship, and at least find out why he was avoiding me, but he pretty much told me that he's too busy, and has no interest in being my friend, now that he's got his girlfriend. Girlfriend who was actually his wife!! Ugh. It just doesn't seem like him. I guess I don't really know him at all. Sad. :'(

P.S. I do try to acknowledge my readers from time to time, when somebody asks a question or something. Sometimes I even answer their questions in the comments. And other times I address them in my next blog. It just depends. But Maria, I will try to be more in tune with my readers from now on.


Joangel said...

So glad you finally met/talked to Ben! You know what's funny? I probably shouldn't even say this because it was kind of a thing earlier in your blog, but it's funny how you life sometimes parallels K's blog. Her new boyfriend is named Ben and he does stand up comedy. Believe me, I know yours is NOT a fiction blog and you don't copy her's, I just think it's funny. Anyway...glad you finally go to talk to him. I hope something comes out of it. Regarding Evan, that really sucks. My ex and I used to get along great until he married his current wife. Now he refuses to talk to me and is SUCH a jerk! We have a son together, so I have to deal with him sometimes, but it's like he is a different person. So I understand how you feel. It hurts, but you go on with your life and think "his loss".

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for replying to my comment. I didn't want it to come across as brash; I just often think twice about leaving a comment as I'm not sure you really enjoy reading them? I'm not sure. I've been here from nearly the beginning, and probably the only blog I still read regularly, so that must tell you something.

On a different note, I'm really happy for you that you made this change. Your life seemed stagnant for some time, with some issues that prevented you from moving forward, and hopefully it will no longer be in the way. Plus, Chicago is an amazing city (I've only been to three in the States, and that, by far, was my favourite.)

All the best. Don't forget about us. :)

PS: Maybe his wife coerced him into getting married. I'm only joking, but that is really strange. Really goes to show you how little you may know someone despite thinking the opposite.)

- Maria