Thursday, January 6, 2011

Somewhere I Belong

Well here I am, in my new bedroom in Chi-Town (which is currently a disaster), blogging! It's been a very tiring, very trying experience getting here, and unloading, and unpacking, and moving furniture around... Picture this: a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment full of stuff, crammed into boxes and shoved unceremoniously into 1 bedroom. Because that's pretty much how it happened. ((Sigh)) I've spent almost every free moment up until now working on unpacking and breaking down boxes, and taking the trash out and only now, after 3 solid days of working, do I feel like I can afford to take a break. But I can finally see the floor, and I only have a couple small boxes left to unpack. Don't ask me how I managed, cuz I have no idea.
Last night, I hopped the train over to Sophie and Brent's for dinner. Taylor came too. It was really nice. Being able to sit down to dinner with my sister and extended family. I feel like I actually belong here. :)
Anyway, my dad is still here in town, hanging out. He's staying at Sophie and Brent's place, thank God, cuz I love my dad, but I've been with him for like the past 72 hours. And Sophie works during the day, so I have to entertain him. Which is fine, but I do enjoy some alone time.
Well today is his birthday, so Sophie and I have some entertainment planned, which lucky for me, includes going to see that improv group we caught last time I was here. With the really hot guy, remember?? So I'm uber excited to go see them again! Maybe I'll even get a chance to introduce myself this time...


Anonymous said...

I was just wondering did u take your dog with U?

Peyton said...

Of course! He loves it! :)