Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friend of a Friend

Since I've been here in Chicago, I've had several friends from back home telling me "Oh! I have a friend in Chicago you should meet!"
In most of these cases, I just say, "Oh really?" and then chance the subject, because those kinds of setups can be really awkward, ya know? Because you could meet them, and then what if you just don't really like the person?? It's hard to tell if you would actually be friends with that person when you aren't meeting them on your own terms. But anyway...
Bethany has a girlfriend up here named Carissa, and another acquaintance of mine, who I've never mentioned in the blog before because she's just an acquaintance, told me about some guy she went to college with who lives up here named Wes.
So both Carissa and Wes friended me on Facebook, and we messaged back and forth a bit, making some tentative plans.
So Wes and I hung out for the first time yesterday. He has a car, so he offered to drive me to the grocery store, since I had mentioned I needed to go. My first impression of him is that he's an attractive guy, although not my type, and he's tall, and has this kind of...classic good looks thing going on. He's your average, run of the mill, young professional. He was wearing slacks, a button-up and a long woolen coat. But he was in his work clothes. So we went to the grocery store, which is kind of weird for a first, I don't wanna say date, but...whatever it was. Lol.
Well he turned out to be pretty cool, so I invited him to meet up with me and Sophie for a couple drinks. Sophie and I went to dinner and then he met us afterwards, around 8:30. We went to a local bar, down the street from Sophie's place. Very low key. When Wes got there, it was pretty obvious that this isn't his usual scene. Apparently he likes to "party", frat-boy style. Lol. We teased him about this quite a bit. But we had a good time. Sophie and Wes spent most of the night debating over random things, because they both like to argue. And I had a couple of beers, and was pretty much just sitting there laughing at them. But as the night wore on, I couldn't stop staring at Wes' mouth. He has such perfect teeth, and these pillowy soft lips that are just dying to be kissed. And I kept mentally checking myself, because I'm totally not interested in Wes, I'm not even really attracted to him, it's just something about his mouth! I just kept getting the urge to kiss him! Lol. So around midnight, I suggested we go home. I was getting tired anyway, and it was obvious I didn't need any more drinks. Wes seemed disappointed that we were leaving "so early", but we'd been there long enough. And I can't really afford to spend money frivolously right now. So we each went our separate ways and walked home. Wes texted me during the walk.

"Had fun with you and ur sis. Hope my randomness didn't offend you."

"Not at all. We're pretty random too."

"Well let me know if you get bored and wanna hang out again."

"I will. It'll probably be sooner than you think."


So that's that. And I'm so glad I didn't try to kiss him! Lol. I'm already looking forward to seeing Ben again on Thursday at his show (which, for the record is improv, not standup. They're totally different!), and I've still got my sights set on him. So I'm not going to let anything deter me from that.

I may be meeting Carissa tonight for the first time. She said a group of her girlfriends are going to a new bar tonight for somebody's birthday, and I'm welcome to come. I just haven't decided yet, because A) if it's somebody's birthday, I don't wanna be that one rando that just shows up and tags along all night, and B) I really need to save my money. But we'll see.

I spent a lot of time this week looking for jobs, and I have an interview on Wednesday. So everybody cross your fingers that I get it!!


Anonymous said...

Although I am married many years, when you are meeting someone for first time, isn't it better to meet them alone? What if you really liked this person and he goes after your girfriend?

Guess bit confused why you need a wing woman since other friends knew him and it's not like you met him on a dating site or something.

Just curious here.....But am so glad you are liking Chicago!! Am a west coast person here too cold there lol....


Peyton said...

I did meet him alone. He picked me up and we went to the grocery store! But I determined pretty quickly that he's not my type.

Ashley said...

You always seem to have plenty of guys around. I'm kind of jealous :) Glad to hear things are going well in Chi-Town. I have one question though - How old are you? I'm sure you've addressed it in the blog at some point, but I suppose I picture you as 25 or 26.

Peyton said...

I am 26!

Anonymous said...

i started reading blog when i was 26. gonna be 30 this year. :( *tear*