Thursday, January 13, 2011

White Noise

Facebook Conversation with my friend Ray. He's blue, I'm purple.

you looking for a bartending job i assume?

a...my school schedule is pretty erratic, so i think thats all i'll be able to manage and still make enough to pay bills.
i applied at 3 places today

Ill send some messages to a couple friends who are tenders in that area

with no car it takes a whole day just to go to 3 places. lol.

haha where is your car?

left it in houston! dont really need one here. parking is more trouble than its worth.


and my sis has been here over a year without one. i dont miss it. when my dad moved me up here, he stayed for a week and rented a car. it was the biggest pain in the ass

bus, etrain, walk just about anywhere

so yea, i like it this way

I used to get bored and take rides on the E-train all the time

it forces me to get out and explore

good way to see the city, bit dangerous too i imagine in some areas lol

its weird sometimes, i'll be walking somewhere and i forget that i live here its like...whoa. reality check!
sometimes i think i'm crazy

hell no, moving there is AWESOME!

no i dont mean that i regret it!
i just mean i never thought i would do something like this. completely alone.
its crazy to think about it

You needed a change of pace tho

i literally moved thousands away from all my friends and family to a place i've only been to twice, in the dead of winter. and i know 3 people. hahaha
it sounds crazy, doesn't it???
but yea, i have NO regrets. i'm so glad i did it.
its like...soothing.

I wish I could do things like that

lol i sound completely incoherent right now


i guess i feel like all the white noise in my life is gone now. does that make sense??


thats from Mean Girls btw.

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