Friday, January 7, 2011


Holy shit. I haven't had a crush on a guy this bad since...like high school! I look at him and it's like...a million images just rush through my head: kissing his lips, laughing together over something funny he said, tracing my fingers along his perfectly muscled chest, cuddling on the couch watching a movie (Harry Potter), introducing him to my friends, he and I at my cousins wedding... It's insane. It's unnatural, and definitely unhealthy for me to be thinking about all these things with a guy I've never even spoken to!
Of course I am referring to the hot guy in the improv group. We saw them again tonight and they were awesome, duh. And I had all these plans about how I was gonna go talk to him after the show, and I had all these opening lines saved up in my head, depending on how the situation would unfold but....it just didn't happen! We were sitting on the opposite side of a very crowded room, and by the time I made it over to near where he was standing, he was engrossed in a conversation with 2 of his improv buddies, and someone else. And I didn't want to rudely interrupt, or be awkward or obvious. And we don't have any mutual friends (that I know of), so it's totally up to me. I have to somehow pluck up the courage to talk to him. This is just so not like me! I'm usually so confident and blasé about approaching a guy! But I feel like he's almost...a celebrity! I mean, not literally, but all these people come out to watch his improv group, and I'm sure I'm not the only girl who's noticed his good looks, and there are always people queuing up to talk to him afterwards. UUUGHHHHHHH!! It's just so frustrating!!! I need an opening! I hate sitting here imagining possible scenarios of me and this guy! I don't even know him! I NEED to meet him. But how many times can I go watch his show without becoming a groupie?? Cuz I definitely don't wanna be that. A conversation needs to happen ASAP. Does anybody have any suggestions?? Because I REALLLLLY need them!


Anonymous said...

It's pretty simple. Go up to him and say "Hi, I am Peyton and I have seen your show twice and you just moved there. It might get a dialoge going.

If he say hi and doesn't say much else, at least next time he sees you he might come over to you and say I remember you.

It's a start and pretty straight forward.


Anonymous said...

Just a comment:
I think your blog would be a bit more popular if you took the time to acknowledge that there are others reading this. Perhaps even reply to the comments we send you from time to time.



Anonymous said...


Some bloggers do acknowledge each and every comment others don't at all. There might be reasons for that.

Peyton does acknowlege comments usually or her next entry at times. Each blogger does their own thing.