Sunday, April 4, 2010


I can't stop crying. I'm on the verge of hyperventilating. Summer and Bethany found a cell phone in a cab tonight. And it just happens to be Law School's. What are the fucking chances???
They read me most of the text messages between him and Melissa, which go back like 3 weeks. She told him everything I said. About how I had feelings for him, I was just trying to suppress them.. That whole conversation I posted!!! She fucking sent it to him!!! Just like Jayme did. And they even joked about who's friend I was. Now they both talk like I'm some psycho, and she is supposedly my "Best friend??"" Who does that??

I'm sorry if you guys don't understand where I'm coming from.

I can't write in this blog anymore. i just can't deal with everything I'm being forced to deal with, on top of all the criticism.
I can't trust anyone.
Not even my "best friend".

So this is it.
I'm done.


~J said...

WHOA!! What a fucking bitch! With friends like that.. who needs enemies??????? I think you really need to walk away from all them bitches and find new friends. Including the guys.
Please don't stop posting. If you don't want to get the feedback,(which I can understand) maybe just remove the comment option? Can that even be done? I know I've probably said some unpleasant things to you, and I appologize if they were rude and upset you. That wasn't my intention.
Please don't stop posting.

P.S. If it were me, I'd give myself some time to cry over it then I'd find my so-called best friend and go off on that bitch. Then off on him. THEN! Change my number so they couldn't contact me ever again. Fuck 'em all! :)

Nic said...

I totally get where you coming from.

You're in need of some new and decent friends, who don't go behind each others backs.

Sad to hear that you won't be posting anymore. I wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

I have never commented on your blog before, but I just want to let you know how much I enjoy it. I pretty much check every day for new posts.
I know you are hurting, and some of the previous comments were harsh, but just know there are some of us who love your blog. I am sorry you are hurt, I just hope you reconsider. Keep your chin up girl, it will get better. (IMHO, your "BFF" is a total bitch and I would never forgive her.)


Anonymous said...

No! You can't leave us. :( We all love you here... I'm sure even the ones who criticize you. And, by the way, what kind of friends...?!?! Hang in there... Please?

K said...

Oh Peyton, I can't imagine how hurt and upset you must be. I'm SO sorry! Melissa is a two-faced bitch, and u need to tell her off and then drop her. I truly hope you don't stop blogging. I really enjoy your posts and check it every day. I think it's time to open yourself up to new friends... I promise you'll get thru this. Xoxoxo

Court said...

That's terrible.. I can't believe anyone who is supposed to be your friend would do that to you. I say take a day or two to think about what you want to say and then rip that bitch a new asshole! lol.. sorry, but I'm angry for you.
I've only commented a couple times on your blog, but just wanted to let you know I really enjoy it. No matter what happens, I wish you all the best.
There are always going to be people like that, who care about no one but themselves, but just remember there are tons of people who care about you and they are the ones who really matter.

Anonymous said...

Is this a belated April fool's joke? Say yes...

Anonymous said...

Please don't stop posting...Love reading your blog.

I agree with the others..>Time to change your number and drop them friends...Seriously?!?! What kind of friend would even do that...that's just messy

Good luck and keep your head up

Anonymous said...


what a bitch she is......please please please dont stop blogging.....i check every day for updates and love peeking into your world.....

plus if you stop blogging how will we ever hear about how you've handled this situation!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

i can't believe that. what a psycho, 2 faced bitch. you need to confront her and let her know that you know how much of a stupid c u next tuesday she is. i don't blame you for not trusting anyone, i wouldn't either. please don't stop posting though! we would miss you too much! i hope you feel better and please confront her. it will only make yourself feel better, even if all you do is yell at her. you have the right to.

Anonymous said...

I truly hope you feel better. I consider my friends to be my family and if any of them ever did that I would completely be devastated. You need to cut Melissa out of your life completely because she is clearly not worthy of your time nor does she treasure your friendship the way you apparently do. Lots of hugs!

Anonymous said...

Unfuckingbelievable!!! That sucks sweetie- give 'em hell and then yeah- change your number! There are certainly times in my life when I've just wanted to quit too, but that's not an option... Life I mean, you can do whatever with the blog, though we'll miss you! Keep your chin up, this too will pass.

Anonymous said...

Your friend is definitely a bitch. She's just not nice. Sounds like it's time for a change.

I've certainly enjoyed your blog over time however I understand that it can be hard hearing what you don't want to hear from people. I understand that you're currently hurting but shutting yourself inside isn't going to help you heal.

best of luck.

Adri said...

i'd probably punch her in the face - and im not even a violent person.

drop her. and please stay! like everyone else said, i love reading, both your "story" and your day to day rants.

let us know how youre doing, please!


Anonymous said...

Peyton, I am so sorry that this happened to you. Both law school and melissa are assholes, but please don't stop blogging. It always makes me so mad that when bloggers do a good job the only people that comment are the ones that want to tear them apart. I think as commenters we need to make and effort to tell the blogs that we read how much we enjoy them and how good the authors are. For a nonfiction blog you almost always manage to keep us more than entertained and you're a truly sweet girl and I really hope you don't quit.

Lea said...

How come you didn't publish my comment?? Was it because I didn't beg you to stay?? I feel badly for your situation and wish you the best of luck... whether you stay in the blog world or not... only you can make that choice.. Weird though that you didn't post my comment.

~J said...

Now is DEFINATELY the time to go all out bitch on her. Go on a rampage and tell all those sorry sons-a-bitches what you think! This is definately not a time when you need to stay quiet. Stand up for yourself, sweetie, cus no one else will. When the dust settles, then you will know who your true friends are. And.. if at the end, no one is standing, then you will know the truth. It may hurt like hell, but who needs or wants fake friends?
Keep your chin up :)

Anonymous said...

that was SO wrong of them... Please take some time, get them out, cry anad come back? we do love to read your adventures...

Ashley said...

Hey - Just wanted to say I'm sorry about your shitty luck with life right now. I feel your pain. I'm going through a lot right now too and am around your age.

It sounds like a lot of your friends downright suck. And, I'd remove them from your life stat. As far as guys go, I think the whole generation of guys our age (I'm 26) are Douchy McDouchersons. They have a complete lack of respect for women and have total disregard for the feelings of others.

That being said, I'm not a man-hater. I love men! But keep your heart close and don't give it away unless you know the person will handle it with care.

I hope you keep blogging. I also hope you are feeling better.

Give us an update on how you are before you completely log off for good.

SMILE even when the whole world is frowning back!

Anonymous said...

Peyton, I've never commented before but I have enjoyed your blog and I think you are a strong person so it will get better for you soon. Well I'm bummed you won't be posting any more but I can understand not wanting to hear bad feed back from random strangers on the internet. Good luck with everything!

Autumn said...

Whoa! What shitty friends! You definitely deserve better than that! I hope you change your mind and decide to keep blogging! I know that it is tough with all the criticism, but I think that for as many people who are critical there are twice as many who are supportive. I know some of my comments have been a little tough, but they always come from a good place (as many of the other tough ones do too)! You are a really good blogger and shouldn't give up! Anyways, Best of Luck! I think you should go off on that bitch, and then give us an update. Lol. She definitely deserves it!!! PS-What are the chances that in ALL the cabs in Houston, they would find that one?? Really bizarre..

Fefita said...

I know this isn't one of your newer posts, but thats the second time Melissa has done something so shady to you. She isn't a true friend. You need analyze everything, take a breather, think about what you want to say to her, and do it! Let her know how you really feel. Face-to-face would be better, because you can see her expression, and she yours. Please don't stop writing I love your blog! And as you can see, so do many many people. I know you have more readers, they're just shy to comment. I sincerely hope you feel better.