Monday, April 19, 2010

Two Weeks.

"Hi Peyton, it's [Law School]. It's 10:30 on Tuesday...the uhhhh...19th. Um...I owed you a response, or a return phone call, and I'm not a writer, I'd rather talk. Uh...I know it's been a couple-well you probably, or you may, I dunno, probably, you may not wanna talk to me. Uuumm I can understand certain reasons why...umm but I think there's some good reasons to. Uhhh I was out of town in Ohio this last weekend, I was in Colorado for a little while, uhh and I'm about to go to China for a couple weeks so I've kinda had some busy... busy weeks but I kinda wanted to touch base with you ummm just cuz I didn't write you back. And I wanted to. Anyways, I would appreciate it if you gave me a phone call, when you have an opportunity. Uummm that's a bout it. Anyways, hope you're doin' well. Talk to you soon. Take care. Bye.
Oh! 555-5555, ...In case you deleted my number. Take care, bye."


It's been 2 weeks. Two fucking weeks since I sent him an email telling him he was a coward and an asshole and if he wanted to date my friend, he should have just told me instead of going behind my back and trying to hide it from me. After which I deleted him from my Facebook.

Two whole weeks and he thinks I'm going to answer his phone calls?!?!? That I want to talk to him??? WTF. What could I POSSIBLY have to say to him?!?! I don't want anything to do with him. OR Melissa. EVER.

The only ironic thing about this situation is...he's the one trying to call me. Not Melissa.


~J said...

Good for you!! :) Screw Melissa.. she sounds like a skanky friend anyway. If you really want to know what he has to say.. i'd wait 2 more wks before you either called him or text him or something. Play his stupid little retarded high-school bullshit game. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Stay strong, ignore it. I know it will be so hard,when all you want to do is have a witty comback, or use this against him or whatever. But sometimes, it's
just over. Suround yourself with people you know truely care for you, call your sister, get a pedi and keep your chin up. It'll be worth it in the long run, hang in there ad stic k to your guns. Don't give them the satisfaction of
getting to you at all, that is not what you deserve. Best of luck!!

Anonymous said...

So glad you're back! Melissa has to know she's in the wrong, that's why she never called/wrote. Between the two of them, her betrayal was worse.


Shannon said...

I'm so happy you'ree back...I never commented before but I've been reading your blog since you started.
I know curiousity would get the best of me and I might responde but it's probably in your best interest not to. Question...does Melissa ans LS know that you read all the text messages that they exchanged about you?
Melissa is definalty a toxic friend and you are better off without her in your life.

Good Luck,

Karen said...

I'm glad ur back too!!!
And agree that you should not respond back to him right away if ever...

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with you sometimes, but seriously? fuck them.

Don't even bother with a response, don't bother dwelling on it, just don't bother at all. They're not even worth your energy or your time.

Anonymous said...

YEAH you are back!! Is melissa aware of your friends finding the phone and knowing all the exchanges that were made with Law School....additionally is he aware of that too??

Yeah yeah yeah you are back!!!

KM said...

So happy you're back!
What the hell is up with all these crazy people in your life?? I say ignore them and work on getting some normal friends... I know none of mine would ever back-stab me like that! You deserve so much better :)

Fefita said...

I hope you are back, and also feeling better, although it doesn't look like it. I'd feel the same way too if I was betrayed by 2 people who were close to me. I think LS waited so long because he's a coward, and didn't know what to say, and he probably contacted Miss Shady (Melissa) to see what he should do. As for Melissa: SHE'S A TOTAL BITCH.
She's not trying to get in contact with you because she knows she's in the wrong, and she knows she was being a bitch and a fucked up friend (pardon my french).
I get mad for you just reading about that girl. If she does try to contact you, or you "coincidentally" run into her, I'd let her have it. Maybe even slap the shit outta her. She deserves it. I put coin... in quotes, because maybe you can find out where she'll be hanging out and confront her. She needs to know what a messed up friend she is and what a slore, and what a bitch she is. Since you had first-hand experience, I think you should be the one to tell her.
Wish you the best of luck sweety. And don't let those 2 losers bring you down. Your too good, and too bright for that. Keep your head up. =)

Ashley said...

I keep checking to see if you're coming back. Withdrawl...... :(