Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On Hiatus...

...until I can't keep my thoughts in my head any longer. But right now, I'm doing ok sans blogging. So until next time, adieu.


K said...

Well I'm checking every day to see if you've written, and I look forward to future posts. I hope you're doing ok, chickee! Take care!

Anonymous said...


Don't quit this becuase of the comments, gotta get the good with the bad.

Like I have mentioned before, alot of us do care for you even though you get harsh comments. Believe me we all have in life.

In retrospect, alot of the negative comments have been because to help you grow as a stronger wronderful person. I wish I knew back at your age what I know now even though I got married at almost 19 (yea was more mature back then now less mature as alot older.

Please don't leave us, OR change the comment section so you don't get comments.


Anonymous said...



Fefita said...

Please don't leave! We love your blog, and we care for you. All we want is the best for you. I hope your doing ok, and that everything gets better soon. =)