Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Big Mistake

Ok, now that I've finally finished writing about NY, I have a lot of catching up to do! So here goes...

My first week back, I worked, obviously. And I seriously needed to after all the money I had spent! Oh, and we have a hot new door guy! His name is Jake. Well, on that first Sunday, I worked from 4 to 10. And afterwards, I stayed and had a couple drinks with Valerie. I know, totally random, since we have been known to butt heads in the past. But hey, I'm all about second chances, and she and I were having fun! We sat and played Photohunt on the little computer for a couple hours! Then, this weird guy named Lane came up and starting talking to us. If I had been by myself, I would have totally just ignored him, but Valerie kept talking to him! So I thought maybe she was interested or something. When we got tired of playing the game, we got up to walk around a little bit, and who do I see?? Billy. He's always been notorious for getting really drunk on Sundays. Anyways, he mentioned to me that he and his crew were going to this new bar, Zeppelin, that had just opened up. So after they left, I asked Valerie if she wanted to go check it out. She said, she'd be down, but she didn't have any cash on her. I told her not to worry, I'd spot her the cash and she could just pay me back later that night after we picked up our tips. So Valerie and I, and Lane, headed over to Zeppelin.
It was an ok bar I guess, but not one that I'd frequent. It was just too dark! I mean you couldn't even see anyone's faces! We had a couple rounds of shots, which I paid for, and danced and goofed off for a while. We were all having a pretty good time. I saw Billy too...making out with some ugly chick. Weird...
But then, around 1:30, Valerie came up to me and said, "Dude...we need to get outa here. Like, now. Something's about to go down."
I looked around. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.
"What do you mean?" I asked her.
"I dunno...we just need to leave. There's somethin' shady going on!"
"Um...ok, we can leave if you want but...I seriously don't think anything bad is about to happen."
Valerie must have been a lot drunker than I took her to be! She was acting so strange! I mean there was literally nothing happening at this bar. There were probably only about 35 people in there. So we walked outside, and Lane is asking me who's going to drive Valerie home, because we had all driven separately.
"Well, we're going back to our bar, so she should be fine for just the couple blocks. You drive behind her and she can follow me. That way we can watch her." I said.
For some reason, Valerie didn't know how to get back to work, even thought it was only about 2 blocks away. So she wanted to follow me. So we're driving along, and everything is fine. Then we turn onto the street where work is, and I guess she suddenly realized where we were. And as I was turning into the parking lot, she floored it and sped off! What the hell!? She owes me money!
I tried calling her to see what the deal was, but she didn't answer!
So Lane and I are standing in the parking lot, awkwardly, alone.
"Well...uh...I'm just gonna go in and pick up my tips." I said.
"Well, what about your friend? Do you know where she lives? Is she gonna be ok?" he asked.
"I dunno what is up with her! To tell you the truth, tonight was the first time I've ever hung out with her, so I don't know. And she's not answering her phone."
"Oh. Well ok then..." Awkward pause... "So can I call you sometime?" And there it was! The clincher!
"Um...sure!" I said in a falsely sweet voice. "Gimme your number."
I programmed it in as "Don't Answer", quickly said goodbye to him, and high-tailed it inside.
Nick was cleaning the bar, and Blinn and Mr. S. were hanging out. Blinn must have been out drinking with his brother, because as soon as I sat down, he told Nick to make us shots! I told Nick and Blinn what happened with Valerie, and they both agreed that it was very weird!
So while I was waiting for my money, Blinn and I decided to play a game of poker at the electronic table. And 3 games and several shots later, I was up 200 bucks! Blinn was out of control! Haha, he never gets beat! And I usually never have such great luck! It was crazy. But then we decided to play one more game, double or nothin' and I lost. So I had to give him back his 200 bucks. But oh well! At least I didn't lose any money!
By this time, Mr. S. and Nick were finished closing down the bar, so it was time to get outa there. But Blinn still wanted to play poker, and I had just started to get a buzz going, so I wasn't ready to turn in either! So we decided to head over to Blinns house for a couple more games. Blinn and The Albanian are cousins, and they had just moved into a new town house a few blocks away from work. It wasn't even furnished yet. And Mr. S. wanted to check it out, so he came with us. And let me tell you, this house is sooooooo nice! Three stories, with a garage, and all hard wood floors. It's beautiful! And huge! And I was having fun running around in my socks. Haha! Well, Mr. S. didn't stay long, and I don't think we ever got around to playing any more poker...
Blinn poured us each a glass of red wine, and we toured the house. Then we went out to his balcony and just talked...for what seemed like hours! And I was totally drunk by this point so I have no idea what we talked about.
But uh...eventually we ended up making out. And this is where things start to get realllllllly fuzzy! Because I know we messed around a little, and we were both totally wasted! It was just one of those really sloppy, drunken, thoughtless things! I ended up passing out on his futon/couch, which was incidentally the only piece of furniture in the place. And Blinn must have fallen asleep on the floor. Because the next morning, I woke up, dazed and confused, and he was in the corner by the window curled up in the fetal position on the floor. Lol.
Well, let me tell you what my first thoughts were upon waking: !@#$!%&!(%*!&#*#%*&!%^!!!!!!
And my second thoughts? "I gotta get the hell outa here before he wakes up!"
So, as quietly as I could, I crept over to the counter, grabbed my purse, then my shoes, and started to walk towards the stairs.
Then he woke up.
"Uh...I tried not to wake you. I'm just gonna...go." I said awkwardly.
He mumbled something unintelligible. I half-ran down the stairs and out to my car. I wasn't even sure exactly where I was! But it didn't take me long to get my bearings. I was still in a state of shocked disbelief at what I had done!
What was I gonna do when I saw him at work next week??
Would he tell anyone?
What if everyone finds out??
Is it gonna be weird between us now?
What does he remember?
How should I act??!!

All these things were flashing through my mind so fast, and I think I was starting to have heart palpitations. I picked up my phone and called Alyssa. The only person at work I knew I could trust with a secret this big.

"OMG PEYTON ARE YOU SERIOUS!?" she said after I told her. "You didn't sleep with him, did you??"
"NO! Of course not. I'm just so...ashamed! I mean...what do I do!?"
She sighed. "Well...nothing I guess. I mean, do you like him?"
"NO! I mean, I'm not even really attracted to him! I've never even thought of him in that way! I dunno how it happened Alyssa, we were sooooo wasted! I can't even remember..."
"Well, then just act like nothing happened. I mean, he's not gonna say anything to you about it."
"I hope you're right. You cannot tell anyone!"
"I won't! I promise."

Oh g's...what have I gotten myself into??

Mitch Of The Day:
"I was going to stay overnight at my friend's house - he said, "you'll have to sleep on the floor." Damn gravity! You don't know how bad I wanted to sleep on the wall."

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