Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New York: Part III

I did a double take when I realized Evan was lying next to me in our too-small bed.
"What the hell, Evan!?"
"SORRY! I knew you were gonna be mad! I just didn't wanna wake you up last night!"
"Well why aren't you in your own bed!?"
"Because there weren't enough blankets for 3 beds, and they needed covers for the air mattress, and I was cold, so I just...got in bed with you! I'm sorry!"
I rolled my eyes and shoved him over the edge of the bed. Evan mumbled something unintelligible as I sat up and realized 2 things:
1) I was still in my clothes from the night before, and
2) I was incredibly hungover!
I could already tell it was going to be a long day...
Shane and Dr. New York began to stir in their bed, no doubt the shouting between Evan and I had awaken them. I was already on my way to the shower when they were getting up. After I cleaned up, we packed up everything, loaded it into Dr. New York's car and checked out of the hotel.
We were on to our next destination: the yacht!

As glamorous as it may sound, crashing on a yacht in New York, it definitely wasn't. For one, we weren't actually in New York anymore, we were in Hoboken, New Jersey. And secondly, the yacht was very small, and the water was very choppy. AND, I was already feeling nauseous from my hangover. Plus, there was no central heating for hot water, so we had to walk all the way up to the club, in the freezing cold, just to shower! All I really felt like doing once we got to the boat, was sleeping off my hangover, but of course, nobody else was down with that. And Evan was getting ants in his pants again.
Shane and Dr. New York had plans to go to a fondue party, which Evan and I weren't too keen on joining, so he and I made our own plans for the evening. We decided to check out Rockefeller Center, and the Christmas Tree and all that. So I put on my cute new little black dress, which I had been saving, and my new red peep-toe pumps. I wore black plaid tights also since it was so cold. And of course I had my black wool trench. But even so, I was freezing! We had to walk about 30 minutes down to the ferry to take us across the Hudson. And from there we had to catch a cab into the city. By the time we made it to Rockefeller, I felt like an arthritic old woman! I can't emphasize enough how cold it was! And poor Evan was getting really annoyed with my complaining, I could tell. Lol.
But once we were inside, we found a restaurant and sat down and I started to feel better. But it was kind of a catch 22 because the cold seemed to mask my hangover, and as soon as we got into the warmth, I started to feel sick again. But I thought maybe I'd feel better after we ate. We ordered wine, and 2 dishes to share: crab cakes, and pasta. Both were excellent!
"So...there's something I've been meaning to talk to you about." Evan said as he set down his fork. I could tell he'd been mulling something over in his head for about 10 minutes. I guess he'd finally decided to divulge.
"What?" I said matter-of-factly.
"Well...I really meant to bring it up before we got here, but I chickened out."
"Well, you know that night that I uh...stayed at your house?"
"Yes, Evan."
"Well...I dunno, I'm...interested in you. And ever since then, sometimes I think maybe I should...do something? But I'm not sure if I'm getting signals from you or not. Like...the other night before we left, that's why I couldn't sleep all night!"
By now, I had my head in my hands, as it was starting to pound again from being hungover. I looked up at him through my fingers, and sighed. I almost wanted to laugh, because the awkwardness he was feeling was just radiating off him!
"Shit! I shouldn't have said anything. I just ruined dinner, didn't I!? I just ruined New York!"
"Shut up! No you didn't. I just think it's funny how much you squirm when you're uncomfortable." He looked down, clearly even more embarrassed than before. I chuckled. "Look, if I ever seem...extra friendly, or flirty or something, especially if I'm drunk, don't think anything of it. Ok? I'm not trying to send you any kind of signals it's just...things got a little confusing after that incident, which is why I suggested we should just stay friends."
"Yea...I dunno, I guess I just thought..." he trailed off.
Then it was my turn to feel awkward. I shoved another bite of pasta into my mouth and immediately regretted it.
"Why do you look so miserable?! I totally ruined the night!"
"No, Evan! G's, I feel like shit, ok!? It has nothing to do with you!" I couldn't help but laugh. He just looked like a sad puppy. "Ugh...maybe I shouldn't have ordered this wine."
He stared blankly at me, but I knew he was still thinking about it.
"Listen. Let's just agree never to speak of that incident ever again, ok? Like it never happened! And you and I, we're just friends. That's all. And we can have a perfectly platonic, fun time in New York for the next 2 days. Alright??"
He readily agreed, and we picked up our check and left the restaurant, and the awkward conversation behind.
Then we were back in the biting cold all too soon. We walked around a little bit, took pictures in front of the tree, shopped, wandered into a couple bars...
But there wasn't much point in going out drinking since I was still hungover, and neither of us had a wingman. It's just too weird when a single guy, and a single girl walk into a bar...together! No one is liable to try and pick up either one of them. So we had just about given up and were about to head back to the boat when we saw the sign on B. B. King's jazz lounge: Live Tool Cover Band.
"LET'S GO!!!" I shouted as I pointed to the sign. I am the biggest Tool fan ever!
"Ok!" Evan said. So we bought a pair of tickets and sat down at a comfortable booth. I took out everything I had just bought: 4 books, a CD and a new Harry Potter scarf. Three of the books, and the CD were Christmas presents, but the scarf was for me! Hee! Anyways, 3 of the books I got were all the same. I got one for Jenna, one for Sophie, and one for me! They're these really funny picture books where people took pictures of street signs, but they put "fuck" stickers on the signs in place of one of the words, so that they read really funny things. Does that make sense? Like, for example: Please do not fuck the pigeons. Lol.
So we sat and looked at the book, and laughed our asses off, while we watched a really badass Tool cover band! So the night ended well after all. And at least 3 people complimented me on my shoes throughout the night!
Our cab drive back however, wasn't so great. We had kind of a hard time trying to tell the guy how to get to where we were going, but we made it eventually! Shane and Dr. NY were already in bed when we got in. So I took the convertible table/bed, and Evan took the couch/bed. Despite the rocking, I slept pretty well. And the best part is, when I woke up, I was no longer hungover!


the goddess said...

how cold was it there? hehe! so sorry to hear that. but at least you had the sense to pack or rather wear appropriate enough clothing for the weather in NY at that time. hehe!

happy holidays!!! looking forward to another one of your (mis?)adventures in new york. :)

Anonymous said...

POST MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

come on!!!