Friday, July 9, 2010

Meet Kevin


THAT was/is my first reaction to Kevin. He is SOOO different from what I was expecting, but in a good way! A pleasantly surprising way actually.
First of all, he's totally loaded. I mean I knew he had money, but I didn't know he would be that well off. So that definitely took me be surprise. It's almost a little intimidating, because I'm definitely not rich, and the richest guy I've ever dated was Friend Boy. I dunno if you guys remember him, but he was a little too...flashy with his money. And it was annoying. But Kevin is totally not like that. He dresses like a surfer/skater dude or something. Stylish, but understated. Granted, he does live in a high rise corner apartment, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, with a breathtaking view of the downtown skyline, by himself, and he drives a Mercedes E-Class Coupe, and a Mini Cooper, but still those are all things that I obviously would not have known, had I not been to his house yesterday.
Second, he talks, practically nonstop! Which is great, because conversation flowed easily, and we talked about all kinds of things, and there were no awkward silences.
Third, he has more kitchen appliances and gadgets than James Bond and Martha Stewart put together. Lol. Our project yesterday was to unpack and organize his kitchen, and he literally has everything that makes anything. Lol, salad maker, egg cooker, juicer, the fanciest toaster oven I've ever seen... Sheesh! Apparently he cooks. Oh, and he had like...FIFTY bottles of wine in his pantry!! He said he collects it. And collect he does, it's almost as bad as me and books.
And finally, he's an even bigger dork than I thought he was. I mean, all the kitchen appliances were my first clue. But after talking to him a while, I started to notice how animated and excited he would get when talking about certain things, the way a computer nerd gushes about motherboards or something. Sometimes, it was as if he were talking to me like an old friend, and I got to see who he really is, ya know? But he definitely had me laughing a lot, and I definitely had a good time. After we unpacked all his kitchen boxes, he took me out for sushi. And he opened the car door for me. Both times. Very chivalrous. He ordered like 10 things off the menu, and insisted that I try one of everything he ordered. Lol. And we sat and just talked. He's from New York, moved here for work, and been here for 3 years. He literally knows like all my Houston friends. In fact, he started a limo company, and Mr. P, Frank, and The Albanian are some of his business partners! What a small world...
And I just kept marveling at how it happened that we only just met, and he just said he's not a big party goer. He knows all the people, but he's more of a behind the scenes kinda guy. So that's cool. I definitely don't wanna date someone who's huge into bar scene, but I do wanna be able to go out and have a good time with a guy, when the mood strikes. So he pretty much meets all of my qualifications!
But there is something. One small, tiny thing that kinda bugs me. There's just something about him that seems...less than confident. I don't know why, but that lack of outward confidence makes me feel like maybe he's not masculine enough? And I know that's totally shallow, and nit picky of me to say, it's just...I dunno. I guess I had to find something wrong with him, right?
Well as we were pulling up to his apartments after dinner, he asked if I'd be up for a Round 2 of unpacking, because he "could definitely use the help", and I readily agreed. We both have pretty busy weekends ahead, I'm working today and tomorrow, and he might be heading to Austin, but I'm confident that we'll get together again soon. I have a good feeling about this one. :)


K said...

He sounds awesome!! Definitely someone you should get to know. And personally, I think that little bit of insecurity is a good thing. He's human. Guys who are too confident are usually asses. We all have little insecurities. Give him a chance!! :-)

Jen said...

I agree with K.. insecure can be a good thing and confident usually means ass. :)

Give the guy a chance. Since he's not like any other guy you've dated, that is probably a good thing since they've all broken your heart.

Got a fortune cookie once that said: take the same action, get the same result. Sounds fitting for you right now. :)

Good luck and keep us posted!!! :)

ParisPersuasion said...

Yeah I know what you mean about the masculine thing! I agree I need someone manly...But there is always a thing about someone that if you like someone enough that shouldnt matter! So i guess just see where it goes and DONT OVER THINK THINGS! :)

<3 Amy

Kate said...

Sounds almost perfect...those guys are rare!