Sunday, June 21, 2009


Sunday, June 21, 7:25pm. 12:25pm Hou
Emma and I got into a tiff in Monaco. My camera battery died, and I really wanted to stay in a hotel so we could charge it. She said, "We're sleeping on the side of the road tonight, honey" in a condescending tone that really pissed me off. I told her not to call me "honey", she said I was being bitchy, I said she needed to quit patronizing me, etc ect... I ended up walking off alone. We were on top of this huge mountain where the royal family lived in their palace and the view was gorgeous. I was feeling so alone, and frustrated, I could feel the tears pricking at my eyes. So I found a secluded spot, looked out at the beautiful view and called Brandon. It was so good to hear his voice. I miss him so much. He made me feel a lot better. After a while, Emma and Davíd came back. She acted as if nothing had happened and I followed suit. We havent argued since then.
However, we have not been getting along with the boys. I cant STAND Davíd! Hes such a thorn in everyone's side. An insufferable, controlling, know it all! I cant even stand the sound of his voice!! I'm so glad that when this trip ends, I will at least be as far away from him as possible. He totally bosses Stajno around; he acts like a jealous girlfriend with him! And for some reason, Stajno just takes it. But neither of them want to spend any money anywhere. Not restaurants, not hostels, not even a tent! Every night they sleep on the ground outside. And let me tell you, the nights here are FRRRREEEEZING! I'm talking like 25 mph 30 degree winds! They're so lame, I dont even know why they wanted to come! Both me and Emma take every opportunity we can to get away from them. Ugh. Oh, and I forgot to mention, Stajno was on antibiotics from the start of this trip. He's SICK. And CONTAGIOUS. And he and Davíd have been sharing everything, so we cant share any food with them cuz its all contaminated. And yet, they put their mouths and hands on practically all the food in sight! Its completely inconsiderate! ((Sigh!))
Anyways, that night in Monaco, we ended up camping on the side of the road at some small park. We woke up to find our tent was standing right next to a pile of human feces. How wonderful. But the boys got eaten alive by mosquitos that night. Emma and I couldnt help but be smug.
The next morning we drove to Nice, but the boys didnt wanna go into the city cuz they said it was "boring" and they'd already seen it, blablabla, they just wanted to go to the beach. So we parked on the seawall and went to the beach. Then after like 1 hr, they decided they were bored just sitting on the beach, and they wanted to go walk around. After they told us they didn't want to go walk around! Ugh.. So they left all their stuff and took off. Then, when Emma and I decided we wanted to go find a restaurant, and we were stuck with all their crap! We were going to put it in the car for them, till we saw their nasty, skid marked underwear! So we just left their stuff on the beach. I mean it's not our responsibility! Besides, who would want a crummy old blanket and some dirty mens underwear? So we took off into the city. Nice actually reminds me of California; the whole city is organized around the beach, similar houses, little historical architecture. So when we met back up with the boys, we decided to move on.
We went to Grasse, the capital of the world in perfume making. We stopped in a parfumerie, and got some gifts. It was really awesome, but of course Davíd was anxious to go. And even though Stajno was shopping too, looking for gifts for his mom, Davíd gave him dirty looks from the car, until finally, Stajno went outside to wait with him. So we had to leave earlier than we would have liked.
After Grasse, we went to see the grand canyon of Europe, which was amazing. We took tons of photos. Then onto Le Lac de St. Croix, which feeds into the canyon. Its this beautiful azure, turquoise color. We camped there for 2 nights. The first night, Emma and I walked up to the little village on the hill and got some delicious authentic French food. We even had snails! The food was amazing!
The next morning, Emma and I spent the whole day on the lake, just laying out and swimming. The water was cold, but refreshing. I even got a little sunburned that day. That evening we got back to camp and Davíd was being especially bitchy about something. Of course, they were all speaking Slovakian so I had no idea what they were talking about. Then, I later learned that the boys went to see the lavender fields that day, without us. Emma was practically in tears about it cuz that was literally the only thing she wanted to see the whole trip. Seriously, she talked all our ears off about it. And Davíd had said that it sounded "gay and boring" and he didn't wanna go, etc, and then he went and saw them without us just to be spiteful. So Emma and I talked about it and decided to not give Davíd the reaction he was hoping for. Instead, Emma coyly asked them if they wanted to drive up to the fields for a "romantic picnic". (Inward gag) Surprisingly, it worked!
The fields were breath taking. We took tons of pictures. I got one really good one that I'm super excited about. Afterwards, me, Emma and Stajno went to get crepes in the village. Davíd wasn't feeling well, so he didn't join us. Darn. I LOOOOOOVE crepes!! I could eat them for every meal! We had some wine too, and got a little tipsy. Then we walked back to camp and went sleep. I lost my necklace that day too. I put it in the tent that morning, but it must have fallen out sometime during the day. Oh well. Macy's.

This morning we woke up at 8:30, showered and packed up. The boys contaminated our bread so I didnt get any breakfast. I was not happy. We started off towards some small picturesque villages. On the way we stopped by a grocery store and Emma and I got our OWN groceries.
The villages were perfectly picturesque, but other than the photographs, not that exciting. We saw a monastery, more lavender fields, and the Fountaine de Vaucluse, which is a river that comes out of a rock. That was pretty anticlimactic, but cool I guess. Now we're on our way to Camargue to see their famous white horses, and hopefully get some riding in. Emma and I are both just about ready to go home. Not cuz we're tired, we're just sick of the boys! Every morning, they wake us up at the buttcrack of dawn with their horrible singing. I mean obviously they cant sleep past first light without a tent! They're annoying, inconsiderate and rude. They're contaminating all our food, and just driving us NUTS! I never thought I could look forward to going home so much. I just miss my friends, my family, my dog, and my man. And I cant wait to get away from Babydick and his girlfriend!! ((Sigh))

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