Sunday, June 14, 2009

11:20am SK, 4:20am Hou
Well we're on our way to Budapest! Just for the day, but I'm excited cuz we're finally going somewhere. Emma's friends, Stajno and Davíd, are coming with us to France, but they cant leave till Tuesday, so we decided to go to Budapest in the meantime. Friday night we went to a winery with Stajno, Davíd, Mikael and his girlfriend, Katya. We had 2 bottles and then decided to go to this dance club in a nearby town. Stajno's cousin, Paul drove us and I seriously thought we were gonna die. His driving is jerky, erratic, and on the verge of losing control. Apparently he has little experience. Anyway, we got pretty drunk, but it was fun. Saturday we had to check out of the hotel. We were both a little hungover. We spend the day at Emma's grandparents house, picking and eating cherries from the tree in the yard. Then we went for a walk up the mountain into the woods behind their house. It was a long, uphill walk. And we were exhausted when we got back, but it was pretty and I got some good photos.
So now we're on the road, on our way to Budapest. We're taking a bus tour, but its gonna be really fun. I'm excited!

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Anonymous said...

I noticed you haven't blogged in a while and just wondered if you're back from vacation yet??