Thursday, June 18, 2009

1pm SK. 6am Hou
Just left our campsite. It was awesome. We left Tuesday morning about 8:30am and drove to Italy. We stayed at a campsite just outside Venice. It was right on the beach, so we went to the beach as soon as we set up our camp. The water was cool and blue and clear. We played cards with the boys till dark. Davíd was acting like a toddler and playing the game wrong. Then he got all mad at us when we told him to stop. What a doucher.
They had really nice bathrooms so I woke up early Wednedsay and showered. Then we headed to the ferry to go to Venice. Davíd was still all bent out of shape about the night before, and he kept making comments to Emma in Slovakian about my shoes and whatever else I was wearing. I had on flip flops. Wtf does he care!? So I was pretty pissed off. It's like everytime they talk in Slovakian and I hear my name, I wonder what they're saying about me. So Emma and I went to Venice on our own and the boys went to some of the other islands. Venice was beautiful. Its like a labrynth of canals and beautifully aged buildings with markets, shops, bakeries, apts, and stuff. We took tons of awesome photos. I cant wait to see them! When we got back to the campsite later, Emma and I bought a bottle of wine and went to the beach. We sat on our towels, talked and finished off the bottle. We were feeling pretty good when we got back to our site, so we decided to go check out the restaurants and the nightlife at the camping grounds. We met a couple nice guys who waited on us. They made our pizza heart-shaped and gave us free sorbet. Then they invited us to meet them for drinks after work. So we accepted and went back to our camp in the meantime. It was pretty quiet everywhere by now, and we could hear the boys wooping and hollering out on the beach, so we decided to sneak up on them. Turns out they were skinny dipping (fags)! So we stole their clothes, and ran back to camp. Hahaha. We left them ONE towel. To share! Then we sat in the shadows with our cameras and waited. Not too much later, we heard them coming. Our cameras were poised and ready and we took a sequence of shots of them running half naked with 1 towel around their waists! It was hilarious. Then we got scolded by security for being loud. Lol. The boys promised to get us back, but we locked our tent before dashing off to meet the waiters for drinks. We found them at a late night restaurant across the street, and had a drink with them. They wanted us to come out with them afterwards, but i could barely keep my eyes open. Not to mention I didnt want to lead these guys on, or they might come to expect things. Emma was pissed cuz I didn't wanna go, but I didn't care. We slept like rocks.
On our way to Monaco now. Davíd is still being a shit. His driving gives me headaches.
Cant wait to get there!

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