Monday, June 22, 2009

Confrontation in Camargue

Monday, June 22, 1:50pm. 6:50am Houston
We got to Camargue last night just before dark. Emma and I really wanted to stay in a hotel, because Camargue is marshlands, and therefore swarming with biters. But of course, the boys didn't want to stay in a hotel, because they never want to do ANYTHING. So we made them drop us off. We saw lots of pretty Camargue ponies on the way. We stopped and took pictures of some. By the time we were going to bed last night, Emma was talking about flying home early because she was developing a UTI. Naturally, this had me in a panic because that would mean I got stuck alone with the fags. So I talked her into telling the boys and finding a doctor the next day. This morning, the boys were extremely late picking us up from our hotel. Emma told them she needed to go to the doctor, and of course they bitched about having to find one. There was some kind of parade going on too, so there were people on horses riding all through the city, causing the roads to be blocked off in some areas. We found the tourist office and got a map. Then we went to a small doctors office. There was no reception area, and the waiting room was full. So, Emma asked the boys if they could run to the pharmacy and see if they could get some antibiotics without a prescription. They bitched some more and then stormed off. I had no idea what had been said since they were spaking Slovakian, but Emma told me to go with them. So I ran after them and just barely made it to the car as Davíd was starting the engine. Camargue is a small town, so the pharmacy wasn't far. If it hadnt been for the parade, we would have made it there and back in 5 minutes. So I went in and talked to the pharmacist, but sure enough, no prescription, no drugs. So I just got some over the counter stuff and then we headed back. Emma was heading in to see the doctor just as we arrived. I waited in the waiting room. The boys went back to the car. She was done in about 10 minutes, and then we had to rush back to the pharmacy before they closed for lunch. The boys pulled up to the intersection, and we jumped out and ran the rest of the way. The medicine she got was in powder form, so we had to get a bottle of water for her to take it with. We wandered a little ways in search of a place with water. Once we got some, she had to drink it. Then as we were walking back, Davíd appears out of nowhere, gesturing violently and screaming in rapid Slovakian. Then he stormed off just as suddenly as he'd appeared. Emma reported back that he was pissed cuz he thought we were shopping. When we got back to the car, Emma and Davíd yelled at each other in Slovakian for a while, and then she started walking off.
"Dude, what the fuck is your problem!?" I yelled at Davíd through the windshield, "She's sick! Chill the fuck out!"
He glared at me insolently. I hurried to catch up with Emma. She was headed toward the bathrooms. When we got back in the car, it was more heated Slovakian. Apparently they thought Emma was taking advantage of them by making them go to the pharmacy the first time. Wtf?? I told Davíd to shut the fuck up, there was no point in continuing to argue about something so stupid and inconsequential; complete bullshit. After a little while he started just stewing in silence, which was fine by me as long as I didnt have to here his petulent voice. Things have calmed down since then, but now we're just driving and I have no idea where we're headed.

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