Tuesday, November 18, 2008



Well, today I spent the entire day at MD Anderson with my mom. She has chemo every Monday, and she signed up to do this case study so...aside from the 3 hours of waiting, we spent a lot of time in different rooms talking to different people. But the good news is, the chemo appears to be working!! When her doctor gave her a breast exam today he said he can tell that the lump is significantly smaller! And that's really saying something considering there's only a 7% chance of chemotherapy doing it's job. And my Mom is one of the 7%!!
I'm so relieved. I mean last week at work, I literally had a breakdown. It was the day after my parents got home from their cruise, and the first time I'd seen my mom since she lost all her hair. I was supposed have off that day, but I got called in, and I was just having a bad day you know? And then work was awful, and at the end of the night, I was talking to one of my coworkers about it, his name is Adam, and he just hugged me and told me that everything happens for a reason, and just... He was really really sweet. And I actually shed a few tears. ((Sigh))
But I'm past all that now, things are looking up! It was just kind of like I experienced the shock all over again. Ya know?

So anyways, the other good news is that Brandon and I are doing wonderful! He's so sweet, and considerate, and affectionate... It's like I'm getting back a whole year's worth of hugs, kisses and hand holds! :)
He spends then night almost every night. He calls me sweetheart, and baby. And the other night, we had the most amazing sex ever! I mean...almost every position; we went for hours! It was awesome.
On Saturday, we went to the Renaissance Festival with my parents. It was his first time meeting them, and my mom told me today that he's the best guy I've ever brought home! She really likes him. :) And so do I. ((sigh)) I'm really falling for him. Fast. Too fast! I'm almost afraid. I mean you can never be too careful.
His birthday is this Wednesday and I have no idea what to get him. Anybody have any ideas?? I want it to be something personal, but it can't be too much, ya know cuz we haven't been together that long. So I'm having a really hard time thinking of something. The only thing I know he really likes is golf. He doesn't watch TV, he doesn't buy CDs, he doesn't really have time for that many hobbies...
So yea, I need ideas. And I need them fast!


Just me said...

That is so great about your mom Peyton! I'm sure she's gonna beat this and have her hair back in no time! =^)

Yeah, first birthdays and/or holidays with someone new are always the hardest to shop for. Well, I'd stay away from buying anything like new golf clubs only because they can be expensive and you should save that for when yall have been together for awhile.

In my opinion, something small but thoughtful is just fine for an early relationship. For my 20th bday 2 years ago, I just just sort of dating the guy I'm with now and he just took me out to a nice dinner and my favorite place and got me a glass jewelry box and it was cute. I wasn't even expecting anything from him since we were just figuring things out, ya know? And now 2 years later, we're together still and I'm pregnant with his little girl! =^)

So what I'm saying, is go with something small and thoughtful. And just spend time with him. That'll be enough.

Sorry for such a long comment =^)

Anonymous said...

you should buy a sexy cute little golfers outfit and wear it for him! :) or you could maybe get him a gift cert for a really nice country club so he can golf...
i dont know- good luck! glad everything is going well with him and your mom!

Anonymous said...

If he likes golf why not a golf certificate at a golf store or a round of golf?

Seems appropriate and he would like that.

Anonymous said...

Im glad things are looking up! Brandon sounds really great. I hope that works out for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could get him a gift certificate to a golf course, or--this is kinda cheesy but you could give him a homemade certificate for a golf outing with you that he could redeem whenever he wants. You could even pack a picnic and make it a romantic outing :)

K said...

get him a nice golf club or a gift cert to a nice course... I'm so glad to hear it's going well!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's great about your mom! I'm so glad to hear that she's doing better! Just try to stay positive about it, and help her FIGHT!
No clue about a gift. I suck at that. Especially because it's new.......too bad you never hear him talk about something he really wishes he had??? No, that would be too easy. LOL
I'm really enjoying these fun, juicy tidbits about you and Brandon......nice to read on a cold winter night! LOL
Have fun!