Sunday, March 23, 2014

To Be Continued...

Me: Hello John

John: Hello Peyton. How are you?

Me: Drunk

John: I'm not. Although, I did spent most of the day at a friends house drinking. Everybody kinda started going to bed around mitte nacht.
John: By the way, you're pretty. :)

Me: Are you trying to butter me up?? What's mitte nachi?
Me: Ahh!! sp! Wait, that means midnight, doesn't it?

John: Not trying to butter you up. Just thought you should know in case you haven't heard it in a while. And good job, mitte nacht does mean midnight.

Me: Hmm I guess my drunk self isn't as dumb as I thought. I'm surprised you're not working.

John: You're a clever girl, even drunk. No work right now. Finished off a week in Houston 
visiting our data processing group.
John: How has your weekend been?

Me: Clever ppl can still be fools. Case in point.
Me: My wkend was meh. I don't really start my wkend till tomorrow.

John: I don't agree. However, I do think clever people can do foolish things. It's a difference between a persons continuous state of being versus a random action.
John: Do you have anything planned for your time off?

Me: Not necessarily. There's a grey area between continuous state of being and random acts. For example, when you do something against your better judgment, hoping for a better outcome than is most likely possibly. I do that. And you would think I would learn from my mistakes but I guess despite my pragmatism, I'm really an optimist at heart.
Me: I also have a tendency to overshare when under the influence of alcohol.

John: That is a valid point. Your drunk self has scored two points so far!
John: I'm not a very judgmental person so I think you're in good hands right now.

Me: Ha! So you say.
Me: I'm counting you as one example of my foolishness.

John: It's hard to pass judgment when you've done as many idiotic things as I have.

Me: Oh really? By all means, share!

John: Well I was hoping that I wouldn't fall into that category, but I wouldn't say I'm exactly great at relationships.
John: Share? You've met my alternate personality, drunk John. He's pretty wild and pretty stupid on a regular basis.

Me: Well it's like this. I don't really have a set of rules or guidelines that I live by, but there are a couple that I generally tend to follow when it comes to men. One being that if a guy doesn't seem interested, I usually just bow out bc I don't like playing games and men are confusing and rarely up front about what they want.
Me: Yep I've met drunk John. He's a pretty honest guy. Lol.

John: Does it feel like we've been playing games?

Me: Well I didn't think we were. But I'm often wrong.

John: I'm happy to hear that. I think we've been honest with each other and I hope you don't regret anything you've sent*. I'm certainly grateful for the things you've shared with me and I hope you trust I'll keep it between us. I have, after all, had a security clearance. I can keep a secret ;)

*I sent him a few sexy pics. But no nudity! Undies only!! So, really nothing he, and anyone else who's seen in me in a bikini, hasn't seen. And my face wasn't in any of the photos either. So...meh.*

Me: No, I don't regret anything. But John! The last time you asked me to send you a picture, I said no, and then I didn't hear from you for like 10 days!** Whaaaaaat is that supposed to make me think??

**This is in reference to the one night I spent in Houston a week ago, when he texted me the next morning and I had just gotten out of the shower. He asked for a pic and I said no, I was on strike until I saw some residuals. Lol. He said "Fair enough" or something to that effect. Then I asked if I was gonna see him, and never heard back.**

John: I guess that does look pretty bad. Although I thought it was clear that I wasn't harboring any hard feelings about it. As much as I do enjoy the things you've sent, you should know that it's not something I expect from you. I see it as privileged information. Our relationship isn't based on what you've sent me. We've had a longer history without the photos. I apologize if I made you feel as though our friendship was being held for ransom.

Me: Well that just leaves one question. Which is, why didn't I see you when I was in Louisiana? Because I don't think I expect much either. Unless you think otherwise? But it felt a bit like a brush off to me...just sayin.

John: I was traveling back and forth between Houston and Louisiana a lot that week. It wasn't like I was in a neighboring city.
John: I guess that sounds like a cop-out, but I was restricted to where I could travel and when I was needed. It just wasn't possible for me to escape for a couple days.

Me: Understandable. I try to not make assumptions, but I tend to err on the side of antipathy when I try to guess what someone else is thinking.
Me: I also have this problem with a lot of ppl because it's in my nature to call bullshit, and I prefer ppl to just be honest with me, even if it's awkward or uncomfortable, but a lot of ppl don't like that kind of confrontation I guess.

John: My phone is nearly dead, and I'm at a friends house with a bunch of samsung users. Going to need to postpone this until I can get an apple cord.

To Be Continued...

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Autumn said...

It's good you were able to have (hopefully) an honest conversation about why he didn't meet up with you.